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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Yogas for Marriage & Progeny, Chapter XIII, Part – 5


Dr. Shanker Adawal

13. Yogas for Widowhood

i) Jupiter and Venus in lagna with Venus longitudinally behind Jupiter.

ii) Sun & Mars together in 1st, 7th, 8th, 10th or 12th house without any benefic influence.

iii) Moon & Rahu in 6th/ 7th house and Saturn conjoins or aspects 7th lord.

iv) If the lords of 7th & 8th conjoins in 8th house.

v) 7th lord in 11th house and afflicted.

vi) Planets occupying, aspecting or related with 2nd house/ lord or 8th house/ lord, during their dasha/ antra cause widowhood.

vii) Mars in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house influenced by separative planets cause widowhood.

viii) 6th or 8th from 7th house, their lords and Jupiter, when afflicted.

The native was wife of one of the most charismatic President of USA, Mr J.F. Kennedy. She was married to him on 12 Sep 1953 During Venus – Ketu. She had Moon-Rahu in 7th house while Saturn from previous house aspected Karaka Jupiter in 8th, 7th lord Mars in 11th house. Therefore her husband died on 23 Nov 1963 during Moon-Rahu. She remarried business tycoon Aristotle Oanasis on 20 Oct 1968 during Moon-Venus. But unfortunately she again became widow on 15 Mar 1975 during dasha of Mars-Mercury.

14. Yogas for Remarriage

i) Afflicted 11th lord related to 7th house, its lord or Venus.

ii) 7th lord is strong and is related with benefics.

iii) 2nd house is aspected by benefics including 2nd lord.

iv) 7th lord, 2nd lord or Venus/ Jupiter is related with benefics and 2nd house.

v) Venus/ Jupiter occupies 11th house and 11th lord is related to 2nd house.
In the above chart No. 133, the native remarried after her husband’s death because Jupiter & Venus aspect 2nd house and 7th lord Mars from 11th house aspect 2nd house.


15. Introduction

Once a native grows up into an adult, to realize the goal of life, whether apparent or real, he immerses in everyday world and various social relations. Marriage & progeny are the basic tools which link him to the social/ spiritual fabric. During the course of life, the motivation for involving oneself in the external world arises from the basic impulse of multiplication. The birth of a child is a unique creation of oneself and represents the basic urge of self-expression. Whatever one could not achieve in one’s lifetime, one desires to accomplish through his child. From time immemorial, couples pray to almighty to bless them with children. The delay or denial of this blessing has caused sadness and at times havoc to many. Natives have gone to any length or method to achieve this desire. As per Vedic religious code, it is one’s sacrosanct duty to have at least a child to repay the Pitr-rin and ensure one’s Vansha-Vriddhi or continuation of family lineage.

The 5th is basic house for progeny. The 5th from lagna, Moon and Jupiter (Karaka of progeny) indicates children. Other important houses are Lagna (the microscope of the entire horoscope), 2nd (as arrival of a child is an addition to family), 9th (5th of 5th by Bhavet Bhavam) and 11th (house of fulfillment of desires and also 5th of the spouse). Venus produces semen, while ovam is denoted by Mars. Sun, Mars, Jupiter & Rahu are Male planets, Moon, Venus & Ketu are females, while Mercury & Saturn are considered eunuch planets. Aries, Gemini, Leo & Virgo are considered barren signs. Ketu is abortive node and Mars causes caesarean birth.

16. Procreative Power

Man’s strength to impregnate depends on the strength of Sun and the strength of semen on Venus. The sound condition of ovary in females is indicated by the Moon and the fitness of ovum is shown by Mars. The conception takes place when the seed is healthy and the soil is fertile and the planetary position permits. When 7th lord occupies Nakshtra of Mercury/ Saturn and the two planets are in their own or in each others’ Nakshtra, the procreative power is weak. However it is seen that a very fertile soil may get impregnated by even a week seed.

Beej Sphuta: It is an index of the virility in a man to impregnate. It is calculated by adding longitudes (from zero degree in Aries) of Sun, Venus & Jupiter. If the sum reveals an odd sign in birth chart and in odd Navamsha, virility is assured. If the resultant sum is odd at one place and even at the other, the virility is limited and requires some medical help and/ or astrological remedies to produce a child after some delay/ difficulty. If both are in even sign, the seed is almost defective or virile power is not there.

Kshetra-Sphuta: In case of females, it indicates the fecundity in a lady. The Kshetra-Sphuta is calculated by adding the longitudes of Moon, Mars & Jupiter. If the resultant sum (after ignoring multiplies of 12 signs), is in even sign in natal chart and in even Navamsha, the soil is fully fertile. If one is odd and the other is even, children are expected after delay/ difficulties with the help of medical and astrological means. If both are in odd signs, the soil is not fertile. However a strong Jupiter, Lagnesh and 10th lord may still give positive results if followed by astrological remedies/ necessary medical/ surgical help.

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