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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Special Raj Yogas, Chapter VI, Part – 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

3. Ruchika Yoga

3.1 This yoga is formed when Mars, exalted (in Capricorn) or in its own signs (Aries/ Scorpio) is located in a Kendra from Lagna. This Yoga results from the predominant influence of Mars in the horoscope. Mars is the strength of Kaal Purush, and hence instill in the native courage, capacity for valour, adventure & dominance, youthful energy, victory over foes. One born in Ruchika Yoga is good looking, a prominent face, and darkish complexion. He is bold & courageous, full of strength & vigour, of royal bearing, ever intent on combat, pursues adventurous activities, commander of an army or leader of a group and annihilator of his enemies. However Mars is a malefic planet with Tamsik nature. These qualities give him a distinct character, name & fame.

3.2 Ruchika Yoga confers on the native a capacity for discrimination, devotion to elders & preceptors and is an expert on Mantras/ magic spells directed at his enemies to kill/ subjugate them. He is prone to injuries and bears on his body scars from fire, injuries or surgical operations. He lives a long life of about 70 years and is wealthy & prosperous with lands, sibling & vehicles.

3.3 This yoga can occur only in case of Movable/ fixed lagna and cannot exist if lagna is of a dual sign. A strong Mars can only confer the best results.

The results of this yoga in various lagna are as follows:

1. Aries: This Yoga is caused when Mars occupies Aries (lagna) or Capricorn (10th house), both being strong Kendra. Aries is his Mooltrikone and Capricorn his exaltation sign. Yet it is not the best disposition as Mars is 8th lord as well. In Aries, it gives best results while being in Nakshtra of Ketu (Kujavat Ketu), while in Capricorn it is 100% strong being in exaltation & strong in digbala and it aspect lagna his own house. When aspected by Jupiter, it confers royal powers or Raj yoga during his dasha.

2. Taurus: Mars occupying 7th house of Scorpio confers this yoga. This sign has Nakshtra of Jupiter, Saturn & Mercury. Saturn is Yogkaraka for this lagna and the lord of exaltation sign of Mars. So Mars in Nakshtra of Saturn gives the best results. But the native will be cruel & mean minded. Such natives are capable administrators and possess land, buildings and riches.

3. Cancer: Mars occupying 7th house (in exaltation sign of Capricorn) or 10th house (Mooltrikone Sign of Aries) forms this yoga. Mars is a Yogkaraka planet for this lagna. Each sign has its own characteristics in 7th house of an earthy sign. Native has wealth & prosperity in business, but is greedy, untrustworthy and unpopular. Mars stay in 10th house is much better as it has full digbala, and aspects lagna and its other sign in 5th house. In Nakshtra of Ketu it confers good results, but in Nakshtra of Bharini, it is not happily placed and gives sensual nature.

4. Leo: Mars occupying 4th house causes Ruchika yoga. Here it is a friend of lagna lord Sun, and is a Yogkaraka. 4th house governs land, & houses and Mars as Bhumi-Putra, is best suited; but it has the least digbala. Mars position in Vishakha Nakshtra (up to 3-20’) is lucky & best suited for real estate dealers and stock brokers.

5. Libra: Mars occupying 4th house (in its exaltation sign) or 7th house (its Mooltrikone sign) confers this yoga. His owning of 2nd house (his negative sign) and occupation of 4th/ 7th house normally causes Kuja Dosh; but due to presence of Ruchika yoga, this Dosh is greatly nullified. In the 4th house, this yoga will give good results if it in the Nakshtra of Moon, as Moon is 10th lord for this lagna. When in 7th house of war, this will give auspicious results, like a Raj yoga. If it is related to Jupiter or Rahu, specially when he is in Nakshtra of Bharini.

6. Scorpio: Mars forms Ruchika yoga, when he is occupying Lagna only. His conjunction with Jupiter in lagna or his being in the Nakshtra of Jupiter, confers auspicious results regarding, wealth, progeny & intellect as Jupiter is lord of 2-5th house. The native will be quick witted and may gain through trade & shares. If in Nakshtra of Mercury it will be bad and in Nakshtra of Saturn moderate results be expected.

7. Capricorn: Mars located in lagna or 4th house confer this yoga. In Nakshtra of Moon, he confers wealth through wife and other women. In his own Nakshtra, he is well placed. In 4th house, it gives only moderate results.

8. Aquarius: Mars located in 10th house confers this yoga. Here Mars is digbali and aspect lagna. Being lord of 3-10th house, it confers highly beneficial Rajyoga & Dhan yoga and success in various enterprises. If conjunct with 9th lord Yogkaraka Venus, it confers high Raj yoga and prosperity. It gives very good results in Anuradha Nakshtra but being in Jyestha Nakshtra adversely affect the longevity.

3.4 Ruchika yoga is nullified or reduced considerably if;

1. Saturn and Mars are mutually aspecting.

2. The Moon and Mars are in 6-8 position from each other.

3. The Mars & Mercury are in 6-8 position from each other.

4. Rahu is conjunct with Mars.

5. The Mars is combust or in Paapkaratari yoga.

6. If Mars transits shravan or 2nd & 3rd padas of Anuradha.

3.5 Let us see an example of Ruchika Yoga:
The native was military chief and President of Pakistan. He has apparently two Mahapurush Yoga is his chart. Exalted Jupiter is in lagna causing yoga and Mars in his Mooltrikone sign in 10th house conferring Ruchika yoga. The Hamsa yoga is non-operational because Jupiter is associated with Sun & Rahu and is aspected by Mars. Mars is Yogkaraka planet for Cancer lagna and its placing in 10th house causing Ruchika yoga conferred on the native an excellent army career. The debilitation of Lagna lord Moon is doubly cancelled by Mars and by Mercury & Venus posited in Kendra from Moon. He became Moon dasha he became army chief and later took over power of Pakistan through a military coup. He rruled Pakistan with full control during entire dasha of Mars.

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