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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Ayur (Longevity) Yogas, Chapter XII, Part – 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

4. Balarishta
4.1a This is a sub-span of short life and extends from birth to 8 years of age. Shri Mantreshwar in Phaldeepika has stated that a child may die during the first four years due to past evil Karma of his mother and may die between 4 to 8 years due to past evil Karma of his father. The birth of a child may bring Arishta to mother and/ or father. Therefore the parents in such cases, propitiate the evil planets/ yoga by Japa, Havan, & oblations and protect the child through proper medical care. A child born with Balarishta yoga dies early or is very seriously ill initially. However, should he survive, such a native lives a long kingly life.

4.2 Special Concepts for Balarishta
i) Gand-Mool Nakshtra: It is effective during Sandhi of sign & Nakshtra (in its last/ first quarter). If birth is in last quarter of Jyeshtha (Scorpio) or 1st quarter of Moola (Sagittarius), it is called big Moola and propitiation can be done only after 27 days, when the concerned Nakshatra falls again. If the birth is in last quarter of Ashlesha (Cancer) / Revati (Pisces) or 1st quarter of Magha (Leo) / Ashwani (Aries), it is called small Moola, and propitiation can be done on the same, 10th or the 19th day from the birth. During these periods of approx. 48 minutes, lagna and Moon becomes weak, giving native / his close relations bad health, poor longevity and unwanted worries. If Ketu also joins in, it causes disorder in brain/ spinal cord.

ii) Yamganta: It affects longevity of a child, when at the time of his birth, the Moon is in a specific Nakshtra on a specific day as under:
a) Sunday in Magha Nakshtra.
b) Monday in Vishakha Nakshtra.
c) Tuesday in Ardra Nakshtra.
d) Wednesday in Mool Nakshtra.
e) Thursday in Krittika Nakshtra.
f) Friday in Rohini Nakshtra.
g) Saturday in Hasta Nakshtra.

iii) Din-Mrityu: If a child is born in 1st quarter of Dhanishta/Hasta or 2nd quarter of Vishakha/Ardra, or 3rd quarter of Uttar-Bhadrapad/Ashlesha or in last quarter of Bharini/Moola Nakshtra, in day time, it is called Din-Mrityu Yoga causing early death of the child.

iv) Din Rog: Similarly, if a child is born in day time in 1st quarter of Ashlesha/Uttar-Bhadrapad or in 2nd quarter of Bharini/Mool or in  3rd quarter of Uttar-falguni/Shravan, or last quarter of Swati/Mrigshira Nakshtra, it is called Din-Rog yoga and may cause serious illness or death to the child. However, there is no evil if the birth is in night time in Din-Mrityu or Din-Rog Yoga.

v) Vish-ghati: In every Nakshtra a period of four ghati (96 minutes) is called Vish-ghati. In Aswani 50 to 54th, in Bharini, 24 to 28th, in Krittika 30 to 34th, Rohini, 40 to 44th, Mrigshira, 14 to 18th, Ardra, 21 to 25th, Punurvasu, 30 to 34th, Pushya, 20 to 24th, Ashlesha, 32 to 36th, Magha, 30 to 34th, Poorva-falguni, 20 to 24th, Uttar-falguni, 18 to 22th, Hasta, 21 to 25th, Chitra, 20 to 24th, Swati, 14 to 18th, Vishakha 14 to 18th, Anuradha 10 to 14th, Jyeshta 14 to 18th, Moola 56 to 60th, Poorvashada 24 to 28th, Uttar-ashada 20 to 24th, Shravan 10 to 14th, Dhanishta 10 to 14th, Shatbhisha 18 to 22nd, Poorva-bhadrapad 16 to 20th, Uttar-Bfadrapad 24 to 28th, and in Revati 30 to 34th ghati are called Vishghati. Shri Mantreshwar, in Phaldeepika has stated that if a child is born in any of the above period during day-time, he is likely to die early.

4.3 Yogas for Balarishta
i). Weak Moon placed in a Trika house, aspected by malefic, causes death soon after birth.

ii) Birth at Sun-rise or Sun-set in the Hora of Moon (Monday at Sun-rise or Thursday at Sun-set) or if birth lagna is in Gandanta with the Moon & malefic in Kendra, causes death at birth.

iii) Weak Moon in lagna and malefic in Kendra/8th house, causes death of a new born.

iv) Lagna lord defeated in a planetary war by a malefic and placed in 7th house causes death within a month.

v) One is bereft of longevity in case of Cancer/Scorpio lagna, with all malefic in 4th to 10th houses and benefics in 10th to 4th houses (Vajramukhi yoga).

vi) If malefic occupy 6th and 12th houses from Lagna, child dies soon after birth.

vii) If retrograde benefics occupy 6, 8, & 12th houses, aspected by malefic, the child dies within a month.

viii) If Lagna and 7th house are hemmed between malefic, the child dies early.

ix) Moon in lagna, Mars in 8th, Sun in 9th and Saturn in 12th house, all unaspected by strong Jupiter, the child dies early.

x) Sun, Mars & Saturn together in 6th or 8th house, indicates certain death within a month.

xi) Malefics in 6th or 8th house, aspected by another malefic, cause death within a month.

xii) Birth at the time of eclipse and lagna aspected by Saturn & Mars, cause death within a fortnight.

xiii) Birth in dark-half & day-time, 7th house occupied by Jupiter & Venus; and Moon aspected by Saturn/Rahu, cause death within a weak.

xiv) If Moon & Rahu conjoin with Mars/Saturn, the child dies early. If simultaneously Sun occupies lagna, an operation may be the cause of death.

xv) A Week Moon conjoin with a malefic, and aspected by Rahu, denotes early death.

xvi) One born in extremely poor & humble circumstances, with very strong Rajyogas, dies very soon.

xvii) If all malefic are in 5th & 9th from Lagna, and Moon is in Cancer sign, all without any benefic aspect, child dies early.

xviii) If Lagnesh or Moon sign lord is weak, posited in a Trika house and aspected by a Malefic, the child lives for years equal to the number of sign of the Trika house.

xix) If the lord of Dreshkon of Lagnesh or Moon sign lord is weak, posited in a Trika house, and aspected by a malefic, the child survives for months equal to the number of sign of the Trika house.

xx) The exchange of lords of lagna & 8th house with 8th lord stronger of the two and no benefic influence on lagna lord.

The child with debilitated 8th lord Moon conjunct with Ketu in 12th house and was aspected by Sun, Saturn, Rahu & Mercury from 6th house. The lagna lord Jupiter was in Badhak-Sthan with 6th lord Venus & 12th lord Mars. In accordance with conditions (i), (vi) &^ (xi), above, the child died 27 Oct 2003.

The child was born with 2nd lord debilitated Moon in Gand-Moola Nakshtra conjoined with Ketu and aspected by 8th lord Saturn & Rahu from 12th house. Lagna lord Mercury is also debilitated. Even the exalted Jupiter-R, aspected by Saturn & Ketu, could not save the child even for a month. In accordance with conditions mentioned in sub-Para 4.2 (i) and 4.3 (i), (vi), (ix) & (xv), the child died in Apr 2003.

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