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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Special Raj Yogas, Chapter VI, Part – 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

5. Hamsa Yoga
5.1 This yoga is formed when Jupiter in exaltation (in Cancer) or in his own signs (Sagittarius or Pisces) is located in a Kendra. This yoga can arise in Movable or dual lagna, but not in a fixed lagna. Jupiter is the significator of this yoga. He is knowledge, wisdom & happiness of Kaal Purush. He is the embodiment of goodness/ purity, knowledge/ wisdom, magnanimity, virtues, religious faith/ customs, Mantra shastra, eloquence, happiness through wealth, wife, & children. He also signify Guru, preceptors, elder brother, friends, minister, diplomacy, husband (for females), and treasury. He loves elegance, law & charity. Jupiter is a deeply earthy planet who enables his beneficiaries to live righteously, best – necessary for right living and contentment. Jupiter protects the soul for its full development and growth to fulfill its mission.

5.2 The native with Hamsa yoga will have a fair complexion, prominent nose & cheeks, beautiful face, skin with golden luster, and eyes have pallor of honey. He has lovely physical form and fondness for water sports. His sexual urge is insatiable and has sweet voice like that of a swan (Hamsa). He is bold, courageous, virtuous like a king or his close minister and has a thirst for knowledge & scriptures. He is blessed with long life, lot of grace & dignity, riches, beautiful wife, good children, friends, and all types of material comforts.

5.3 Normally ownership of Kendra by Jupiter, spoils his benefic nature due to Kendradhipati Dosh. But if Hamsa yoga is present, the general principle loses its importance. This yoga is famous for producing people of immense moral values and sterling character. There is no harm even if Jupiter is retrograde.

5.4 The results of this yoga in various lagnas are as follows:

1. Aries: Exalted Jupiter as 9-12th lord in 4th house confers this yoga. The native is blessed with much riches & comforts, good wife, children & friends and servants. He may be a leader, minister, or attains high position of authority. He is scrupulously honest, trustworthy and respected. He is highly educated, tactful and expert in mathematics & financial matters.

2. Gemini: Jupiter in 7th or 10th house confers Hamsa yoga. The native is handsome & noble, and attain more reputation than his father. He may be a poet, good orator and learned. He marries early and have beautiful & devoted wife. He suffer from protracted diseases as 7th is Badhak sthan as well. Jupiter in 10th gives much better results. The native is highly educated, respected, wealthy, tactful, and may be high minister or senior army/police official.

3. Cancer: Exalted Jupiter in lagna confers this yoga. The native is courageous, famous, learned, occupy high positions, have foresight, are very rich and have reputation long after his death even. His wishes will fructify early. However they lack comforts of children.

4. Virgo: Jupiter confers this yoga in 4th & 7th houses. A strong Jupiter in 4th will strive with a furious desire to possess the impossible. One is wise, sober, philosophical and with a moral mind. His mother is long lived. He get peace of mind and amenities of life. It produced an idealist whose life is devoted to helping others and having good family life.

5. Libra: Exalted Jupiter in 10th confers this yoga. One occupies very high position, and are rich, clever, confident, reputed, expert as judges, and enjoy all comforts. He is foresighted, good advisors on political or financial matters. He enjoys life, but his wife is hard-hearted.

6. Sagittarius: Jupiter confers this yoga in Lagna and 4th house, in Lagna it makes one respected, regal, greatly honored, an intellectual leader and a learned man. He will attain wealth but his heart will always be with the people. If Jupiter is weak native goes to exile, loses wealth, name & comforts.

7. Capricorn: Exalted Jupiter in 4th house confers this yoga. If Jupiter dasha operate at right time, native enjoys as is the case in other lagna. Otherwise Jupiter may create problems being 3-12th lord. One may suffer at the hand of law or government. Much will depend on the position of Moon also.

8. Pisces: Jupiter confers this yoga in lagna or 10th house. The native is highly educated, wealthy, tactful, learned, respected, higher minister or army/ police officer. He is famous within his family and helpful to others. He has an educated and devoted wife.

5.5 The effect of Hamsa yoga is nullified or vastly reduced in results if:

1. Moon is in 6-8 position from Jupiter (Sakata yoga).

2. There exists malefic Kaal Sarpa yoga.

3. Jupiter is in close conjunction with Venus whether in planetary war or not.

4. There is mutual aspect with Rahu in close degrees.

5. Mercury is within 3 degree conjunction with Jupiter.

6. There is mutual aspect with Mars.

7. When Saturn aspects Jupiter with 10th aspect (Chandrakala Nadi).

8. Jupiter is combust.

9. En eclipse occur in the house occupied by Jupiter, even if Jupiter is not in Samagam.

5.6 In chart No. 43 of Dr Rakesh Prakash, the apparent Hamsa yoga is non-functional due to 10th aspect of Saturn, mutual aspect between Jupiter & Rahu in close degrees and presence of Kaal Sarpa Yoga. Let us now see a positive case:

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