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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Special Raj Yogas, Chapter VI, Part – 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1. Introduction
As brought out earlier, Rajyoga is a group of yogas giving native name, fame. Wealth & happiness. In the previous chapter we have discussed a number of yogas which were primarily based on lordship of the houses. WE now propose to discuss some special Raj yogas, which are outstanding in their splendor & significations and manifest their exceptional auspicious results for a native. These include just three Yogas, Panch Mahapurush yogas, Gajkesari yoga and Mahabhagya Yoga. All these yogas are formed by position of planets and are not related to their lordships. Therefore it is essential that the planet forming yogas should be strong. The strength of a planet is judged by its Shadbala, Awastha (planet should not be in 1st or last degree in a sign) or evil conjunction/ aspect.

2. Panch Mahapurush Yogas
2.1 This literally means combination of five great men. This is not a specific yoga, but is a group of five different yogas, one each for Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. The two luminaries (Sun & Moon) and nodes (Rahu & Ketu) are not considered. The nodes have been left out because they are shadowy planets, have no mass of their own, are always in retrograde motion and form an axis being always 180 degrees apart. However classics are silent about the reason for omitting the luminaries. Presumably, it is so because they are royal planets, represent soul & mind and are not planets in true sense (Sun is a star & Moon is a satellite of earth). The other five planets are true planets and represent five sense organs. All our actions are effective through our sense organs only. Mars represents the sense of sight, Mercury, the sense of smell, Jupiter, the sense of hearing, Venus the sense of taste and Saturn represents the sense of touch. Hence these five planets are considered for conferring the Panch Mahapurush Yoga.

2.2 Each of these yogas are unique in its own way as it confers results that are commensurate with the nature and the significations of the planet concerned. Any planet manifests their significations the best when they are in their sign of exaltation/ own. The Kendra houses are pillars of strength for any horoscope. It is therefore natural that the Panch Mahapurush yogas are formed when these planets (Mars to Saturn) occupy a Kendra house in their own/ exaltation sign. To understand the effects of these yogas, it is essential to understand the characteristics of the constituent planets. This statement is supported universally by all classics. However no importance appears to have been attached to the lords of Nakshtra occupied by the planet causing the yoga. However the Nakshtra has its own say in enhancing significations of the planet. Again it is widely acclaimed that the Trikone (5th & 9th) houses are very auspicious ones in any chart for a native and all planets produce good benefic results here. But classics are silent about the reasons for omitting these houses for causing these auspicious yogas.

2.3 If Sun or waning Moon (less than 72 degree away from Sun) joins the planet causing one of these Mahapurush yogas, one does not get the fruits of these yogas. If Sun also occupies a Kendra from Mahapurush yoga causing planet, or it combines with them, it may cause great upheaval in the life of the native. A waxing Moon on the other hand enhances the significations of the planet causing the yoga. The Rahu/ Ketu by their close conjunction/ aspect invariably spoil the significations of the Yoga.

2.4 The term “yoga” generally indicates a specific mutual disposition of two or more planets. Considering this, the Panch Mahapurush yogas are not yogas in the strictet sense, as each one of them is given rise to by a single planet. They are, however, referred to a s”yogas” in the classical texts and the term will be retained here as well. Elsewhere too, although infrequently, certain situations involving a single planet are referred to as “yogas”. Such single planet combinations will also be indicated where applicable. Based on the strength, location, and sign of the five planets, they are named as Ruchika (for Mars), Bhadra (for Mercury), Hamsa (for Jupiter), Malavya (for Venus), and Sasa (for Saturn). The strength of the planets should also be checked in Navamsha; otherwise the auspicious results may not be manifested to the fullest extent. These results fructify to the maximum during dasha/ Antar-dasha of the planet in the operative period of life of a native, which is approximately from 20 to 70 years of age, otherwise the yoga remains in abeyance.

2.5 Some astrologers are of the opinion that the Panch Mahapurush yogas should also be considered from Moon lagna. However, the author is of the opinion that it may be considered only if lagna is weak and Moon is strong and well placed.

2.6 In experience, It has been noticed that many yogas are commonly found in many charts but the natives are only common people without any touch of greatness. These practice, it is difficult to find in a chart a Mahapurush Yoga, which has absolutely no blemish. This could be due to variety of reasons. If the planet ausing yoga is combust, in initial or last degree of the sign, or has lost in planetary war, or has become debilitated in Navamsha, or his depositor is blemished, or the planet is under sever malefic influence, he is surely inactive and will not confer the expected results of the yoga.

2.7 It has also been found that at times Two Mahapurush Yoga have come up simultaneously in one house/ sign only. For example in a Kendra of Libra sign, there may be Malavya and Sasa yoga or in a Capricorn sign Ruchika & Sasa yoga have simultaneously come up. In such cases, one which is caused by the planet which does not suffer any deformity will prevail and the other will not have any effect. Again at times two exalted planets causing Mahapurush Yoga are in mutual aspect. For example Mars and Jupiter may simultaneously be exalted causing Ruchika & Hamsa yoga or Sun and Saturn may simultaneously be exalted (though Sun does not confer Mahapurush Yoga), the Mahapurush yogas will not deliver expected results. However If Jupiter & Saturn simultaneously get exalted to confer two Mahapurush yoga, this rule will not apply, as the aspect is only one way. Let us see an example:
The native has in his chart, three exalted planets, with two of them apparently causing Hamsa yoga in lagna and Sasa yoga in 4th house. The Jupiter though in exaltation sign in lagna, is in exact degrees with & in mutual aspect with Rahu, and aspected by 8th lord Saturn associated with a weak waning Moon. The native was born on Rikta tithi-4th. Saturn is in Paapkaratari between 3-12th lord Mercury & Rahu. Again 8th lord Saturn is stronger than lagna lord Moon. Moreover Saturn becomes debilitated in Navamsha. Thus both the Mahapurush causing planets are non-operative for delivering any good. More over the chart has a Kaal Sarpa Yoga along 5-11 axis. The native has Gajkesari yoga as well. But the dasha of Jupiter finished before the age of 21 (making him a brilliant student) and dasha of Moon never came till date. The third exalted planet, Mercury, is in last degree, but is Vargottam and form a weak Budhaditya Yoga (the Sun & mercury are more than 26 degrees apart). Therefore the role of all these yogas is limited to protective one only. The native is a well educated, wise, intelligent doctor doing reasonably well in life.

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