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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas: Nabhas Yogas, Chapter III, Part – 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Details of Nabhas Yoga

3. Aashray yogas:

1. Rajju (a tuft) Yoga: If all the planets or majority of them are in movable signs (i.e. Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn), especially if lagna is also in movable sign, this yoga is formed. Such a native is ambitious, and moves from place to place in search of name, fame & fortune. He likes to travel, takes quick decisions and adapts fast to different situations. He is progressive, dynamic, intelligent and has an open mind. On the negative side, predominance of planets in movable signs, makes a native one of ever changing nature, indecisive, fickle minded, and he undergoes continuous struggle and generally do not succeed in building many assets. According to Parashar, he is also cruel and mischievous. See Example.

The native has majority of planets (5 out of 7) including lagna, Moon & Sun, all in movable signs. In the course of his work, he has been traveling a lot, and has earned lot of name & fame including “Padma Shree”. He has an ever changing and indecisive nature in personal life, including his girl-friends.

2. Moosal (Pestle) Yoga: All or majority of planets occupying fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius)  and preferably lagna also in a fixed sign, forms Moosal Yoga. One born with this yoga is proud, learned, wealthy, liked by authorities, famous, stable nature, fixity of purpose, rigid, man of principles, and blessed with many children. As per Parashar, he has honour, wisdom and wealth. As per Satyacharya, the native will be proud, wealthy and engaged in many works.

The above chart is of famous astrologer, Dr BV Raman. He had all his planets (excluding Sun) and lagna in fixed signs. He exhibited fixity of nature manifesting all traits of fixed signs in all spheres of life.

3. Nala (Reed) Yoga: This yoga is formed when all or majority of planets occupy dual or Dwiswabhava signs. It is important to note that dual signs belong to two benefics-Mercury & Jupiter, the planets of intelligence & wisdom. The first half of signs may represents fix signs and later half, the movable signs. Thus this yoga manifests a mixture of both movable & fix signs. When majority of planets occupy dual signs, spirituality and intellectualism tend to predominates. However, initially there may be tendency to lose opportunism, leading to disappointment & dejection. One is resolute, clever, of fluctuating wealth and fond of dear & near ones. As per Satyacharya, one will be defective in limbs, resolute and shrewd.

The chart is of famous spiritual leader Swami Yoganand, who earned great name & fame in India & abroad. However in initial life, he had number of interruption in his endeavour.

Note: Sage Varahmihir has described the results accruing from the placement of the Moon in movable, fix or dual signs as follows:

a) Movable sign indicates fleeting fame & friendship, fickle nature, wanderlust, and inability to keep a promise.

b) Fix sign indicates stable wealth, lasting friendship, resolute, disciplined, and slow but steady in performance.

c) Dual sign denotes charitable, enthusiastic, and resourceful native.

Dala Yogas
4. Maala/Srak (wreath) Yoga: It is a Dala yoga, which is formed when all benefics are in three Kendra houses with no malefic in any Kendra, giving shape of a garland (Maala). One born with this yoga is blessed with constant enjoyments, wealth, prosperity, vehicles, good food & clothes. He is a good orator also. According to Satyacharya, he will enjoy  in different ways and has many females.

5. Sarpa/Bhujang (Serpent) Yoga: This yoga is formed when all malefic are in three Kendras with no benefic in any Kendra. A native with this yoga will be poor & crooked, scheming, miserable, destitute, and dependant on others for substance. As per Satyacharya, he will suffer many miseries.

a) Maala yoga mentioned here is different from the other Maala yoga caused by seven planets occupying seven planets occupying seven consecutive houses.

b) Kendras are pillars of any horoscope. Placement of benefics here elevates the status of the native, while malefic produce adverse results. Neutral malefic, when exalted or occupying their own or benefic houses, identical with Kendra, may not prove as bad as when they are weak/debilitated or placed in inimical houses.

c) It is suggested that Moon should be left out of the formation of the Dala Yoga, i.e. Moon should neither be treated as a benefic nor a malefic.

d) According to some astrologers, the two Dala yogas are similar to the yogas caused by planets restricting themselves to Kendras and consequently have the same effects as Aakriti yoga of Kendra group.

The above chart shows Jupiter, Mercury & Venus in two Kendra-4th & 7th. However Mars joins Mercury-Venus combination in 7th house, and Rahu-Ketu axis is in 4-10th axis. The adverse influence of Mars may be ignored as he is Yogkaraka planet for Leo lagna. Again Rahu-Ketu are both exalted and in 4-10 axis produce Rajyoga. The influence of Mars and Rahu help native to become a successful surgeon.

Aakriti Yogas
Most of these yogas are named because of the likely appearance, that the specific location of planets forming these yogas, apparently produce, particularly in a North Indian type of charts. There are 20 such yogas, which may be put in three sub-groups as under:

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