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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas: Conjunction of Planets, Chapter IV, Part – 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

5. Four Planets’ Conjunction

5.1 Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury: The native will be wealthy, good looking, charitable and blessed with power, authority and comforts of wife & children. But as per Saravali, native will be a writer, sickly, cunning, harsh in speech, thievish, capable of deceiving others and has physical injuries.

For illustration, please refer Chart No. 37 of King George VI.

5.2 Sun-Moon-Mars-Jupiter: All the four are natural friends giving financial prosperity. The native will be intelligent, talented, famous, expert in various fields, wealthy, splendorous, devoted to ruler, dear to women, maintain decorum, and free from grief & sickness.

5.3 Sun-Moon-Mars-Venus: The native will be intelligent, learned, clever, wealthy, famous and blessed with good wife & progeny. He may also be wicked, punished by rulers/ superiors, has relations with other woman or has two marriages.

5.4 Sun-Moon-Mars-Saturn: Moon has become malefic due to association of malefic. The native is stupid, short in stature, disproportionate body, poor, wanderer, slow in learning, and hard to make two ends meet. He is not religious, immoral, earns through nefarious means, defective eyesight and unfaithful wife.

5.5 Sun-Moon-Mercury-Jupiter: All four planets are benefic. The native will be healthy, wealthy, wise, learned, virtuous, bold, lucky, good looking with beautiful eyes, good in acting/ music, expert in art and crafts like goldsmith, sculptor, etc, and will be respected in society.

For illustration, please refer Chart No. 3 of Harrison Ford.

5.6 Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus: The native will be lucky, eloquent speaker, liked by king, a minister, intelligent, learned, good fame & status, parents also holds good position, but may be short statured and of defective vision.

5.7 Sun-Moon-Mercury-Saturn: The native may lose his parents in childhood, be devoid of money & happiness, a wanderer, ungrateful, liar, cheat, lives on charity, and of defective vision.

5.8 Sun-Moon-Jupiter-Venus: All planets are benefic. The native is wealthy, respected by rulers & king, blessed with power, authority, owns or has profession related with water / forest and enjoys several comforts.

5.9 Sun-Moon-Jupiter-Saturn: The native is wealthy and earns property by own efforts, strong determination, of balanced outlook, happy with wife & children, intelligent, respected, fortunate through women, charitable, and successful in planning and execution.

5.10 Sun-Moon-Venus-Saturn: The native will be physically weak, timid, coward, weak-bodied, short to medium life, wealth & respected, living in fear, behaves like a female, and not favourable for brothers & parents.

5.11 un-Mars-Mercury-Jupiter: The native is brave, bold, rash, composer of Sashtras, intelligent, leader, but afflicted by misfortunes, may lose his wife or a limb, may become adulterous, vagarant, and have eye disease.

For illustration, please refer Chart No. 25 of Timur laine.

5.12 Sun-Mars-Mercury-Venus: The native will be adulterous, shameless, bold, wicked, quarrelsome, a great martial leader, related with scoundrels, destroy ancestral/national property, and full of energy.

For illustration, please refer Chart No. 4 of A. Hitler.

5.13 Sun-Mars-Mercury-Saturn: The native will be brave, fierce, clever commander, a counselor/ minister, learned, chief among poets, but will be mean, indulges in base acts. Normally the traits of the house, where they are posited, are destroyed.

5.14 Sun-Mars-Jupiter-Venus: The native will be royal in nature, estate owner, wealthy, dear to rulers, famous, blessed with power, authority, rank, fond of dance, music & fine arts, and comforts from opposite sex.

5.15 Sun-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn: The native will be prime among his group, blessed with royal favours, relatives & friends, fulfils his undertakings, but may not be mentally sound.

5.16 Sun-Mars-Venus-Saturn: The native will be wealthy, but lacking in intelligence, looks, virtues, morals & suffer mental anguish due to bad relations with relatives. He will be mean in conduct, oblique sighted, and unfavourable to brothers & parents.

5.17 Sun-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus: The native will be wealthy, learned, well respected, famous, and lead a very comfortable life. He will gain through business & opposite sex, have cherished desires and good family & public life.

For illustration, please refer chart of Sardar Patel.

5.18 Sun-Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn: The native will be talkative, well respected, learned, gains through journeys, but quarrelsome, lacking enthusiasm, behaves like an eunuch, and is separated from loved ones.

5.19 Sun-Mercury-Venus-Saturn: The native will be learned, fortunate, wealthy, energetic, great thinker/ scientist, pious, eloquent speaker, helpful to friends, gains name & fame in foreign lands; but scurrilous in speech, fond of opposite sex and may be devoid of progeny even having two marriages/ spouse.

For illustration, please refer chart of Dr, Albert Einsteen.

5.20 Sun-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn: The native will be covetous leader, daring, proficient in various arts, sculptor & poetry, eloquent speaker and favoured by public/ authorities. But he will also be a miser, mean and a loner in personal life.

For illustration, please refer chart of Saint Asha Ram Bapu.
5.21 Moon-Mars-Mercury-Jupiter: The native will be highly renowned & intelligent, not very wealthy, expert in Sastras/ scriptures, a king or a great minister, expert in astrology & allied subjects, not much love for worldly affairs, but may keep concubines.

5.22 Moon-Mars-Mercury-Venus: One will be skilled in many arts, good looking, fortunate, adept in astrology & allied matters, but will be quarrelsome, wicked, hostile to own people, fond of more sleep, marry an unchaste lady, has two wives & less comforts from children.

5.23 Moon-Mars-Mercury-Saturn: One will be brave, clever, intelligent, has many wives, children & friends, but may lose parents early in life, and may be adopted by some one else, from an ignoble race, and ill-famed.

5.24 Moon-Mars-Jupiter-Venus: One will be brave, wealthy, learned, blessed with good wife & friends; but has relations with opposite sex, though not liked by them, and lose money through them. One may also have a defective limb.

5.25 Moon-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn: One will be learned, highly tolerant, brave, generous, blessed with good wife, brothers & friends, determined; but have deformed limb, hard of hearing and indulges in nefarious actions.

5.26 Moon-Mars-Venus-Saturn: One will be wealthy & comfortable in early life with later part being troublesome. One will be courageous, fearless, with serpent like eyes; but miserable, very emotional, and husband of an immoral wife.

5.27 Moon-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus: One may be learned, famous, wealthy, good looking, fortunate, bereft of parents or may have two mothers, blessed with children, confidant of his people, without enemies but with defective hearing.

5.28 Moon-Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn: One will be virtuous, famous, learned, charitable, exceedingly wealthy, splendorous, king’s minister, a prominent poet, fond of relatives. But in 2nd house, one will have vice company/ bad deeds.

5.29 Moon-Mercury-Venus-Saturn: One will be learned, blessed with good wife & progeny, comforts of servants, victory over enemies; but adulterous, hostile to own relatives, and of diseased eyes.

5.30 Moon-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn: One will be lucky, truthful, know many languages, may lose mother early, lack of love of relatives, adulterous, a wanderer, and has skin disease.

5.31 Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus: One will be rich, free from disease, fond of music, fine arts, literary, highly respected, comfortable life; but involved in quarrels with women.

5.32 Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn: The native is valorous, learned, creative genius, eloquent, truthful, pious, honoured by rulers, victory over enemies but of harsh temperament, lack of marital life and devoid of wealth.

For illustration, please refer chart of Marie Currie.

5.33 Mars-Mercury-Venus-Saturn: One will be courageous, skilled in battle, very healthy, famous, a wrestler/ boxer, and breed dogs/ pets.

5.34 Mars-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn: One will be illustrious, wealthy, learned, splendrous, brave, happy go lucky, good natured, gain from friends & relations; but rash, adulterous, perverted, fickle minded, and ill-disposed.

5.35 Mercury-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn: One will be very learned, of remarkable memory, adept in Sashtras, good astrologer/ politician, may have benefit from agriculture also; but highly sensuous, and obedient follower.

For illustration, please refer chart of astrologer Sh. J.N. Sharma.

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