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Yogas for Marriage & Progeny!


8th Yoga for Love Marriage

Love marriages are not uncommon now-a-days in India. Love or romance is seen from 5th house and marriage from 7th house. When 5th & 7th house and/ or their lords are linked, one could get married after romance if prevailing dasha permits. Specific yogas for such marriages are:

1. 5th lord has intimate relation by association, aspect or mutual exchange with 7th house and its lord.

2. Lagnesh & Moon conjoins 7th lord in a Kendra.

3. Moon conjoins 7th lord and Venus is aspected by Mars.

4. Mars, Venus & Rahu posited in 7th house.

5. Moon & Venus in 7th are aspected by Mars/ Rahu.
For illustration, please refer Charts No. 68 of Anil Ambani and No. 120 of Ms Maneka Gandhi.

9. Yoga for Unconventional/ Unorthodox Marriages

A marriage is said to be unconventional/ unorthodox due to any or combination of following factors;
1. Marriage is solemnized due to a social, moral, financial consideration.

2. The spouse is from a different caste/ nationality.

3. Either or both the spouses have already married once.

4. There is additional age difference as followed by normal customs.
In addition to normal parameters, the role of Rahu in such marriages are predominant either by conjunction, aspect or prevailing dasha.

The native is crown Prince of Britain being eldest child of queen Elizabeth. His 7th house is vacant. He first married lady Diana Spencer on 29 Jul 1981 during Moon-Jupiter dasha. Rahu is in 10th house conjunct with Moon and aspect 7th lord Saturn and Antar-dasha lord Jupiter. This marriage was unconventional as lady Diana was younger to the Prince by over 12 years. After Separation from 1st wife and her eventual death, in 1997, the Prince married his long time friend, Ms Camila Parker Bowles in 2005 during Rahu-Mercury. This Marriage is also unconventional because for both the spouses, this was their 2nd marriage and Dutches Camila was older than the Prince, and dasha at the time was of Rahu-Mercury with Rahu aspecting 2nd house & 2nd lord of 2nd marriage) and Antar-dasha lord Mercury.

10. Yogas for extra-marital Relations

i) Malefics in 2nd & 7th in a male’s chart and in 7th & 8th in a female’s chart.

ii) Conjunction of Mars & Venus is afflicted.

iii) Exchange of 7th lord with 5th, 6th, or 8th lord.

iv) Venus-Moon in opposition to Mars-Saturn opposition.

v) 7th lord combust, debilitated or in Paapkartari.

vi) 7th house, its lord and Venus influenced by separative planets.

vii) 4th & 7th house and Venus & Moon afflicted.

viii) Moon in 7th or 7th lord in 12th is afflicted while Venus is weak.

ix) Saturn & Mars conjunct with Venus/ Moon in 7th house.

x) Lord of 7th is in 12th or 2nd house and is afflicted.
For illustration, please refer Chart No. 57 of Ms Amrita Pritam, where 7th house is in Rahu-Ketu axis, and aspected by 4th lord Saturn, while 4th house is aspected by Sun, Saturn and Mars and 7th lord Venus is debilitated and aspected by Mars. She even had a live-in relationship with her boy friend much younger in age during Ketu & Venus dasha.

11. Yoga for Separation/ Divorce

i) Yoga for extra-marital relations may cause separation/ divorce.

ii) The adverse position of Lagnesh and Moon from 7th house, its lord and Venus also cause separation/ divorce.

iii) Influence of separative planets-sun, Saturn, Rahu and 12th lord on 4th, 6th, 7th or 8th house, their lord and karaka for spouse, Venus/Jupiter.

iv) Exchange of lords of 4th & 6th denote divorce through court.

v) 12th lord conjoins 4th lord in 6th, 8th or 12th house.

vi) Moon-Venus or Mars-Venus in lagna or 7th influenced by separative planets.

vii) Mutual exchange between 7th & 12th lord with Rahu.

viii) Malefics in 6th, 8th or 12th from Venus while 4th house is afflicted.

The native has Rahu in 6th house alone in sign of Mercury and aspect its depositor in 10th house and 2nd house & its lord Saturn in 2nd house. His 7th house in hemmed between Rahu & Mars, 7th lord Moon is weak in 8th house with Mars and aspected by Saturn, while Venus is debilitated & hemmed between Mars & Sun. During Rahu-Mercury, his wife deserted him and with the help of her paramour took away all valuables & cash from House and asked for divorce. In 1997, during Rahu-Ketu court granted divorce and gave custody of their only child to the wife.

12. Yoga for Killing Spouse: When 7th house is occupied by an afflicted malefic planet, while 7th house, its lord and Venus are influenced by separatist planets, the native’s animosity towards his/ her spouse is so enraged that he/ she may even kill her/ him. Venus in 7th while Moon is in 12th house may also cause killing of the spouse.

The native is a wealthy & handsome businessman. He has 7th Lord Venus with 4th lord Moon &5th lord Sun in 5th house, which gave him a love marriage at a young age. He had Lagnesh Mars in 7th house in an inimical sign and Venus is aspected by Saturn and by 12th lord Jupiter ®, who is depositor of Rahu as well. In 1992, during Mars-Rahu, he clandestinely married another woman also. When his wife objected to his extramarital relations, on 2 Jun 1994, during Mars-Saturn, he pushed his wife down to death from his multi-storied house.

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