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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Special Raj Yogas, Chapter VI, Part – 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal

9.4 Results of Jupiter in Different sign
1. Aries: Wealthy, has children and enemies, is famous, optimist, inflated self-importance, adept & prudent in arguments, hasty and full of anger.

2. Taurus: Religious, prosperous, over-indulgent habits, realistic expectations, liberal, speaks with circumspection.

3. Gemini: Intellectual, scientific bend of mind, very social, eloquent, benevolent, and pure-hearted.

4. Cancer: Scholar, charitable, religious, cultured, strong sense of family life, famous for good deeds, and if in 5th house, more daughters.

5. Leo: Brave in facing enemies, radiates self-confidence, helpful to others, commanding looks & behaviors, ambitious, moves in high circles, more male issues.

6. Virgo: Wise, learned, tactful, efficient, but selfish.

7. Libra: Intellectual, influence through popularity & social prestige, Philosophical outlook, wealthy, loves to live in foreign, courteous, open minded, and artistic.

8. Scorpio: Rigid beliefs, weak constitution, passionate, arrogant, greedy, and delusions of invincibility.

9. Sagittarius: Religious, spiritual, scholarly, far-sighted, charitable, and open minded.

10. Capricorn: Face lot of trouble, indulges in lowly deeds, tactless, jealous, but in lagna- worldly prosperity and in 7th loss of partner.

11. Aquarius: Back-biter, ungrateful, deceives guru, melancholic, leader of lowly people, and meditative.

12. Pisces: Deep scriptural knowledge, widely respected, famous, determined, stout, body, and in service to humanity.

9.5 Results of Moon in Different Signs
1. Aries: Fond of travel, adamant, quick moving & observant eyes, ambitious, intolerant of interference, susceptible to illness, rash & over dynamic, moves in high circle, and happy with his spouse.

2. Taurus: Enjoy good life, liberal, wide circle of friends, prosperous, magnetic personality, and involved in spiritual/ noble deeds.

3. Gemini: Restless spirit for change, clever, efficient, fond of music, art, gifts & sex, prosperous & well known, strong willed, and long lived.

4. Cancer: Rich, & contended, great emotional strength & sensitivity, frugal, prudent, clever, religious, fond of travel, and beloved of friends.

5. Leo: Loyal in affections, stubborn; bold, irritable, ambitious, respects parents, accept & face challenges, and generally has some addiction.

6. Virgo: Head rules the heart, enjoy life, good looking & well dressed, over-anxious, fond of women, music, dance & poetry, and likes to follow charitable, religious & spiritual deeds.

7. Libra: Loves beauty, sex, friendship, elegance, justice & fair play, soft & cultured speech, far-sighted but asserts rarely, successful financial advisor, extra- kind & obliging, and fickle minded.

8. Scorpio: Move from place to place, less love for mother, arrogant & cruel to own men, cheat & unscrupulous, and falls to temptations easily.

9. Sagittarius: Brave, truthful, talented, likes beautiful women, respects mother, elders & guru, employ many servants, generous, liked by kings, develops corpulence, and at times destroys a family/ institution.

10. Capricorn: Gets rich in practical ways, scholar, charitable, family loving, loves non-traditional music & arts, develops complexes early and not liked by his own men.

11. Aquarius: Intuitive, intelligent, humane, courteous, helping others, rich & luxuries life, well known for good deeds & loving nature.

12. Pisces: Self controlled & dignified, a born leader, respected because of good deeds, sterling qualities, tactful, loved by own men, frugal, get angry easily, and spiritual inclined.

9.6 Jupiter signifies wealth, wisdom & higher knowledge and Moon is a great facilitator being ruler of mind. When the two planets are in mutual Kendras, the yoga should be powerful, but it is most powerful when they are conjunct or in mutual aspect. The next best position is when Jupiter is in lagna and Moon is in 4th where both planets have digbala. Otherwise Jupiter in 10th from Moon is also a very good combination for idealism and spiritual pursuits and Karma with dignity & virtues. The native earns lot of wealth, status and respect. In chart No. 18 of Mahatma Gandhi, Jupiter was in 7th house or 10th from Moon placed in 10th house. The native was highly respected and he by his noble methods of Non-violence earned India freedom from colonial rulers. Jupiter in 4th from Moon gives longevity to mother but is not conducive for financial stability.

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