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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Dhan Yogas, Chapter VII, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

3. Dhan Yogas in General
3.1 There are various Dhan yogas for wealth giving combinations produced by inter-relation among primary houses of wealth (refer Para 1.3.4 above) or among planets ruling over wealth & prosperity. However remember any of these yogas fructify only when lagna and lagna lord are strong. 15 Dhan yogas, in their simplest form, may occur, when there is mutual relationship between;

1. The lagna lord with 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th, or 11th lord (five yogas).

2. The 2nd lord with 4th, 5th, 9th, or 11th lord (four yogas).

3. The 4th lord with 5th, 9th, or 11th lord (three yogas).

4. The 5th lord with 9th, or 11th lord (two yogas).

5. The 9th lord with 11th lord (one yoga).
The native was noted & well decorated literary figure of Punjab. She had several Dhan yogas in her chart. She had lagna lord (doubly Neech Bhang) Mars with 2-5th lord Jupiter and also with 11th lord Mercury in 9th house, and 4th lord Saturn with 10th lord Sun in 10th, house. During Mercury dasha, she got “Sahitya Academy” & “Padma Shree” awards.

3.2 Another 16 Dhanyogas involving planets & lords in the simple forms are:

1. Moon in 3rd aspecting Venus or vice-versa.

2. Moon in 3rd house of Venus or Venus in 3rd of Moon.

3. Venus in 3rd, 7th, or 11th from Moon.

4. Jupiter & Venus conjunct 4th lord in a Kendra/ Trikone.

5. Jupiter & Venus conjunct 9th lord in 4th or 9th house.

6. 2nd lord with exalted 12th lord aspected by 9th lord.

7. An exalted planet in 10th house aspected by lord of lagna or 9th.

8. Lords of 9th, 10th, 11th in 4th house.

9. Venus and 4th lord in lagna.

10. Jupiter and 4th lord in lagna.

11. Lord of 9th in 9th and Lagnesh in lagna.

12. Lord of 4th in 11th house aspected by Jupiter.

13. Lord of 5th in 9th and lord of 9th in 10th house.

14. Lord of lagna in 10th or vice versa.

The native is the current and the most successful captain ever of Team India (Cricket). However he is also one of the richest Indian. Please note the several Dhan yogas present in his chart. He has Gajkesari yoga in lagna, 4th lord Jupiter & 5th lord Saturn in lagna, 5th lord Saturn & 11th lord Moon in lagna, Venus (2nd lord) is 11th from 11th lord Moon, Lagna lord Mercury in 10th aspected by 5th lord Saturn.

4. Dhan Yogas for different Lagnas
4.1 Aries Lagna:
1. Mars, Jupiter & Saturn in 5th house.

2. Sun in 5th and Moon & Mars in 11th house.

3. Venus in 12th house.

4. Venus-Saturn posited in 4th house.

5. Venus & Mars in 7th house favours self acquisition of wealth.

6. Mars in Lagna, conjunct/aspected by Mercdury, Venus or Saturn.

7. Mars in Lagna and Venus in 2nd/11th house.

4.2 Taurus Lagna:
1. Mercury & Saturn in 2nd or 10th house.

2. Mercury in 11th and Jupiter in 2nd house.

3. Venus and Jupiter in 4th or 5th house.

4. Venus & Saturn in lagna, 4th, 7th or 9th house.

5. Sun & Mercury in a Kendra aspected by Mars & Saturn.

6. Venus in lagna, Saturn in 4th and Sun in 10th house.

7. Saturn and Mars in mutual aspect.

8. Venus in lagna conjunct/ aspected by Mercury & Saturn.

The native was a great hotelier of India. He rose from the position of a clerk to own the famous group of hotels. He was also member of parliament from 1962 to ’76. He had a number of Dhan yogas in his chart, like Mars & Yogkaraka Saturn in mutual aspect, 4th lord Sun & 5th lord Mercury in 4th house aspected by Mars and Saturn, and Lagna lord Venus with 11th lord Jupiter in 5th house of Poorva Janam, creativity & wisdom.

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