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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Yogas with Trikone Houses and their Lords, Chapter IX, Part – 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

3. Yogas with Trikones & their lords

3.1 Bhagya Yoga: This yoga is formed when 9th lord is in 11th house with Jupiter in either house, or a strong benefic is posited in lagna, 3rd or 5th house aspecting 9th house. A strong lagna, 3rd, or 5th or 9th house with equally strong Jupiter enable the native to be wise, prosperous and extremely fortunate. The native with such a yoga is wealthy, fortunate, pleasure loving, and prosperous person.

The native is at present the President of India. She has Jupiter in own Nakshtra in 5th house aspecting 9th house and the lagna. It also aspect 8-9th lord Saturn in 9th house. She  has exchange of lords of 5th and 7th houses also. As soon as Jupiter dasdha started, she had an unorthodox marriage with Mr. Devi Singh of Rajasthan in Jul 1965. In Jul 2007 she was suddenly elected to the highest post of President of India due to combined effect of Saturn & Jupiter.

3.2 Bharati Yoga: If 9th lord is associated with exalted lord of Navamsha of 2nd, 5th or 11th lord, this yoga is formed. A Native with this yoga will be a reputed scholar, fond of music, religiously inclined, romantic and handsome.

3.3 Bhupa Yoga: When 9th lord from Navamsha lord of Rahu, conjoins 5th lord in own sign and is aspected by Mars, this yoga is formed. Such a native is victorious in warfare and attains high military and administrative status.

3.4 Gola Yoga: This yoga is different from the one of same name in Nabhas Yogas. This type is formed when full Moon is in 9th house with Jupiter and Venus or Mercury is in Navamsha lagna. Here the stress is on full Moon & Gajkesari in 9th house and strong position of Mercury/ Venus in Navamsha. The native will be wealthy, polite, learned, long-lived, a magistrate or local head and eat good food.

3.5 Kulvardhana Yoga: This yoga is formed when all the seven planets are in the 5th house from Ascendant, Moon or from the Sun. The stress is on the 5th house of progeny; probably one more element from Jupiter, the karaka of progeny could also have been added. This yoga blesses native with unbroken line of succession, wealthy & long life. The native will have plenty of good progeny, and family traditions perpetuated by children and grand-children.

3.6 Matsaya Yoga: If lagna and 9th house are joined with a malefic, and 5th house by both benefic & malefic planets aspecting 4th and 8th houses from lagna, this yoga is formed. In Sanskrit, “Matsaya” means fish, and this yoga is supposed to be a very favourable yoga. This is a rare and peculiar yoga, because of involvement of all the Trikone houses. Such a native will be an ocean of love, a reader of times, good natured, famous, of strong character, religious and learned.

3.7 Nagendra Yoga: This yoga is formed when 9th lord is posited in 3rd house and is aspected by Jupiter. This yoga bestows on the native good physique, good nature, prosperity and knowledge.

3.8 Padma Yoga: This yoga is formed if the 9th lords from Ascendant and from Moon are in 7th from Venus. A native born in this yoga is very happy, rich, enjoys all type of comforts & luxuries, and is involved in many auspicious activities.

The native is a famous politician of Bihar. In his chart, 9th lord from Ascendant and from Moon happens to be Jupiter posited in own Mooltrikone sign and is in 7th from Venus, 2-7th lord. This conferred Padma yoga on him. Between him and his wife, they were chief minister of Bihar from 1990 to 2005 and from 2004 to ’09 he was a successful union minister for Railways. 10-11th lord Saturn in 4th house made him a popular mass leader. But with Lagna and lagna lord both afflicted by Rahu, he was involved in various scams as well.

3.9 Shiva Yoga: This yoga is formed when 5th lord is in 9th house or 10th lord in 5th house and 9th lord is in 10th house. The native with such a yoga will be a big trader, or a conqueror/ commander of army. He will possess divine wisdom and will lead a virtuous life. This yoga establishes relations among Trikone houses (5th & 9th) and the strongest Kendra (10th house). In chart no. 53 of Dhirubhai Ambai, 5th lord is in 9th and 9th lord is in Lagna.

3.10 Shrinath Yoga: This yoga has two variants. Either 9th lord, is in mutual Kendra/ Trikone with Venus and Mercury is in own, friendly or exaltation sign; or 7th lord is in its exaltation sign in 10th house; but in either case, the 9th lord should be related with 10th lord. Such a native will be wealthy, religious, & clever and loved by all like a king.

The native was owner of T-series. He had an ordinary childhood Followed by a sudden rise in career during dasha of exalted 9th lord Jupiter. The native had Shrinath yoga as 9th lord exalted Jupiter is in mutual Trikone with exalted 2-7th lord Venus, while Mercury is in friendly sign of Venus in 2nd house and exalted 10th lord Saturn aspected exalted 9th lord Jupiter. This has also made him highly religious, clever and loved by millions.

3.11 Trikone-adipathi Yoga: This yoga is formed when lords of all the Trikone i.e. of 1st, 5th, & 9th houses, conjoin in a Kendra house with the lord of that Kendra. However better results are obtained if it takes place in 10th house or lagna. This is a highly auspicious yoga making the native highly intelligent, great scholar, with great name and fame, although he may not be sufficiently wealthy.

The lady was a great French scientist (Born Polish). She had Lagna lord Saturn, Yogkaraka 4-9th lord Venus, & 5th lord Mercury, conjoin 10th lord Mars in 10th house of mystic Scorpio without any aspect/ affliction. This made her highly intelligent, and learned scientist. Her Venus lost in planetary war to Saturn, making her a widow at a young age during Mercury-Rahu dasha. Her 5th & 9th houses were free from affliction and aspected by divine Jupiter, in the Nakshtra of 10th lord Mars from Lagna. Thus she also had Gajkesari, Ruchika, Parijaat, Dharma-Karmadhikari and one Neech Bhang Rajyoga. During the dasha of 5-8th lord Mercury, She got Noble Prize for Chemistry Twice (a unique feat) – first during Mercury-Mars in 1903 for study on radioactivity and again during Merucry-Saturn in 1911 for discovery of Radium & Polonium. Hers was a great family of scientists, as her husband and Daughter also got Noble Prize for Chemistry.

3.12 Vibhavasu Yoga: This yoga is formed if Jupiter & Moon are in 9th house (Gajkesari Yoga), and Mars in own or exaltation sign in 10th house. By implication, it also means that lagna is strong aspected by strong Jupiter & Mars. A native with this yoga will be wealthy, attains high status, has adorable wife and leads a happy personal life.

3.13 Viranchi Yoga: This yoga is formed if Jupiter or Saturn as 5th lord is in its own, friendly or exaltation sign and occupy a Kendra/ Trikone. A native with such a yoga will be wealthy, intelligent, religious, gentle and has good wife and children.

The native has been the only female Prime Minister of Britain from 1979 to 1990. She had Viranchi Yoga as 5th lord Saturn is in exaltation in lagna in identical degrees with lagna. She was no doubt one of the most intelligent and wealthy lady who ruled Britain for over a decade. She did not have Saturn dasha in effective life period of hers. Therefore Rahu, who is posited alone in 10th house in Nakshtra of Saturn and is aspected by Yogkaraka Saturn from lagna, delivered the results of Saturn. Rahu’s depositor Moon is placed in 2nd house from Rahu, forming Mahashakti yoga, giving native abundance of courage and success in her political career. During Rahu-Saturn, on 5 Apr 1979, she became Prime Minister of Britain and remained a strong Prime Minister for rest of the Rahu period.

3.14 A great Rajyoga & Dhanyoga is formed if 2nd lord is in 11th house aspected by Lagna lord and lord of 5th/ 9th house, whether from lagna or from Moon sign.

The native was last Nizam of Hyderabad (ruler from 1911 to 1948). He had 2nd lord Mars in 11th house, aspected by lagna lord Venus and 5th lord Saturn. From Moon sign also, 2nd lord Venus is in 11th house aspected by Moon sign lord Mars and 9th lord Jupiter from previous sign. He was one of the wealthiest persons of the world.

4. Summary
4.1 The Dharma Trikone is the most important group of houses in any horoscope. For success or failure of any yoga, it is essential that these houses are strong. If these houses are strong, a native will be bestowed all that one can desire or hope for. But, if somehow 10th or 11th house could be associated with them, we can have much more useful yoga. Among the Trikone houses/ lords, Lagna/ its lord has a special place, as lagna is a Kendra as well as a Trikone. Secondly for any Yoga to fructify, the strength of lagna & its lord is very essential. In this chapter we have discussed 26 yoga with the help of 11 charts.

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