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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas: Conjunction of Planets, Chapter IV, Part – 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

3. Two Planets’ Conjunction Yogas

These yogas are highlighted by all astrological saints like Parashar, Mantreshwar, Kalyan Verma, Garga, Vriddha Yavan etc. When Sun is conjoined by a malefic, it is detrimental to father and when Moon is conjoined by malefic, it is detrimental to mother. The results of these yogas do differ in different houses, but general results are as under.

3.1 Sun-Moon- Both are friends, but Sun is hot & fiery representing soul, while Moon is cool & watery representing Mana (mind) and becomes weak in Paksh-bala when close to Sun. They give good results when placed in Trikone/ 10th house or in Aries, Cancer or Leo sign. The native is valorous, haughty, skilled in works of stone, machinery & tools, expert in sale of intoxicants/ poisons, wanderer, harsh, wicked, immodest, libidinous, easily submitting to females, and suffer from eye diseases. The native may also become a great philosopher or saint, if influenced by benefics. It promotes general strength of character and usefulness at home & abroad. It is good for all social & benevolent acts, gives humanitarian impulses and conduces to popularity and general success.

3.2 Sun-Mars- Both are friends, fiery, hot, bilious, aggressive, & cruel planets. The native is strong, energetic, bold, clever, liked by rulers, brave in combat with injured body, tormentor of enemies, impulsive, hasty & short tempered, obstinate, liar, quarrelsome, sinful, bereft of home comforts & family, but loves siblings. One suffers due to defects in blood or digestion. But if this conjunction is aspected by Jupiter, the will power & desires of the native are harmonious and usually one realizes them. Such natives are employed in police or armed forces. It makes one splendorous, strong, valorous, very emotional and foolish. In female charts, in Trikone houses it gives abortions & miscarriages. This combination is destructive and not preferable in Kendra/ Trikones, unless with benefic influence. It gives best results in lagna, 10th or 11th house. In 10th house, it is extra strong, since both gets directional strength here and makes one dictatorial towards subordinates. This makes one an able surgeon or electrical engineer.

3.3 Sun-Mercury- This combination is very common as Mercury is never more than 28 degrees away from Sun in any chart. But when conjunct together they form Buddhaditya Yoga, making one learned, intelligent, virtuous, skilled in various arts, eloquent orator, honourable & famous. The native is sweet tongued, talkative, clever, earns wealth by serving others, scholarly, good in looks, but fickle minded. This yoga is more effective in signs or lagna of Sun/Mercury. It gives still better results if Mercury is behind Sun within three degrees or so; when it gives high power & capacity for concentration and makes one wealthy. It gives good results in Kendra/ Trikone, 2nd & 11th houses except in 7th house.

3.4 Sun-Jupiter- Both planets are friendly, fiery, Satwik & male. The conjunction makes one virtuous, a minister of a king, gain from friends, wealthy, wise, intelligent, widely renowned, spiritual, preceptor, knowledge of scripture, follower of religious pursuits, a teacher, preceptor, banker or physician, and skilled in various activities. The native is always sincere, devoted to duty, worldly wise, diplomat, healthy, long-lived, servile and helpful to others even at the cost of himself. In 4th or 9th house, it makes one a legal expert. If Jupiter is combust or otherwise badly afflicted, in case of males, there would be loss in wealth and in happiness from progeny; and in case of females, there could be delay in marriage or marital problems.

3.5. Sun-Venus- The two are inimical to each other. Sun is fiery, Satwik, Krror male, representing soul. The Venus is airy, Rajshi, benefic female representing sensual pleasures. The two affect eye and eyesight. The native will be skilled in archery/ weaponry, music, acting & fine arts, affectionate, earns through opposite sex, makes one an optician (in 6th/8th house) and famous as a king/ minister (in 5, 8 or 10th house). The native is libidinous, lacks marital life (particularly in 5, 7 or 9th house), has limited progeny, addicted to vices (in Cancer/ Scorpio), highly sexed or nympho- maniac (if within 3 degrees). The combination is generally good when Venus is ahead of Sun and adverse in movable signs.

3.6 Sun-Saturn- The two are bitter enemy and hostile to each other. Saturn is quite different from Sun, being airy, Tamsik, malefic, female eunuch. Sun represents vitality & soul and Saturn the lethargy & miseries. Both are separatist planets and finally lead to salvation. Some say they represent father-son or boss-subordinate relationship. Such a native is virtuous, intelligent, mindful of his own duties, matured in behaviour as an elderly person, learned, skilled in metallurgy & sale of minerals, follows tradition and is a self made man. He gets inheritance, but generally squander away ancestral property, has bitter family life, dominating enemies, anguish mind, and adversely affects cordiality with father or senior authorities, but popular among poor, labour, & downtrodden (union leader). It gives poor results in Kendra or Trika houses, indicates gain from Sun’s articles but loss from Saturn’s articles and not favourable for ladies of the family. One does not get comfort of wife/ children and leads a secluded life.

3.7 Moon-Mars: Moon is watery, Satwik, cool, female representing wavering Mana (mind) & mother, but Mars is fiery, Tamsik, hot tempered, male representing valour, martial talents & younger siblings. Both belong to same friendly group and control formation & circulation of blood. Such a native is clever, shrewd, highly emotional, erratic, less control over mind, over-active, courageous, short tempered, adamant, and ambitious. One is wealthy (Chandra-Mangal yoga), deals in women, wines, earthen pottery, leather, handicraft, skin or minerals and is a good consultant. The means to acquire wealth & property may not necessarily those prescribed. If afflicted, one suffers from low vitality, blood disorders and is hostile to mother & maternal relations.

3.8 Moon-Mercury: Both are natural benefics, but Mercury is different as it is earthy, Rajshik, & eunuch planet. If Moon is divine mother, the Mercury is divine prince, who is not happy with his mother. This conjunction gives an active mind, highly developed intellect, a retentive memory, full of common sense, sound expression, quick wit, and diverse merits. It makes one beautiful, wealthy, amiable & attached to one’s wife, humorous, soft spoken, modest, fortunate, famous, successful scholar, eloquent speaker, follower of Kul-dharma, and endowed with distinct virtues. Interestingly it gives good results even in 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th houses. If afflicted by Mars/ Saturn, it causes Pisach Yoga and makes native scornful, hypersensitive, erratic, and a complex ridden person with a feeling of guilt, insecurity & suspicion.

3.9 Moon-Jupiter: Both are friendly, benefic & Satwik, but Jupiter is fiery, wise male. The conjunction highlights good qualities of both and Jupiter does not allow Moon to waver or do any wrong. It makes native devoted to god/ preceptor, wealthy, healthy, famous, distinguished, contended, good natured, optimist, mentally benevolent, attached to his duties, engaged in virtuous deeds, helpful to others, sympathetic, broad minded, warm hearted & very intelligent. It gives very good results in Kendra/ Trikone houses. In 10th houses, it additionally gives good positive kind of management skill and consultancy work. Together they form famous Gajkesari Yoga (For details, please refer para 8 of Chapter-6). However if afflicted, it makes one harsh, lethargic, critical of others, fickle minded and wasteful.

3.10 Moon-Venus: Both planets are natural benefic and females and Moon is great facilitator of main significations of Venus i.e. marriage & family life. But Venus is airy & Rajsik. The native is wealthy, wise, minister to king, good looking, popular, adept in music, fine arts, tailoring, weaving, & trading of clothes, clever in buying & selling, fond of flowers & perfumes, refined with cool mind, lover of beauty, associated with and gets comfort & wealth from women. One has more daughters than sons and earns from sea travel. If in close conjunction, it is detrimental to married life. If afflicted, one islazy, sinful, quarrelsome, addicted to vices, and may have death in water or through violence. In 6th or 8th house, it gives ailments in belly but in 12th it gives wealth from foreign.

3.11 Moon-Saturn: This is a great mismatch and inimical to each other. Moon is watery, Satwik, female, & fastest moving natural benefic; but Saturn is airy, Tamsik, eunuch, slowest moving natural malefic. Native may be born to a widow, remarried or old women, his wife may be sickly or elder to him, bereft of grace, self esteem, virtues, wealth & valour, has less progeny, worried, peevish, gloomy, hard working, and gets little happiness of mother. However, if it is aspected by Jupiter, several of shortcomings get cancelled.

3.12 Mars-Mercury: Both are inimical to each other. Mars is fiery, Tamsik Malefic, martial male, but Mercury is earthy, Rajsik, feeble natural benefic, literary & eunuch. The native is mentally alert, sharp minded, adept in mathematics & accountancy, electricity/ fire related work of gold/ metals articles, engineering/ architecture or wrestling/ boxing, and in medicine/ herbs. It is unfortunate for marital bliss, looks after a widow/ base woman, only limited progeny, devoid of wealth or loss of wealth through government. There may be obstacles in educational career and may even cause a break in education. It promotes tendency of thieving and of economic offences. It does not give good results in Kendra/ Trikone houses, but in 10th house, they produce scientist, engineer, investigators or intelligence agents.

3.13 Mars-Jupiter: Both are friendly & fiery, but Mars is Tamsik & malefic, whereas Jupiter is Satwik & the best benefic. Hence give mixed results. Normally the native is learned, revered, wealthy, very intelligent, skilled in use of weaponary, a leader, head of his clan, kingly or senior officer in Army/ Police, has retentive and sharp memory, expert in Vedas/ scriptures, good orator or lecturer. One tends to get high status through own efforts. It gives good results in Trikones/ 10th house. In other houses it is mixed. If afflicted it causes accidents & fractures. In lagna of Gemini & Virgo, it is particularly bad. It causes “Guru-Mangal Yoga”, which is normally not good. (For details, please refer para 3 of Chapter-16).

3.14 Mars-Venus: Mars is fiery, Tamsik, malefic & martial male, whereas Venus is airy, Rajsik, benefic, & sensual female. Hence their conjunction does not normally provide good results. Native is immoral, cheat, gambler, greedy, liar, addicted to others’ spouse, passionate in love, sensual with strong sex drive, and waste money on women. It is particularly bad in 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses. In 2nd/8th, it causes poverty. Elsewhere it is moderate. Native may be a talented, blessed with learning, wealth & fame, a mathematician, exercise authority with firm but pleasing manners. One may be adept in metallurgy and pervert aesthetic sense. In 10th house, one is workaholic.

3.15 Mars-Saturn: Both are Tamsik and first rate Malefics. Influence of Nodes are supposed to make the conjunction very dangerous and destructive. Their conjunction is considered bad. The native is miserable, quarrelsome, deceitful, skilled in thieving & conflicts, betrayer, liar, hostile to mother, bereft of comforts from wife & family, indulges in sinful deeds, and follows a faith other than his own. He is good at use of weapon, fire, poison, & liquor (making him a metallurgist/ chemist/ bartender), but suffers dangers from weapon/ fall resulting in injury/ death. However, this combination produces good results in 2nd, & Upachaya (3, 6, 10 or 11th) houses. In 5th house it denotes technical/ scientific education and in 10th a technical profession. It makes one serious, firm, of balanced mind, maturity more than age & temperamental. If it gets aspect of Jupiter, one attains dizzy heights.

3.16 Mercury-Jupiter: Both are natural benefics with lot of common traits, but Mercury is earthy, Rajsik & eunuch, whereas Jupiter is fiery, Satwik & male. Jupiter is said to be foster-father of Mercury. The native is very learned, intelligent, scholar, a genius of sweet temperament, eloquent, adept in music, dance, acting, astrology, journalism etc and is self satisfied & happy. It gives very good results in 1, 2, 4, 5, 9 & 10th houses. Even in Trika houses it gives results. However he has fluctuating wealth, may have weak eyesight/ deafness. If placed in Mritybhag (or Vishghati), it is extra-ordinarily bad.

3.17 Mercury-Venus: Both the planets are benefic, Rajsik, friendly and fond of aesthetic values. The native is beautiful, virtuous, learned, eloquent, gives very good power of expression both oral and in writing, extremely wealthy, jovial, adept in sculptor, music, fine arts & handicrafts, well dressed, owner of land, a good diplomat and blessed with mean wife, more lucky daughters & friends. It gives very good results in Trikones/ 10th house, elsewhere the results are moderate. When afflicted the adverse results are seen.

3.18 Mercury-Saturn: Saturn is a first rate malefic and its conjunction with Mercury makes the later also a malefic. This combination gives untoward results except in 1st, 9th or 10th houses, where the native gets good wife, wealth, son & friends. The two being eunuch planets, do not auger well for sexual activity or may indicate a impotent/ frigid spouse. Otherwise the native is learned, provide sustenance to many, adept in several arts, but is also a cheat, pessimist, wanderer, disobedient, fickle minded, nervous, suffers from rheumatism, despondency, poor memory, inferiority complex & pervert thinking.

3.19 Jupiter-Venus: Both are first rate benefics, but Jupiter is fiery, Satwik, & male; while Venus is airy, Rajsik & female. The two provides the ideal benefic cover to a native. The native is very learned in many branches, intelligent, virtuous, wealthy, religious, good looking, blessed with supreme wife, progeny, friends & physical comforts, long lived, kingly, or a minister, renowned earns through his learning or business. If afflicted, it could cause loss of health & wealth through extra-sex or thieves or flattery, and loss of progeny.

3.20 Jupiter-Saturn: This is a combination of the best benefic & the worst malefic. The two are neutral to each other. The natives are strong, famous, brilliant, calm, domineering, leader of a group or political position, or an army, wealthy, but suspicious of his wife, religiously inclined, a successful doctor, advocate, an artist, a barber, a potter, a cook. In Upchaya (3, 6, 10 or 11th) houses, one is very famous, honoured by king & wealthy. Elsewhere, one may be devoid of wealth, self respect and take up renunciation leading to Sanyas. The two planets are Karaka for knowledge & detachment.

3.21 Venus-Saturn: Both are airy & friendly to each other, although Venus is Rajsik & benefic (denoting all comforts), while Saturn is Tamsik & malefic (denoting separation/ detachment). It indicates sacrificial career in taking the hard road, chilling sense of loneliness, which develops the form of happiness, seems like an unreliable dreams. To accept his responsibility and carry on his duties are more important to him than his self comfort. Married life may be full of trials & tribulations, discord on marital front, and insatiate sex life. However, the native will be popular, marriage/ wife holds the key to his financial prosperity. This combination makes one wealthy and prosper in 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th or 10th house through the patronage of a lady or government’s.

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