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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Special Raj Yogas, Chapter VI, Part – 8

Dr. Shanker Adawal

9.7 Factors affecting results of Gajkesari Yoga:

1. Condition of Moon & Jupiter: The difference in longitudes of the two planets should be within their Deeptamsha range or within 9 degrees (ignoring signs). Both should be in own/ good houses with good Shadbala and be aspected by benefics. Besides there are three conditions to be satisfied;

i) Jupiter should be in a Kendra (1, 4, 7 & 10) house from Moon or lagna.

ii) Mercury and/ or Venus should be strong (not debilitated/combust) and aspect Moon from 7th house from Moon.

iii) The benefic influence of Mercury & Venus is thus transferred to Moon. In such a case, the Sun can only be in 6th, 7th, or 8th from Moon, thus making it strong (being waxing).

2. Strength of Jupiter:
1. Jupiter should not be retrograde.

2. Jupiter should not be debilitated/ combust.

3. He should not be at Brava sandhi.

4. He should not be in close conjunction/ aspect of Rahu.

5. He should not be afflicted by malefic.

6. If associated with many planets, their ownership & nature will affect the results invariably.

7. He is in sign of exaltation/ own or is Vargottam.

8. He should maintain/ improve his position in Navamsha.

3. Strength of Moon
1. Moon should be strong in Paksh/ digbala.

2. She should not be Sign/ Nakshtra Gandanta.

3. She should not be in Kendrumyoga.

4. She should not be afflicted by malefic.

5. She should not be debilitated.

6. She should maintain/ improve her position in Navamsha.

7. She should get aspect of Mercury and/ or Venus and not of malefic.

8. She is in her sign of exaltation/ own or is Vargottam.

4. Placement from Lagna: The placement of Moon and Jupiter together or separately, in a particular house/ (s) in a chart is of great significance. An understanding of the ownership of the houses by the Moon and Jupiter and their functional nature holds the key to the subsequent interpretation of the yoga and the chart. A table showing these details are already given under Para 8.3. When either Jupiter or Moon owns or occupy 10th house, the yoga becomes more powerful and highly beneficial.

5. Planetary aspects and associations: The Gajkesari yoga undergoes modifications as other planets aspect or associate with this combination. When benefic influences operate on either Jupiter or Moon or both, the auspicious results are enhanced. When malefic influence operate, the yoga will not be able to deliver desired results but still provide general protective cover.

6. The Trikone Effects: In a chart, houses 1, 5, & 9 form Dharma Trikone, houses 2, 6 & 10 form Artha Trikone, houses 3, 7 & 11 form Kaam Trikone, and houses 4, 8 & 12 form Moksha Trikone. When Jupiter or Moon in strength occupy a house of Dharma Trikone, virtuous pursuits dominates native’s Karma. The Artha Trikone favours wealth & prosperity. The Kaam Trikoneindicates material comforts and sensual pleasures. The involvement of Moksha Trikone favours spiritual advancements.

7. Timing events as per dasha periods
1. Normally the Mahadasha of Moon & Jupiter are important for full results of the yoga to manifest during operative age of the native say between 20 to 70 years of age.

2. The auspicious results could also be manifested during Antar dasha periods of Yogkaraka / benefic planets, who are some how related with either Jupiter or Moon.

3. In many cases, good Yogkaraka dashas, which follow Jupiter’s dasha, of Saturn or Mercury, can prove even better.

4. Similarly in the case of Moon, a good dasha of Mars, may be very good.
The native is a great music composer & singer. He was born in a Mudalior Tamil family as “Dileep Kumar”. He started training under master Dhanraj since 1977. During Jupiter-Jupiter, he converted to Islam, in 1989, following serious illness to his younger sister with name of AR (Allah Rakha) Rehman. He had Retrograde Jupiter (as 9-12th lord) in lagna and 4th lord Moon in 10th house conferring a weak Gajkesari yoga, in the best of Kendra houses. Jupiter was in the Kendra from both lagna and Moon. The Moon was weak in Pakshbala as well as in Digbala. He made his debut as music composer in Tamil film “Roja” in 1992 during Jupiter-Saturn. However the results of Gajkesari yog were manifested during dasha of Saturn (from Sep 2003), who was Moon sign lord and aspected lagna & Jupiter placed therein. His greatest international hit music was in film “Slumdog Millionaire” in 2008. Time magazine, in 2009, placed him as one of the “most influential people of the world” as “Mozart of Madras”. He has so far received 13 Filmfare, two Grammy, two Academy, one Bafta and one Golden Globe award. He was conferred “Padma Vibhusan” award in 2010. He is a noted humanitarian and philanthropist donating and raising money for benefic causes and supporting charities.

The native is ex-President of USA. He has strong Gajkesari Yoga both from Lagna and Moon in 4th & 10th house. Jupiter is in Nakshtra of Yogkaraka Mars and is Vargottam. Lagnesh Moon is in 10th house (Amla Yoga) strengthened by the aspect of Moon sign lord Yogkaraka Mars. He also has Parijaat yoga involving Moon, Mars & Mercury. From Moon, Jupiter is 9th lord in 7th house making him virtuous, famous, successful and lucky after marriage. With the advent of Jupiter dasha (from Feb 1991 onwards), he became President of USA from 1992 to 2000. During his presidency, economy of USA, flourished well. Aspect of 7th lord Saturn and of Rahu on Mars-Venus combine in 3rd house gave him many infamous romantic adventures, but the good yogas provided him a protective shield. He is running several charitable foundations and works across the globe.

The native is regarded as the founder of modern nursing and had earned the name of “Lady with the lamp” for the rounds, she used to take at night for the wounded and sick patients. She had a strong Gajkesari yoga in 6th & 9th houses. Divine Jupiter, as Atmakaraka, was in 6th house (of disease & hospitalization) of Aquarius, aspecting 9th lord Venus in 10th house. Moon is 11th lord placed in 11th from it (9th house) in identical degrees as lagna and very close to its deep point of exaltation, with 12th lord Sun. Moon’s depositor Venus in 10th house cause a Rajyoga. Mercury as 10th lord (work) in 8th house (disease) of Aries (soldier/ war). The exchange of 6th lord Saturn with 7th lord Jupiter, brings into constant contact with distressed/ diseases people (Nursing). In Navamsha both Sun & Moon are in lagna aspected by Jupiter from 5th house and Yogkaraka Venus in 2nd house confirms Rajyoga. The position of both the luminaries in natal & Navamsha denotes her divine & caring work which brought him immense name and fame during dasha of Jupiter onwards.
The native had a strong Gajkesari yoga both from lagna & Moon in lagna and 10th house. Lagna lord Jupiter is in 10th house (Amla yoga) and in mutual Kendra with Moon (in Pushkaramsha), in natal & Navamsha chart. He also had Mahabhagya yoga and Parijaat Yoga. Jupiter apparently looks weak being in infancy, but it remains strong, because it is close to the degree of lagna, is in Nakshtra of 9th lord Sun, and is at Sandhi of 9th & 12th house. This Jupiter aspects 2nd house and 2nd lord placed therein, taking good care of native’s finances. Kalyan Verma of Saravali, has special word of praise for Sun placed in 1st half of Sagittarius and associated with Moon. The native had phenomenal rise in the world of business and created history by generating an economic revolution in India. He established his empire in textile and communication field. He had his peak of glory during dasha of Jupiter from May 1982 onwards. However 8th lord Moon in lagna with Sun and 3rd lord Saturn in 2nd house indicates that success came to him only after initial struggle.

The native is a famous Bollywood celebrity. He has strong Gajkesari yoga from Moon only in 6th & 9th house. Jupiter is exalted and Vargottam 2-11th lord in 6th house (10th from Moon) and Moon is 6th lord in 9th house. Thus both Jupiter & Moon are related with Artha Trikone, favouring fabulous monetary fortune. In Navamsha, both Jupiter & Moon again form Gajkesari yoga this time in 4-10 axis. Lagnesh Saturn in 4th house forms Sasa yoga, is associated with Indu lagna, and aspect Jupiter. This gives native great name, fame, wealth and made him a leader in professional field. His 10th house is aspected by Saturn & by Jupiter and 10th lord Mars is combust in 8th house. So he got success in his profession rather late. He had Jupiter Mahadasha from 1955 to 1971. Initially he has to work in a firm at Calcutta and after some struggle got debut in “Saat Hindustani” in 1969, but real stardom came only in 1971 through “Anand”. However his dasha of Saturn & Mercury took him to great heights. The lords of 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th are together in 8th house very close to one another, making 8th house strong. This has caused many ups and downs in his career, finances and health.

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