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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas: Conjunction of Planets, Chapter IV, Part – 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

4. Three Planets’ Conjunction

4.1 Sun-Moon-Mars: As Moon is weak & conjunct with two malefic, though they are friendly among themselves, it does not produce good results. The native will be valorous, cruel, powerful, destroy enemies, has good knowledge of machinery, spurious articles, sculptor & work as per house where they are placed, reasonably wealthy and especially good if in lagna. However, Hora Sara has condemned this combination as manifesting very sinful, miserable, hard on progeny, and having blood disorders or deficient of a limb.

4.2 Sun-Moon-Mercury: The native is intelligent, learned, scholar, confidant of a king, blessed with wealth & beauty, may take up Government job/ agency, politics, literary pursuits and fond of art, poetry or scriptures. However Mercury may cause fluctuations in fortunes.

4.3 Sun-Moon-Jupiter: This is a combination of three natural friends including highly virtuous Jupiter, but weak Moon. The native may be learned, intelligent, lucky, pious, helpful to others, skilled in profession, a man of power, authority, minister or businessman, visiting foreign places. However he is more cunning than sincere, a bit proud, easily angered and fickle minded.

4.4 Sun-Moon-Venus: Here the Moon is weak and Venus, though benefic, is inimical to Sun & Moon. The native may be learned, noble, good looking, but with fluctuating fortunes. It gives thieving tendencies, vices, liar, wicked, changeable professions, eyeing others’ wealth & wives, aversion to good acts, disliking for mother, delayed marriage and dental diseases. It gives best results in 10th house.

4.5 Sun-Moon-Saturn: Here weak Moon is associated with malefic, separatist & bitterly hostile planets. None is comfortable in this combination. The native is servile, bereft of riches & grace, slow in learning, wicked, lustful, argumentative, troubled, diseased & under debt, denotes a lot of efforts giving insufficient output. Reasonable results in Upachaya (3, 6, 10, & 11th) houses with good aspects, indicates legal/ metallurgical profession.

4.6 Sun-Mars-Mercury: The fiery, malefic & martial influence prevails. The native may be famous, wrestler/boxer, cruel, shameless, harsh temperament, various foreign travels, earns & enjoys wealth, comfort, & happiness, lack of marital comforts, but will have progeny. If influence of Mars be less, one may be learned, wealthy & a powerful minister.

For illustration, please refer Chart No. 35 of Bansi lal.

4.7 Sun-Mars-Jupiter: It is a combination of three friendly fiery planets. The native will enjoy kingly status, very learned, healthy, wealthy & truthful, eloquent speaker, aggressive & dominating, and will attain high position/ authority like a great political leader, army commander or a judge etc depending upon the house of conjunction. But in their debilitation signs, there could be a fall as well.

4.8 Sun-Mars-Venus: Venus is inimical to both Sun & Mars. The Native is fortunate, wise, wealthy, a good status & position in life, good looking, charitable & religious, man of few words. This is a good combination for intelligence of high order or success in movies, photo studio or music. However it also denotes poor eyesight/ eye disease and sexual adventurism.

4.9 Sun-Mars-Saturn: This is a combination of malefic/ separatist planets. The native is bereft of father-son relations, friends, wealth, wisdom & body comforts (may have deformed limb). He may be quarrelsome, sinful, have a hairy body, suffers many diseases and litigations. He may die in a foreign country through poison, fire, weapon or imprisonment.

4.10 Sun-Mercury-Jupiter: The native is intelligent, learned, scholar, sharp-witted, wealthy, helpful to others, favourite of kings & superiors and attached to his wife. He may be a writer, professor, banker, astrologer or sculptor. He may suffer from eye disease and at the last stage of life, he may be devoid of money and will be fed by others, but his children will prosper.

4.11 Sun-Mercury-Venus: The native may be learned, of slender body, talkative, clever, sweet speech, wanderer, having a comfortable life. He may be of licentious habits, humiliated by parents, tormented by women and talk against religious persons/ customs. One may not get a son before 40 years of age. In case of females, she may elope or leave the house and face troubles miseries & troubles due to her vice deeds, temperament and illicit relations.

For illustration, please refer chart No. 1 of P.N. Kak and Chart No. 16 of Pamela Bordes.

4.12 Sun-Mercury-Saturn: This is an evil combination as Mercury is associated with malefic & separatist planets. The native is wicked, coward, jealous, quarrelsome, may hate relations and rejected by relatives/ friends. He may have a feminine face and behave like an eunuch and suffers humiliation. He may live off others and remain sick.

4.13 Sun-Jupiter-Venus: This combination makes the native works for others at his own cost. The native will be intelligent, bold, learned, a minister/ refuge of a king, devoted to others’ jobs, talkative and has good luck after marriage. He earns lot of wealth but loses through women/ gambling, is tormented by his enemies and is of licentious habits.

For illustration, please refer Chart No. 31 of J.F. Kennedy.

4.14 Sun-Jupiter-Saturn: Here the Jupiter is badly afflicted, but is inimical to none. The native is intelligent, clever, favourite of rulers, fearless, pious, blessed with good wife, progeny & friends, charitable, comforts from relations. One is benefited and gains from business. He may have defect in some limb, waste money on women. This gives good results in Upachaya houses.

4.15 Sun-Venus-Saturn: Here Venus, a benefic, is badly afflicted, by two malefic & Separative planets. The native is wicked, haughty, bereft of learning, grace & honour, emotionally upset due to fear of enemies, unskilled, miserable, cheat of first order, follow immoral pursuits, spends more than earns, poor marital life, and may suffer from skin diseases, leprosy or cardiac problems. As per Hora Sara, he may acquire some money in old age.

4.16 Moon-Mars-Mercury: The native will be famous, eloquent, and learned, but with fluctuating finance. He will be poor in middle life & ill-famed & disrespected. He will be wicked, greedy, humiliated by his own men, bereft of virtues & friends, sinful, and mean in conduct & habits. As per Hora Sara, he may get fame & wealth in old age. It gives good health & wealth in 1st, 4th or 5th house but adverse in 10th or 11th house.

4.17 Moon-Mars-Jupiter: The three planets are natural friends & wealth giver. The native will be very good looking, dear to women, and gain strength & wealth in all houses except in Trika houses. He will be short-tempered, and have marks of injury on the body. If afflicted he may be a thief, addicted to women, adulterous, and of bad habits.

4.18 Moon-Mars-Venus: Mars afflicts two watery benefics. The native may be born to a bad woman and also marry such a lady. His wife & children will also be rash and source of trouble. If in 1st or 7th house, may not marry at all. He will be intelligent & logical, but may not be very wealthy, wanderer, fickle minded, and in dread of cold.

For illustration, please refer Chart No. 17 of K.N. Rao.

4.19 Moon-Mars-Saturn: The affliction of Moon by two high rate malefic may cause death of mother in childhood or he may commit matricide. The native may be wicked, fickle minded, quarrelsome, ill-famed, indulges in sinful acts, and inimical to own people. One may suffer in vision, associated with an old woman, and white & black spots on body. However he may gain in business through government/superiors, and is beneficial to brothers. In 1st, 9th or 10th it will give very good results, bad results in 3rd, 4th or 8th and moderate in other houses.

For illustration, please refer Chart No. 67 of B.D. Garware.

4.20 Moon-Mercury-Jupiter: The combination of three benefics is good for intelligence & wealth. The native is learned, eloquent, scholar, wealthy, famous, favourite of king, blessed with power & authority, virtuous, has many sons & brothers and may be a good astrologer. He may gain through business of brokerage/ franchise. It gives very good results in all except 2nd, 3rd & 4th houses.

4.21 Moon-Mercury-Venus: It is not a good position for smooth relationship in the family. The native is too much attached to money. The native is learned, cultured, honourable, industrious, wealthy and engaged in self-comforts. He is greedy, highly covetous, mean in conduct, jealous of others, and blameworthy. In 7th house, it causes disturbances in marriage, married life and troubles through children.

4.22 Moon-Mercury-Saturn: The native is learned with good knowledge (of Botany, Zoology, Psychology & social works), intelligent, eloquent, sweet tongued, respected by authorities, renowned, wealthy and holds good position in society. He will, however has little comforts from children. Gives bad results in 4th or 6th house, where he has asthmatic or cardiac troubles.

4.23 Moon-Jupiter-Venus: Combination of three benefics manifests auspicious results. The native is intelligent, highly learned, proficient in many arts, has great literary success, very good looking, born to a chaste lady, comfortable life, charitable, with no enemy, and will do good deeds. In 2nd, 10th or 11th house, makes one very wealthy. But in 7th house, one will be ruined due to influence of opposite sex after marriage.

4.24 Moon-Jupiter-Saturn: The native will be renowned, learned knowing true meaning of Sasthras, clever, liked by rulers, healthy, wealthy, religious, has constructive arguments, interested in occult science, respectful to parents, God & elders, happy with children, fond of opposite sex with elderly lady, and head of a village/town. It gives good results in all houses except in 2, 8, 9 & 11th houses.

For illustration, please refer chart No. 12 of M. Nostradum.

4.25 Moon-Venus-Saturn: The native will be learned, lecturer in religious subjects (Purohit), coming from a good family, proficient writer, good mathematician, well versed in astronomy & astrology, wealthy, and favoured by learned people. He will have good company of many women, have bad married life or lose spouse early. He may bring bad name to in-laws and die in foreign land.

4.26 Mars-Mercury-Jupiter: The native is adept in music/ poetry, head of family, helpful to others, blessed with property & charitable and husband of a young, virtuous wife. One gains through finances of others. As a rule, this is not good for articles, relations & professions of the three planets particularly if aspected by Rahu.

4.27 Mars-Mercury-Venus: Here Mars is inimical to both Mercury & Venus. The native will be intelligent, learned, of strong determination, wealthy, comforts from wife & children, does each work methodically, obstinate, very talkative, fickle minded, wicked and with a defective limb.

For illustration, please refer Chat No. 8 of Dr. B. V. Raman and Chart No. 18 of Mahatma Gandhi.

4.28 Mars-Mercury-Saturn: The Mercury is hemmed between two highly malefic planets. The native will be servient, menial, working in lower echelon, poor, seek help from others, wanderer, cheat, lives in secluded or foreign places, and will have facial or eye diseases. The results are particularly bad in 2nd, 6th, 8th & 12th houses.

4.29 Mars-Jupiter-Venus: The native will be blessed with riches, good wife, children & comforts, liked by rulers, associate with noble people and famous. He is respected, blessed with power & authority, property & vehicles. One should avoid influence of opposite sex, otherwise Venus being malefic brings ill-fame and unhappiness from progeny.

4.30 Mars-Jupiter-Saturn: The Jupiter also turns malefic due to association of two highly malefic planets. The native is intelligent, honourable, liked by rulers, but jealous, licentious, cruel, wicked, conceited, unkind, lean bodied, have wounds on the body and is bereft of friends. He will be a helpless spectator of his ancestral property being disposed/ destroyed.

For illustration, please refer Chart No. 15 of Walter Disney.

4.31 Mars-Venus-Saturn: Here Venus turns malefic and joins other two. The native has knowledge of various arts and attached to his own country. He will be disliked by his mother, goes to foreign lands, will be addicted to other women, will suffer humiliation from government & pretty ladies, has bad children, harsh speech, always unhappy, is a liar, fraud, wanderer, and wife will also be from a low family.

For illustration, please refer Chart No. 6 of Z.A. Bhutto.

4.32 Mercury-Jupiter-Venus: It is a combination of three benefics. The native will be intelligent, learned, with kingly status, good health & looks, success over enemies, fortunate, widely famous, plenty of wealth, truthful and helpful to others. But in 7th house, one may not have enough wealth, suffer from domestic and gstric troubles.

4.33 Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn: The native will wealthy, blessed with properties, leads a good life full of honour, comforts, & vehicles (particularly in 12th house). He will be learned, courageous, fortunate and devoted to his wife.

4.34 Mercury-Venus-Saturn: It is a bad combination. The native is a bad character, cheat, fraud, fluctuating-famed, wanderer, unreliable, vicious, addicted to vices: but will have sudden rise & fall, knowledge of many arts and popular among people.

For illustration, please refer chart No. 63 of Borris Yeltsin.

4.35 Jupiter-Venus-Saturn: The native will rise to dizzy heights or chief of his race and loved by his people, even born low, will be very famous & virtuous, of clear intellect. He will be happy with his wife & children.

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