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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Special Raj Yogas, Chapter VI, Part – 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

4. Bhadra Yoga
He Bhadra yoga is formed when Mercury, exalted (in Virgo) or in its own sign (Gemini), is located in a Kendra house. This yoga can arise only in a dual sign lagna and cannot be in a movable/ fixed lagna. Mercury is the only planet to get exaltation in his own sign. Both Mercury & its Mooltrikone/ exaltation sign are of Earthy Tatwa, and he represents speech of the Kaal Purush. In Hindi, the word “Buddha” is derived from the root “Buddh” meaning clever/ intelligent. The planet implies intelligence & Knowledge of any/ all types. In English, Mercury means adeptness to changing circumstances. A man who is quick witted or fast changing nature is called of mercurial character. Thus he represents intelligence, speech, temperament etc. Moon governs mind and intellect is the product of mind & its power. So the Buddha is called the son of Moon. Mercury is easily influenced by the planets with whom it is related and so his effects get modified. He gets digbala when in lagna.

4.2 The Bhadra yoga manifest the significations of Mercury as planet and as lord of Gemini & Virgo sign for the benefit of the native. The two signs of Mercury are on either side of the two luminaries and Mercury himself is never more than 28 degrees away from Sun. Hence it has retained most of the royal qualities & Satwik nature and is often called the “Royal Prince” with a youngish and attractive appearance with fondness for fun. One born in this yoga, will be physically strong, healthy, tall & attractive, have a prominent chest, looks like a lion & walks like an elephant. It confers learning of various sorts, virtues, deep thinking, aptness in acquiring knowledge & intelligence, eloquence, skill in fine arts, cleverness & discriminative power in negotiations & conversations. The native will be long lived (over 80 years), and rich with a happy married life, children & conjugal bliss. He is an expert in handling situations and loved by all his relations, friends, and praised by learned people. The native is very independent, good businessman, charitable, passionate and loved by females. The stress here is on learning, intelligence, generocity & virtues. The native acquires status and wealth through his own pursuits and enjoy their consequent comforts.

4.3 The Bhadra Yoga gives best results in Gemini & Virgo lagna and the least favourable in 7th Brava. It is a Badhak and marak lord here and if associated with a malefic, it creates marital discord in 7th Brava. The general results in the four lagnas are as follows:

1. Gemini: The yoga is formed when Mercury occupies lagna or 4th house. The lagna being an airy sign and 4th house in an earthy sign, the planet is not happily placed, though he has digbala in lagna. When in 4th house, one will be proficient in Vedanta & mathematics. His conjunction with Saturn will be good as it would be of a Kendra & Trikone and gives a Raj yoga. Such people will be full of confidence, daring, clever, forethought, and much interested in material comforts (may be selfish as well). While in Gemini, it confers education, riches, sweet speech, good personality, glory, devotion to religion. These natives are poets, philosophers, thinkers, charitable, and popular.

2. Virgo: The Mercury confers the yoga by position in lagna or 10h house. While in lagna, it bestows on natives righteous conduct, attachment to Dharma & philosophy, intelligence A& great learning. One may be a poet, professor, good orator, charitable, and respect. Mercury in the 10th house makes one successful, intelligent, good businessman, respectful and possess all comforts.

3. Sagittarius: Mercury in 7th or 10th house confers this yoga. While in 7th, it confers reputation, high status, political authority, righteous conduct, wealth, learning and nobility with all virtues. In 10th house. It enables one to enjoy benefits of good karmas, commands respect, wealth, much respect and success in all attempts.

4. Pisces: Mercury in 4th or 7th house confers this yoga. In 4th house, it makes one respect religion & old customs, They are devoted to elders/ preceptors, they excel in education, skill in arts, enjoy all comforts but are selfish. In 7th house, one has very good personality, efficiency in arms & arts, have good wife, are fortunate, but are after other’s wealth.

4.4 As brought out earlier, Mercury is very susceptible to be adversely affected by malefic by association, conjunction or aspect. However Nodes affects the least influence in dual signs. The Planet’s Awastha and position in Navamsha should also be checked for delivery of auspicious results.

4.5 For example, please refer chart No. 11 of Ms Annie Besant, the English lady who worked for India and Indian culture. She had Exalted Mercury in 7th house, which was in Kendra from Moon & Sun lagna as well. Another example may be seen in chart No. 38 of Gen D. D. Eisenhover, who also had exalted Mercury in 7th house. He became Commander of Allied forces during Second World War and later elected as President of USA twice in 1952 & 1956, all during the dasha of Mercury. Let us see one more case:
The native had exalted Mercury in 10th house conferring Bhadra Yoga with 9th lord Sun. Lagna lord Jupiter is in 9th house with 5th lord Mars & 2-3rd lord Saturn. He was the legendry engineer and administrator. During Saturn dasha he was chief engineer & Dewan of Mysore state. After Independence, during Mercury dasha, he was awarded “Bharat Ratna” for his outstanding services to the nation.

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