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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Dhan Yogas, Chapter VII, Part – 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

4.9 Sagittarius Lagna:

1. Sun & Mercury in 5th or 9th house.

2. Sun, Mercury & Venus in a primary house.

3. Venus and Saturn in 11th house.

4. Jupiter in lagna conjunct with/ aspected by Mars & Mercury.

5. Sun & Venus in 9th and Saturn in 3rd house.

4.10 Capricorn Lagna:
1. Mars, Venus and Saturn in 9th house.

2. Moon, Mercury & Venus in any primary house.

3. Jupiter in lagna and Venus & Saturn in 10th house.

4. Moon, Mercury in 9th and Jupiter in 3rd house.

5. Saturn in 1st conjunct with/ aspected by Mars & Jupiter.

6. Saturn in lagna and Moon & Mercury in 11th house.

4.11 Aquarius Lagna:
1. Moon and Saturn in 10th house.

2. Jupiter in 2nd and Venus in 11th house.

3. Jupiter and Saturn aspecting Yogkaraka Venus.

4. Sun & Venus in a primary house.

5. Mars and Mercury in 5th house.

6. Jupiter aspects 2nd and Saturn aspects lagna.

7. Jupiter & Venus in a primary house.

The native has exalted 5-8th lord Mercury conjoin Yogkaraka 4-9th lord Venus in 8th house aspected by 2-11th lord Jupiter from 4th house and by lagna lord Saturn from 6th house. These are one of the best Dhanyoga. It helped him huge inheritance from his father and generated wealth on his own accord as well. He expanded the famous “Ford Motors” founded by his grand father. During World War II, the company produced aero plane also. The Jupiter in 4th made him a great philanthropic. In 1968, he was awarded “Presidential Medal of freedom” for his philanthropic activities and efforts in industrialization of USA.

4.12 Pisces Lagna:
1. Jupiter & Mars in a primary house.

2. Moon in 2nd and Mars in 5th or both in 5th house.

3. Moon, Mars & Jupiter in a Kendra/ Trikone.

4. Mars & Jupiter in a Kendra/ Trikone.

5. Saturn in 1st/ 2nd conjunct with/ aspected by Mars & Jupiter.

6. Moon conjuncts with Mercury/ Jupiter in a primary house.

The native was President of India from 1987-’92 and prior to that he was Vice-president & Union Cabinet Minister. He had many Dhan yogas in his chart such as 5th lord Moon conjunct with 4-7th lord Mercury in 10th house and Lagna-10th lord Jupiter-2-9th lord Mars in mutual aspect with 11th lord Saturn. During Jupiter and Saturn dasha, he had great Raj yoga and Dhan yoga period.

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