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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Parivartan (Exchange) Yogas, Chapter XI, Part – 7


Dr. Shanker Adawal

4. Special Parivartans (Exchanges)
4.1 Normally lords of 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 12th lords when exchanges places with lords of other houses produces adverse results. However, in any chart there are four houses (Three Trikones & 10th house), whose lords if strong, produce some good results even from the lords of the four malefic houses mentioned above. Let us see how each of this Parivartan yoga behaves.

4.2 Parivartan by lagna lord
i) With 3rd  Lord: The exchange denotes that one has to put in lot of physical efforts to gain high status in life/ government. It makes one curt about others, troubled by enemies and unsteady of mind & sex. However 3rd being an Upchaya house, natural malefic gives very good results.

ii) With 6th Lord: This exchange gives exceptionally good results if the two lords are strong. The native is brave, long-lived, free from diseases, with strong constitution, religious, self-made man, and of firm conviction. If the two lords are weak/ afflicted, the six enemies (Shadripus) of humanity will gain strength and overpower the native, throwing him into whirlpool of disease, debt & litigation.

iii) With 8th Lord: Contrary to characteristics of the 8th lord, wherever lagna lord goes, it improves the significations of that Brava. For good results, 8th lord should be strong but less strong than lord of lagna/ 10th house. Both lagna & 8th house signify longevity but in different manners. If the two lords are strong, the exchange indicates long & healthy life, with good inheritance & legacies, and high academic accomplishments with research oriented mind. But if the lords are weak/ afflicted, it denotes a gambler, cheat, or a stub-born native with a diseased body and short life.

The native had exchange of lagna lord Venus (conjunct with 2-5th lord Mercury in 8th house) with 8th lord Jupiter. The Jupiter aspects separately both the luminaries and exalted 7th lord Mars (in mutual aspect with Yogkaraka Saturn in identical degrees). The native brought revolution in the field of Botany by scientifically proving that plants also behave like other living beings. He invented Seismograph also. He lived a long and healthy life of 79 years. It is said that he also invented wireless system independently with Marcony of Italy. But Prof. Bose failed to publish his paper in time and missed the Noble Prize. His intellectual brilliance gave him ultimate success and glory.

iv) With 12th lord: The lagna lord improves the significations of the Brava, where it is posited; and 12th house being impressionably neutral, its lord also gives the results of the other Brava, which it rules. Therefore the exchange of these two lords normally gives good results. It makes native wealthy, intelligent and widely respected in society. One goes on many foreign travels. If somehow related to Jupiter, Saturn & Ketu, one leads a saintly life. However he will be weak in constitution, avaricious, hasty and fickle-minded and is unlikely to have good married life.

4.3 Parivartan by 5th lord:
i) With 3rd lord: The fifth is 3rd of 3rd house (Sookshma Sthan) and the two houses are Upchaya (3-11 position) to each other. So exchange of the two lords denotes growth of mental faculty & knowledge through self-efforts. It makes one intelligent and leads a life of nationalism/ patriotism. Children are independent and earn a lot. One may give own child in adoption to younger brother or vice-versa.

ii) With 6th lord: The two lords being in 2-12 position normally do not give good results. The native is worried on account of children’s health & education. However, as 5th is house of Poorva Punya, wisdom & spiritual unfoldment, if the two lords are strong, it gives spiritual attainment of high order.

iii) With 8th lord: The two lords are in mutual Kendra from each other. Dasha of two Kendra lords normally brings untoward incidents in life. Exchange of square position of two natural benefic, Mercury & Jupiter, always confer confusing results. It spoils the significations of both houses and adversely affects progeny, education and inheritance. One is unhappy in life due to own undoing. However square position of Moon with Jupiter/Mars forms auspicious Gajkesari/Chadra-Mangal yoga. The exchange is also good for occult science/ Mantra-Siddhi. Moreover if 8th lord is associated with 9th lord in 5th house or lagna lord joins 5th lord in 8th house, the native gets good name, fame and wealth.

The native is widow of Sanjay Gandhi, Young Congress (I) leader. In her chart, 5th lord Mars has exchanged place with 8th lord Saturn (associated with Rahu). Her lagna lord Moon is in 10th house (Amla yoga), aspected by Jupiter (associated with 2nd lord Sun- a Raj yoga), from 2nd house. She married early on 23 Sep 1974 to Sanjay Gandhi, Younger & more political active son of Ms Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India. However her 7th house, 7th lord & Venus all being afflicted, she soon became widow on 20 Jun 1980, when her son was barely 100 days old. The exchange of 5th & 8th lord brought additional worries/ tension. She was forced to leave in-laws’ place and denied inheritance of in-law’s. She had to bring up her son under difficult circumstances. However her Raj Yogas made her a member of parliament and union minister during BJP regime. She is also a well-known animal rights activist and a journalist. She advocates a vegetarian life style on ethical and health grounds.

iv) With 12th lord: The two lords are in 6-8 position, so only unpleasant results are shown by them. The native may have worries on account of children, or expenses over their health. He may find it difficult to make children settle in life. There may not be much felicity between native and his children. If the 5th house/ lord is further afflicted, he may even lose progeny. It also indicates losses due to speculation/ entertainment. But it indicates enjoyments of pleasures of bed. However, if the two lords are strong, one may become detached from family, involve in meditation and spiritual attainment.

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