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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas: Nabhas Yogas, Chapter III, Part – 5


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Sankhya (digit/ numbers) Yogas
There are Seven Sankhya yogas as per classics. They depend upon the number of houses over which the seven planets are distributed in a given chart. According to Parashar, none of these seven (except Gola) yogas will be effective if other Nabhas yogas are present. The more the spread of planets in a horoscope, the more balanced & prosperous the native would be. As against this if the planets are crowded in a few houses, no doubt such houses will gain strength but it will be at the expense of other houses.

26. Gola Yoga: If all the seven planets are confined to one house/ sign only, this yoga is formed. This yoga is not easy to find in normal horoscopes. However in India, natives born on or about 4/5 Feb 1962, had all the seven planets plus Ketu in Capricorn sign. It causes a lot of imbalance in the horoscope. Some of the planets may be combust or involved in planetary war. For the prediction, one has to rely on divisional charts. The results will also be modified as per the house where this sign falls. However generally, natives with such a yoga are illiterate, destitute, poor, of mean mentality, wicked, miserable and ever wandering aimlessly.

27. Yuga/ Yugal Yoga: It means in Hindi, pair of two. If all the planets are placed in any two signs of the horoscope, this yoga is formed. Its results are modified by the mutual relationship between the two houses where the signs fall and their specific characteristics of the houses. It is worst if the two are in 6/8 positions and the best if they are in 5/9 position. However this yoga indicates that the native is generally poor, heretic, shameless, socially rejected, bereft of logic, devoid of love & support of parents, and of virtues. But see an exceptional favourable case.

This is a typical chart wherein six planets and Ketu are placed in 3rd house (Capricorn sign) with only Moon straying into 11th house. The two houses are in 5/9 position and both Sun & Moon lagna are very strong. The only flaw is that the six planets are in Rahu-Ketu axis. The native is a lady doctor who is running a private nursing home with her illustrious doctor husband in Delhi. She did her MBBS in 1984 and got married in Jan 1987. On 22 Nov 1990, the couple met with a serious road accident (during Rahu-Ketu dasha) when her husband broke his chest ribs while she lost her vision in left eye. Luckily both of them recovered well and are now a billionaire doctors.

28. Shool (Thorn) Yoga: If all the planets are placed in any three signs in a horoscope, this yoga is formed. The native with this yoga are of quarrelsome nature, harsh speech, hot tempered, cruel, generally work in some force. At times they become so impulsive & assertive that they become a Shool or thorn in the flesh of others. The native may have sudden/ unexpected rise, a spectacular achievement and an equally sudden fall.

For example, please refer Chart No 4 of Adolf Hitler; may also see case of shri Rajiv Gandhi or Michael Jackson.

29. Kedar Yoga: This yoga is formed when all the planets occupy any four signs/ houses. A native with this yoga is will be rich, religious minded, charitable, and always willing to help others. He will have agricultural land or may be associated with agricultural pursuits. He is not over ambitious and capable of taking both physical and metaphysical view of life.

30. Paasha (bondage) Yoga: When all planets are distributed over five signs/ houses, this yoga is formed. One born with this yoga has a large family to support. He is adept in work, skilful in earning easy money, crafty, impolite, and has many drawbacks. He generally works in police or some other public dealing office. He indulges in many worldly activities and creates for himself a bondage in spiritual sense.

31. Daamini Yoga: This yoga is formed when all planets are distributed over six signs/ houses. This is a very fair distribution of energy within a horoscope provided the houses involved are not evil. Such a native is active, attains fame & prosperity, virtuous, charitable and will have spiritual inclinations.

For example, please refer Chart No. 3 of S. Ramanujam.

32. Veena Yoga: This yoga is formed if all the seven planets are spread over any seven signs/ yogas. It gives excellent results if Trikone houses are included and Trika houses are avoided. Such a natives are rich, virtuous, learned, skillful, fond of fine arts & music, looks after sustenance of many and are shrewd political leaders.

The native was ex-Maharaja of Gwalior. He had seven planets in seven houses. He was royal, learned, charitable, popular, elected to Parliament nine times, was union Cabinet minister, and fond of music & sports. However the position of planets was not ideal. He had one planet each in 3rd, 6th & 8th house and no planet in lagna & 9th house. He had 9th lord Moon conjunct with Ketu in 2nd house and Saturn associated with Rahu in 8th house. This reduced his life considerably.

5. Summary
1. There are several thousands of Nabhas yogas that have been mentioned at various places in classics. Yavan Acharya has described over 1800 such yogas, which have been grouped into 32 main Nabhas Yogas as described above.

2. These yogas are not depended for their results upon dasha pattern and have permanent effect on the life, character, fortunes of natives. They give an over all view or clue about inherent promise of a native’s life. However, they can not provide detailed and minute aspects of a native’s life. Again it is not often to find these yogas exactly as per classical descriptions. Since these yogas are generally obtained in a modified form, it is essential to understand the essence behind these yogas.

3. When planets group together only in a few houses, it causes tremendous concentration of energy in a limited area at the expense of houses which remains unpresented. This caused imbalance in the chart and in the behaviour & traits of the native. Modern astrologers have condemned certain adverse houses like 6th & 8th house and 3rd & 12th house to a lesser extent. However these houses have their own specific meanings, not necessarily adverse, which must also be considered while analyzing a chart.

4. Normally Sankhya yoga are inoperative before Ashray/Dala yoga, which are inoperative in presence of Aakriti Yoga.

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