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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas: Nabhas Yogas, Chapter III, Part – 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Kendra Group

6. Gada (Mace) Yoga: This yoga is formed when all or majority of the planets are placed in two adjacent Kendra. Four variations of this yoga are described in classics depending upon which two adjacent Kendra are occupied by the planets. When lagna & 4th house contain all the planets, it is called Gada Yoga. When 4th & 7th houses contain all the planets, it is called Shankha yoga. When 7th & 10th houses contain all the planets, it is called Vibhuka Yoga. When 10th house & lagna contain all the planets, it is called Dhwaja Yoga. The native with any of these yogas is wealthy, learned, industrious, prosperous, well versed in Mantra, Tantra & music and envious of others.

The chart belong to great, learned, social worker & chairperson of Theosophical society and of Indian National Congress. She had two planets (Moon & Jupiter) in 4th house and Sun, Mercury & Venus in 7th house. However presence of Sun & Rahu (Separatist planets) with 7th lord & Karaka of marriage Venus, denied her marital life and she was separated from her husband very early in life.

7. Shakata (Cart) Yoga: This yoga is formed when all or majority of planets are located in lagna & 7th house. This yoga is different from the yoga of same name formed by Jupiter & Moon in 6/8 position from each other. One born with this yoga suffers penury & privations, ill-health, discord with a wicked wife, and hardly to make livelihood through hard labour. The planets occupying two opposing Kendra create a lot of confusion & conflict. The native suffers through struggles all his life. When majority of planets occupy opposite Kendras, the planets escaping 1/7 axis indicates extent of relief according to their nature, strength and placement.

8. Pakshi/ Vihanga (bird) Yoga: If all or majority of planets are placed in 4th & 10th houses from lagna, it depicts the shape of a bird with wings spread out and therefore, is called a “Pakshi or Vihanga” yoga. Native with such a yoga is always on move and can not stay at one place for long. Such natives are wanderer, servile, quarrelsome, transporter, ambassadors. The concentration of planets in 4/10 axis, emphasis shifts towards profession. Such natives may rise high in their profession, but are likely to have frequent transfers during their career.

The chart belong to famous French astrologer of 16th century. The native had five planets in 4/10 axis- Moon, Jupiter & Saturn in 4th and Sun & Mercury in 10th house. The other two planets- Mars & Venus were in 5th & 11th house respectively. His strong 4th & 10th house gave him a doctorate in medicine and great proficiency in astrology. His wife & children died early. He moved extensible in France and abroad in course of his career. He is respected even today for his accurate predictions on various issues.

9. Vajra (lethal weapon of Indra) Yoga: This yoga is formed when benefics are placed in lagna & 7th house and malefic are in 4th & 10th house. The native enjoys well during early and later part of due to the presence of benefics in lagna & 7th house; but one suffers in middle life due to the presence of malefic in 4th & 10th houses. A person with this yoga will be good in looks, hard working, bold and courageous, but generally struggles in life due to his poor financial condition. His remuneration for work done, is much less in proportion to the efforts made by him. However thing could improve if one or two planets are well placed in 2, 5, 9, or 11th house. According to Yavaacharya, Sun is considered neutral and not a malefic.

10. Yava (good luck) Yoga: It is just opposite of Vajra yoga. This yoga is formed when all benefics are in 4th & 10th houses and malefic are in lagna & 7th house. According to Parashar, such a native is consistent in nature, follow restraint & auspicious pursuits, happy, wealthy, charitable and have good family life during middle ages.

12. Kamala (lotus) Yoga: Here all planets are placed in Kendra houses. This yoga is quite similar to two yogas discussed above with the only difference being that there is no distinction in nature of planets occupying Kendra. All planets occupying Kendra strengthens them and raises the status of the native. This yoga gives results similar to Chatusagara yoga. It strengthens the chart and cancel many afflictions. However it suffers as no planet occupies wealth giving houses- 2nd, 5th, 9th or 11th. However such natives are beautiful to look at, acquires wide renown, have long life, spiritual inclination, and royal status.

The chart belong to famous Bengali & Hindi film actor, Uttam Kumar. He had Moon, Jupiter & Venus in 1/7 axis and Saturn & Mars (both exalted) in 4/10 axis. He was born in an ordinary family, but rose from a petty clerk to a matinee idol of millions.

Non-Kendra Positions
12. Vaapi (wellor water reservoir) Yoga: This yoga occurs when all or majority of planets occupy houses other than Kendra. This is a very good yoga for wealth. The native has an unsatiable desire to earn money and accumulate wealth & prosperity. He has all material comforts of life, long life, sweet tongued and is an influential person of the society. He is also interested in fine arts. However he may not have good health. This yoga is said to have following variants:

a) All planets occupying Panphra (2, 5, 8 & 11) houses.

b) All planets occupying Apoklim (3, 6, 9 & 12) houses.
On the line of Vajra, yoga, Yavanacharya has described following four yogas by placement of planets in opposing houses. The first two are considered auspicious, while the remaining two result in benevolence and fame.

c) Garta (Pit) Yoga: This is formed when benefic planets are placed in 3rd & 9th houses and malefic in 6th & 12th house.

d) Pipeelika (ant) Yoga: This is formed when malefic planets occupy 3rd & 9th houses and benefics 6th & 12th houses.

e) Nadi (river) yoga: This is formed when benefic planets are in 5th & 11th houses and malefic are in 2nd & 8th houses.

f) Nada (large river) Yoga: This is formed when malefic planets occupy 5th & 11th houses and benefics 2nd & 8th houses:

The native was an important trade union leader and union cabinet minister during non-congress governments. He acquired lot of wealth & fame and enjoyed many comforts in his long life of over 75 years. However he did not have harmonically family relations with his family due to adverse influence of Mars & Rahu on 7th house. He also had bad health during last years of his life.

13. Shringataka (a hill or pinnacle) Yoga: This yoga is formed when all planets are placed in Trikone (1st, 5th & 9th) houses. When majority of planets are placed in Trikone house, an excellent yoga is formed The natives with this yoga rise very high and they are blessed with comforts, courage, wealth, wisdom, intelligence, devotion to spouse, and elders.

14. Hala (Plough) Yoga: This yoga is formed when all or majority of planets occupy the trinal houses beginning with any house other than lagna- 2, 6 & 10th or 3, 7 & 11th or 4, 8, & 12th houses. One born in this yoga will eat a lot, servile, blessed with friends, liked by good people, living by agriculture or mining, and tormented by poverty.

a) The Shringataka or Hala Yogas are formed when planets occupy one of the four trinal group of houses indicating specific functions of Dharma or virtuous deeds (1st, 5th & 9th houses), of Artha or material pursuits (2nd, 6th & 10th houses), of Kaam or sensual pleasurer (3rd, 7th & 11th houses), and of Mokshaor salvation (4th, 8th, & 12th houses).The results of these yogas must be interpreted keeping in view the inherent characteristics of the relevant trinal group of houses.

b) Location of some planets in a particular group of houses and also in Kendra will need careful study. Some of the Kendra may make 6/ 8 or 2/ 12 relationship with a given trinal group and give rise to struggles and problems.

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