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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Dhan Yogas, Chapter VII, Part – 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

4.3 Gemini Lagna:
1. Jupiter or exalted Venus aspect Moon.

2. Mercury and Saturn in 9th house.

3. Mercury & Moon in 10th or Mercury & Venus in 11th house.

4. Jupiter in 5th and Saturn in 9th house.

5. Saturn in 9th and Moon & Mars in 11th house.

6. Mercury in lagna and Moon, Mars & Jupiter in 11th house.

7. Mercury in lagna conjunct or aspected by Jupiter & Saturn.

4.4 Cancer Lagna:
1. Moon in 7th and Jupiter in 11th house.

2. Sun & Mars in Lagna/ 10th house.

3. Moon & Venus in 5th house.

4. Mercury & Venus in 5th house.

5. Moon in lagna conjunct/ aspected by Mercury/ Jupiter.

4.5 Leo Lagna:
1. Sun in 2nd and Jupiter in 10th house.

2. Moon-Venus or Moon-Jupiter in 12th house.

3. Moon in 12th and Mars in 6th house.

4. Yogkaraka Mars & 7th lord Saturn in mutual aspect.

5. Sun, Mercury, Mars in lagna or 2nd or 5th house.

6. Sun in lagna conjunct with or aspected by Mars & Jupiter.

7. Sun in lagna and Vargottam Saturn in 11th house.

4.6 Virgo Lagna:
1. Moon & Venus in 9th house.

2. Venus & Ketu in 2nd house.

3. Mercury in lagna conjunct with or aspected by Jupiter & Saturn.

4. Mercury & Venus in lagna, 2nd, 5th, 9th or 11th house.

5. Mercury in lagna and Moon, Mars & Jupiter in 11th house.

4.7 Libra Lagna:
1. Venus & Ketu in 2nd house.

2. Saturn in 4th and Jupiter in 10th (both forming Mahapurush Yoga).

3. Mercury, Venus & Saturn in lagna.

4. Strong Mars with Moon gives riches through marriage or partnership trade.

5. Venus in lagna conjunct with or aspected by Mercury & Saturn.

6. Sun, Mercury & Venus in lagna.

4.8 Scorpio Lagna:
1. Jupiter & Venus in 2nd house.

2. Mercury and Jupiter conjunct or in mutual aspect.

3. Jupiter in 2nd aspected by Mars from 11th house.

4. Sun & Moon in 11th conjunct with Mercury or aspected by Jupiter.

5. Mars in 1st conjunct with/ aspected by Mercury, Venus & Saturn.

6. Mars in lagna and Venus in 11th house.

The native has some good Dhan yogas such as 2-5th lord Jupiter in mutual aspect with 11th lord Mercury, Lagnesh Mars in opposition to 9th lord Moon, and Jupiter aspecting Moon, lagna & Venus. He had a flourishing business with political links. However his 3-4th lord Saturn is retrograde & has just entered 7th from 6th house. In Navamsha, Moon & Saturn are in 12th house in mutual aspect with Jupiter in 6th house. Therefore in Saturn dasha from 2002 onwards he suffered heavy financial losses.

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