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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas: Nabhas Yogas, Chapter III, Part – 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

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15. Yoopa (a pole to tie the animal while performing Yajna) Yoga:

This yoga is formed when all or majority of planets occupy house number one to four. The emphasis here is on first four houses, which are concerned with self (1st house), wealth & possessions (2nd house), personal effort & courage (3rd house) and home & happiness (4th house).  The native with this yoga looks after his worldly duties, attains prosperity, pursues his material, religious & spiritual functions while staying at home and contended. The planets in first four houses fall in invisible half of the horoscope. These planets are about to rise or just rising and tend to produce favourable results.

This chart belongs to famous producer of cartons & animated films for enjoyment & dreams of children world over. He had six planets in first four houses. Only Venus as 2-9th lord had strayed in 5th house, thus giving further boost to the horoscope. He and his brother established a company at his native place and produced many animated films like Mickey mouse, Donald Duck, Three little pigs, Snow White & Seven Dwarf etc. He was a brave, courageous & contended man.

16. Shara (arrow) Yoga: If all or majority of the yoga occupy from 4th to 7th houses, Shara yoga is formed. The 4th house represent home & happiness, the 5th intellect, investment & amusement, the 6th crime, conflict & competition, and the 7th sensual pleasure. The four houses fall in invisible half of the horoscope. The native tends to earn money at a greater distance away from home. Greater adventure, competition, risk & courage to overcome enemies/difficult situations are there as 6th house is involved. There is greater emphasis on sensual enjoyment & material comforts due to the 7th house. So they can not confer very good results.

Native is a daughter of an Air force officer. She has six planets from 4th to 7th house; only 10th lord Moon has strayed into 12th house, indicating her major activities in foreign. The chart shows great gains as all the six planets aspects lagna. In addition 2nd lord Mars and 3-6th lord Jupiter aspects 9th house. These made her a unique person climbing world fame although infamously. Her afflicted 4-5th lord Saturn and 9-12th lord Mercury provided her a misdirected talent. The infamous lady amassed huge wealth in Europe causing great embarrassment to many politicians.

17. Shakti (power / energy) Yoga: If all or majority of planets occupy houses 7th to 10th, this yoga is formed. The 7th house is of marriage, sensual pleasure & business partnership, the 8th of mystery, obstacles, & suddenness, 9th of luck and 10th of various activities & status of the native. The houses being part of visible half of the chart, it gives public exposure, fame/notoriety, recognition, virtues and obstacles/ luck to achieve the objective. The native is outgoing, long lived & good fighters. The involvement of 7th & 8th houses tends to obstruct one’s progress and gives sudden fluctuation of fortunes.

18. Danda (rod/ punishment) Yoga: If all or majority of planets occupy houses from 10th to lagna, this yoga is formed. Although this yoga involves two of the best house, lagna (self & health) & 10th (Karma & status), it also involves two evil houses, 11th (Trishadya) & 12th (expenditure & losses) houses. The planets fall in visible arc of horoscope and are aspecting. The native tend to become a servile, wanderer, bereft of comforts, and seeking spiritual/ saintly activities. He gets more failure/ disappointments than success, as if getting punishment for his evil deeds of past Karmas. In modern context international relations & work related to foreign countries fall under this yoga.

The chart belongs to a famous astrologer, a living legend, of modern times. He has six planets in 10th to 1st houses, with only Yogkaraka Saturn straying into 3rd house. He has no planet in 11th (Trishadya) house. All through his life, he has been a wanderer, bereft of luxury, visiting several countries in his quest for spiritual & saintly aspects of astrology. Three planets in lagna made him an egoist and denied him marriage.

19. Nauka (boat) Yoga: If all planets are placed in the first seven houses from lagna to 7th house in a continuous order, giving a shape of a boat, this yoga is formed. Houses one to seven involve the invisible half of a horoscope. Hence all the achievements/ deficiencies of the native do not get recognition. Persons with this yoga are generally engaged as a sailor on a ship, navy or merchant navy or is associated with business dealings with distant places in water related pursuits. The native is normally a famous, greedy, ambitious, and of a fickle nature.

For example, please refer Chart No. 2 of Pt. J. L. Nehru.

20. Koota (vertex/ deception) Yoga: This yoga is formed when all planets are placed from 4th to 10th house in a continuous order. In this yoga, half the houses fall in the invisible half and the other half in visible half of the horoscope. It also includes two adverse (Trika) houses, 6th & 8th. The adverse houses indicate persistent struggle, competition and deviations from accepted norms, so that some of the modern day professions & activities prosper. This yoga is not praised in the classical texts. Such natives are untruthful, cruel, wrestler, jail attendant, poor, and works on construction of roads & bridges or deceptive pursuits.

21. Chhatra (King’s crown/ shield) Yoga: This Yoga is formed when all the planets occupy houses from 7th to lagna continuously. This yoga involves all houses falling in visible half the chart. Such natives derive fame from the ruler and the ruler derives fame from them. Such natives get involved in public life and tend to neglect their own family & domestic duties. This is a very benefic yoga. Natives having this yoga are virtuous, wise, wealthy, famous, kind-hearted, long lived, dutiful, man of principles, guides an organization or a nation.

The chart belongs to “father of nation”, Mahatma Gandhi. He had all the planets from 7th house to lagna; only Saturn, the Yogkaraka, had strayed into 2nd house indicating renunciation. He jumped into public life even neglecting his personal & family life. He was a man of principles. He led India’s independence struggle successful using noble path of Ahimsa and non-cooperation, and thus showed to the world a path of non-violence & peace.

22. Dhanus/ Chaap (bow) Yoga: When all planets fall continuously from 10th to 4th house. This is just opposed to Koota Yoga as here also half the houses fall in visible half and the other half in invisible half of the chart. The natives with this yoga are clever, alert, tactful, brave, and engaged in work with intelligence agencies, but proud, cruel, skilled in archery, and happy in middle portion of life. As per Parashar, such a native is fond of wandering in hills or forests.

23. Ardha-Chandra (crescent Moon) Yoga: This yoga is formed when the seven planets occupy seven contiguous houses starting from a house other than a Kendra. They could start from 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 11th or 12th house from lagna. There could thus be eight variant of yogas. Those starting from 2nd, 5th, 9th or 11th are superior to others and natives born with these are good in looks, brave, wealthy, honoured by rulers or commander of an army. Natives born with yogas starting from other houses are ugly in appearance and do not rise to any position. However the results of eight variants will also depend on the characteristics of houses involved, how many are in visible half of the chart, how many evil houses are involved, and where the straying planet if any are placed.

The native is ex-Prime minister of India. He had all the seven planets placed in houses from 11th to 5th. He had also been Chief Minister of U.P. and union cabinet Minister. He was a popular mass leader, honest and from a royal family.

24. Chakra (circle) Yoga: When planets occupy six alternate houses starting from lagna (i.e. occupying the six odd houses), this yoga is formed. The native is illustrious, lovely looking & king-like. As per Parashar, he will be an emperor, at whose feet kings having gems studed diadems will prostrate.

25. Samudra (ocean) Yoga: If planets occupy six alternate houses starting from 2nd house (i.e. occupying six even houses), this yoga is formed. The native will be renowned, wealthy, happy, virtuous, likeable, and of stable mind. According to Parashar, he will have many precious stones & wealth. He will be dear to the people and has much pleasure.

i) The preceding two yogas the emphasis is on planets placed in 3/11 position, which is next best to be placed in mutual Trikone or Kendra. In either case the results are highly favourable.

ii) In case of Chakra yoga, the results are like a Rajyoga, as Dharma Trikone (1, 5, & 9th houses are involved); whereas in other case it gives results like a good Dhanyoga, as houses of Artha Trikone are involved.

iii) The results of the two yogas will be modified by the relative involvement of evil houses.
The chart belongs to famous cine actor cum politician Shatrughan Sinha. It shows all the seven planets occupying alternate odd houses. Presence of some conjunction of planets in 7th & 3rd houses and no planet in lagna, takes away some merit from the classical Chakra yoga. However such a disposition of planets without any association with nodes or Trika houses produced highly favourable results. Besides being a successful Bollywood star, the native has been a member of parliament and a union minister.

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