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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Parivartan (Exchange) Yogas, Chapter XI, Part – 8


Dr. Shanker Adawal

4.4 Parivartan (Exchange) by 9th lord
i) By 3rd lord: Both the lords aspect each other and their own houses as well: hence significations of both flourishes. The 3rd house denotes Purushartha/ will power, younger siblings, negative mind etc; whereas 9th house represents luck/ destiny, father, travels, super-conscious mind etc. Thus the exchange of two house lords is a combination of two extreme. The exchange indicates travels-short & long, philanthropic attitude, early marriage and good life thereafter, but low morals. The native earns huge wealth through self-efforts, which include regular/ constant journeys.

The native is an all-time great golfer, who remained No. 1 for a long time on international circuit. He has exchange of 3rd lord Mars with 9th lord Venus (associated with 11th lord Neech-Bhang Moon, aspected by 4-7th lord Jupiter from 7th house). Lagnesh-10th lord Mercury is in 5th (house of sports, recreation etc) in mutual aspect with 5th lord Saturn, a great Dhanyoga. As a golfer, the native moves around the world, taking part in tournaments all the year round. He started golf as a child protégée. He rose very high and earned a lot during dasha of 9th lord Venus & 10th lord Sun. During this period, he won 69 PGA Championships including 14 majors. He also wrote his best-selling book “How I play Golf” during Venus Mercury in 2001. His charitable works include “Tiger Wood Foundation” and “Tiger Wood learning Center”. During Dasha Chhidra of Sun-Venus from May ’09 to May ’10, he was involves in a number of infamous extra-marital affairs, costing him loss of name, fame & wealth. The current dasha of weak Moon (hemmed between Rahu & Sun) is not likely to retrieve the situation.

ii) With 6th lord: The two lords being in mutual Kendra gives mixed results only. The exchange indicates lack of religious beliefs, ill-health of father, own health/ accident during journeys, and losses in foreign dealings during main/ sub-period of the lords. However, if both the lords are well-placed, it causes a Rajyoga bestowing native to enjoy uninterrupted prosperity throughout life. It also denotes legal profession. The exchange of Moon with Jupiter/ Mars forms Gajkesari/ Chandra-Mangal yoga giving strong Raj yoga / Dhan yoga.

iii) With 8th lord: The two houses are in 2-12 position. Exchange of their lords, spoil significations of both the houses. It denotes Arishta to father, who may be sickly. The exchange denotes lack of fortune. Native may be a religious hippocrat, may lack virility, and suffer from windy diseases. A debilitated 9th lord indicates humble status of parents, but cause Rajyoga to the native, who may flourish in foreign land. He is likely to have good knowledge/ interest in occult science and inherit parental properties after some problems.

iv) With 12th lord: This exchange denotes expenditure of material comforts/ happiness due to luck. But the period of happiness is short lived and follows by tensions/ worries. The exchange indicates foreign travels/ business trips abroad for benefit. One spends major part of life on foreign lands. He spends liberally on religious/ charitable pursuits. He will enjoy sufficient bed pleasures. He may lose his father in the dasha of 9th lord or live far away from him.

4.5 Parivartan (Exchange) by 10th lord
i) With 3rd Lord: This is a unique combination where one Upchaya lord (3rd) exchanges place with another Upchaya lord (10th). This indicates formation of a Sookshma yoga denoting growth & prosperity in life. It establishes relation between Purshartha/ self-efforts with Karma. One may be so obsessed with wo9rk that one may become workaholic and may lose interest in family life. It indicates progress in profession through hard work and help from brothers. If malefic join 3rd lord, one only build castles in the air.

ii) With 6th Lord: This exchange may not be good for business/ trade, but one gains in service/ profession and rises very high, if the two lords are friendly to each other. The 10th is house of Karma and 6th is its luck (9th from 10th); hence exchange of the two lords indicates luck/ success in whatever Karma one does with sincerity. Native will be service oriented rather than to venture out on his own. How-ever the inheritance to the native is adversely affected. It may cause serious setback in life due to illness.

iii) With 8th Lord: The two houses are in 3-11 position from each other, so are Upchaya to each other. Whatever one gains is by one’s own efforts/ Purshartha. A strong 10th lord denotes that one avoids quarrels/ scandals in business/ profession. The native tends to employ both fair & foul means to achieve his goals in life. Strong 8th lord denotes  impediments/ obstacles in life and partners/ friends may deceive. If connected with a benefic, benevolence will be further increased; but if connected with a malefic, one may be involved in anti-social or criminal activities, inviting wrath of law.

The native had exchange of 8th lord Saturn & 10th lord Jupiter. He never had dasha of either lord in his effective life period. But he started his life with the dasha of 8th lord, indicating difficult childhood. His 10th house has exalted 5th lord Venus associated with 8th & 9th lord Saturn. Both Trikone lords Venus & Saturn joining in 10th house, gives it additional strength. In addition 3rd lord Sun is exalted in 11th house denoting great valour & determination. During dasha of exalted planets Venus (Apr ’67-1987) and Sun (Apr ’87-1993), the native had a glorious period of rise from a humble farmer’s background to strong dictator of Iraq and most popular & reversed Muslim leader. However dasha of debilitated Moon (Apr ’93-2003) hemmed between Mars & Rahu in 6th house brought his end. During dasha Chhidra of Moon-Sun on 20 Mar 2003, combined Western forces attacked Iraq. His 10th lord Jupiter was lord of 7th (house of war) also and was debilitated in 8th house aspected by debilitated Ketu. This led to his defeat on day 1 itself.

iv) With 12th Lord: This exchange adversely affects the career/ profession of the  native and he may have frequent changes in his jobs/ assignments. He has to work very hard to get positive results. The 10 & 12th houses are 6th & 8th houses from 5th house of Poorva Punya & progeny. Therefore the exchange of two lords will bring Arishta to progeny, who may not bring happiness to the native. He will have slef-made fortunes, yet unhappy. He will have self-made fortunes, yet unhappy. However if the two lords are strong, one will be a man of great integrity and may have spiritual/ philosophical leanings. The native may earn good name & fame in foreign land/ affairs.

5. Summary
5.1 Normally, a planet influences a house and another planet by position, aspect or conjunction (PAC). The aspect may be singly or mutual. However, there is another important method by which not only influences another planet and the house but behaves as if it is positioned in own house without being away from it. This is by Parivartan (exchange) of two planets in each other’s house. This forms a combination (Yoga), wherein the significations of the two houses and their lords undergo modifications as a result thereof.

5.2 In any chart there are eight benefic and four evil houses. The Parivartan among lords of benefic yogas confer generally benefic results only. However the evil lords when have exchange with benefic lords do not produce good results. However there are further sub-divisions. The evil lords when exchange among themselves does produce good results, probably on the principle that two minus put together produce one positive results. The seco0nd sub-division states that some houses (Trikones & 10th) are so strong that their lords bring out some good results even during exchange with evil houses. Thus in this chapter a total of 47 yogas have been discussed with the help of 18 illustrative charts.

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