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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Special Raj Yogas, Chapter VI, Part – 6


Dr. Shanker Adawal

8. Cancellation of Maha Purush Yoga
8.1 Most of us ascribe great success and fortunes to a native, who has a Maha Purush Yoga in his chart. However, in practice, all Maha Purush Yoga giving planets do not give auspicious results during their dasha, Antar-dasha periods. I have often met natives rueing their luck and exclaiming why a particular Maha Purush yoga is not working in their horoscope. The classics do not suggest any clear theory / rules for cancellation of a Maha Purush Yoga. However stray points have been given to suggest when Maha Purush yoga may not give full beneficial results or become defunct. As per Mansagri, Chapter 13, Verse9, “The conjunction of yoga-giving planets with Sun or Moon, leads to cancellation of such yoga and only ordinary results should be expected in such planets’ dasha or Antar-dasha”. This theory was tested on a number of charts, but the results were not convincing.

8.2 However as per ChandrakalaNadi or Devakeralam (Vol, II, Part I, Verse 27), “If Jupiter is conjoined with or aspected by Saturn, Malavya Yoga generated by Venus, is cancelled and the native is troubled by the blemish. The same verse is repeated in Kerala Nadi with the addition of one more condition, “If Jupiter is conjoined with or aspected by Saturn and Venus is with Ketu, Malavya Yoga gets cancelled”. These sutras were carefully analysed, and it was noted that Jupiter is the lord of exaltation sign of Venus, while Saturn is the lord od debilitation sign of Jupiter. From this evolved the hypothesis for cancellation of any Maha Purush Yoga, as under;

i) If the lord of exalted sign of a yoga producing planet is conjoined or aspected by its debilitation lord, the effect of yoga producing planet stands nullified.

ii) If the yoga producing planet is conjoined by Ketu, its effects are nullified.

ii) If the yoga producing planet is conjoined by Ketu, its effects are nullified.

8.3 To summarise above points, following table is prepared for easy reference and follow upo.

Lord of exaltation Sign of planet
Lord of Debilitation sign of exalted lord
Yoga for Cancellation
Sat + Mar or Mar aspects Sat
Merc + Jup or Jup aspects Merc
Mon + Mar or Mars aspecting Moon
Jup + sat or Saturn aspecting Jupiter
Ven + Mer or Merc aspecting Venus*

Mercury aspecting Venus is astronomically impossible, unless one consider aspects in divisional charts.

The above theory has been tested on a number of horoscopes. The second condition of conjunction of Ketu, though an additional confirmation of cancellation, could not be tested. I invite readers to try it also and give me a feed back. One of my friends, Dr. Rakesh Prakash (Chart No. 44) has Two Maha Purush Yoga in his horoscope – Hamsa Yoga in lagna and Sasa yoga in 4th house. During Jupiter Dasha, due to presence of Hamsa Yoga, he had an extra-ordinary brilliant academic career. But his Saturn dasha, in spite of having Sasa Yoga was just ordinary. The reason was not far to see. He has Venus conjoined Mercury in 3rd house, nullifying Sasa Yoga.

9. Gajkesari Yoga
9.1 This is one of the most powerful & dignified Raj (royal) and Dhan (wealth) Yoga, which would not allow a native to suffer or profligate. In regard to efficacy to prevent evils, this yoga has been found to work with amazing results. The term “Gajkesari” is a twin Hindi word meaning an elephant & a lion, both nature’s most impressive creatures and giants among animals. This yoga is supposed to confer on the native the vigour of a lion, yet the solemnity of an elephant. It might also mean the capability to ride a lion and an elephant, suggestive of excessive strength and a very high status.

9.2 This yoga is said to confer when Jupiter occupies a Kendra (1, 4, 7 or 10th) position in relation to the Moon. This is a standard definition, although some classics differ slightly here and there. As per Jatak Parijat, if the Moon is aspected by the remaining benefics (Mercury, Jupiter & Venus) and if these participants are neither debilitated nor combust, nor in enemy house, the resulting yoga is again referred to as Gajkesari yoga. Sage Parashar consider that this yoga forms if Jupiter is in a Kendra from the Moon or the lagna. An added stipulation is that such a Jupiter should be aspected by or associated with benefics and be not combust or debilitated or placed in 6th house. To this one may add that Jupiter should not be retrograde or aspected by a malefic. This yoga is peculiar since two natural benefics are participants under benefic cover. For this yoga, the count is to be made from Jupiter i.e. Jupiter should be the guide and more powerful of the two. Moon is the fastest moving planet (flickering/ ever changing by nature), while Jupiter is slow & somber to control unwanted movement of Moon. The Moon is subjected to Paksh bala and his position has considerable significance in any Nakshtra. The lord of Nakshtra, where either Moon or Jupiter are located and the position/ association of such lords might greatly affect the yoga itself.

9.3 This is a very powerful yoga and makes the native wealthy, prosperous, learned, intelligent, illustrious, virtuous, happy, long lived, with sterling qualities, liked by the king and his men and enjoys lasting fame. It is very rare that all good significant effects of Jupiter and Moon pertaining to this yoga re realized. If wealth & comforts are to be enhanced as an effect of this yoga, then progeny & perception will become less. It must be understood that both Jupiter & Moon cannot simultaneously be exalted/ debilitated. If one is in movable, fixed or dual sign, the other is bound to be in similar sign. In this yoga, Jupiter always retains its primary importance, but the role of Moon cannot be ignored. Let us see the ownerships and functional nature of Moon and Jupiter for various lagna:

Moon’s ownership & functional nature
Jupiter’s ownerships & functional nature
4th house and neutral
9th & 12th house and benefic
3rd house and malefic
8th & 11th house and malefic
2nd house and neutral
7th & 12th house and malefic
1st house and benefic
6th & 9th house and benefic
12th house and neutral
5th & 8th house and benefic
11th house and malefic
4th & 7th house and malefic
10th house and neutral
3rd & 6th house and malefic
9th house and benefic
2nd & 5th house and benefic
8th house and malefic
1st & 4th house and benefic
7th house and malefic
3rd & 12th house and malefic
6th house and malefic
2nd & 11th house and malefic
5th house and benefic
1st & 10th house and benefic


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