Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Raj Yogas, Chapter V, Part – 6


Dr. Shanker Adawal

7.16 Madan Yoga: This yoga is formed when 10th lord is in lagna with Venus and 11th lord posited in 11th house. One born with this yoga is attractive & highly placed in political circles. He begins prospering at an early age.

7.17 Mala yoga: In this yoga, lords of 2nd, 7th, 9th, and 11th houses are posited in their own/exaltation signs. This gives the native a very high administrative status, a senior minister or leader of people, royal stature. His fortunes brighten after the age of 33 years.

7.18 Mridanga Yoga: In this yoga, lord of Navamsha of an exalted planet should be posited in a Kendra/Trikone in his sign of exaltation/ own / friend and lagna lord should also be strongly posited. Such a native is attractive, ruler or respected by rulers, famous and commanding respect. For illustration, please refer chart No. 37 of King George VI.

7.19 Mudrika Yoga: Jupiter, Venus and Moon in mutual Kendra/ Trikone give rise to this yoga. Here a clear nexus is formed converging towards the lagna. The power & potential of Moon is galvanized either by Jupiter or Venus. Hence Moon should be strong and well placed. In case any of them owns a Trikone, the yoga becomes highly potent and delivers exceptionally good results. Even a poor man born with yoga becomes very rich, famous and revered during his life time. He will be secretive, but acquires land, buildings & jewels. Among all the members of the family, he is liked by his parents the most. For illustration, please refer chart No. 38 of Mao Tse Tung.

7.20 Mukut Yoga: This yoga is caused when Jupiter is in 9th from 9th lord, a benefic is in 9th from Jupiter, and Saturn is in 10th house. It makes the native a king, or head of a tribe or hunters, powerful, cruel, or a successful sportsman.

7.21 Parijaat Yoga: Depositor or Navamsha lord of depositor of lagna lord if in exaltation or in a Kendra/ Trikone from lagna, constitute Parijaat yoga. A native with this yoga has to struggle in early part of life, but in middle and later part of life, will be like a powerful & respectable king, kind hearted, fond of war, and with a very high social status.

The native lagna lord was Sun and its depositor Saturn is exalted in 3rd house of courage & valour giving rise to Parijaat Yoga. He also had Chandradhi, Akhand Samrajya, Neech Bhang (of 2nd lord Mercury) and many other Raj yoga. It is well known that after initial struggles, he was able to establish a great Hindu empire.

7.22 Parvat Yoga: This yoga also has two variants. Either lagna lord and 12th lord are in mutual Kendra; or alternately benefics are in posited in Kendra with 6th & 8th house vacant (or occupied by benefics only), cause this yoga. The native born with this yoga will be head of a town/state, wealthy, prosperous, humorous, liberal, and passionate. For illustration, please refer chart No. 37 of Mao Tse Tung. The native had Jupiter, Venus, Moon & lagna lord Saturn, one in each Kendra with 6th & 8th houses vacant.

7.23 Raj Lakshna Yoga: This yoga is caused when Jupiter, Venus, Moon & Mercury are in Kendras jointly or severely. However if Mercury or Moon are afflicted/weak, the results will be diluted. The native with this yoga has an attractive appearance and endowed with all the good qualities and command respect & dignity & high/royal personage.

7.24 Rajya Poojit Yoga: This is usually seen in female charts. This is formed if 7th lord is strong and 7th house is occupied/aspected by a strong Trikone lord. It means her husband will love her and be well respected & affluent in the society.

7.25 Rasatala Yoga: This yoga is formed when Venus is posited in 12th house aspected by 4th lord and 12th lord is exalted. One born with this yoga attains the status of head of a state, may get buried wealth, will be helpful to others, and happy with his family.

7.26 Simhasan Yoga: This yoga is formed when all the seven planets occupy 2nd, 6th, 8th 12th houses. The native born under this yoga acquires the “Simhasan” (royal throne), through royal favour, a minister or political leader, normally follower of another great leader.

7.26 Simhasan Yoga: This yoga is formed when all the seven planets occupy 2nd, 6th, 8th and 12th houses. The native born under this yoga acquires the “Simhasan” (royal throne), through royal favour, a minister or political leader, normally follower of another great leader.

8. Summary
8.1 Various classics have enumerated large number of Rajyoga, which are difficult to be listed. Then some of them have two or more variations. However 120 varieties of Rajyogas have been discussed with 19 illustration charts. Again some special Raj yogas will be discussed in the next chapter, because of their especial importance.

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