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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Factors Influencing Yogas, Chapter II, Part – 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

10 Yoga Bhanga
1. When yoga causing planets are weak in Shadbala, Dasvarga, or planetary Awasthas, the planetary mapping in natal chart is only a show without substance unfit for any meaningful yoga.

2. If Yoga forming planets have association or aspect of enemy planets, there is no chance or fulfillment of a yoga. The question of enmity, should not be judged by Sthool, triple friend, enemy & equal relationship; but by Sookshma double creative-destructive relationship.

3. If yoga causing planets are conjoined or aspected by malefic, no yoga can be expected. The malefic means functional malefic as indicated in the previous chapter.

4. Planets when combust turn harmful. Equally bad when they are subjected to evil aspects, making them harmful.

5. If the yoga causing planets are placed in 6th, 8th, 11th, or 12th houses, there cannot be any Rajyoga, because they have been spoiled by occupation of Dustana houses.

6. If either or both of them are debilitated without Neech Bhanga, the yoga falls through.

7. If any of the lords of Trishadya/ Trika house joins any or all the yoga causing planets.

8. Failure of certain yogas takes place due to bad or ill placement of their depositors.

9. If 9th lord happens to be in a hidden house and 5th lord is related to a debilitated planet.

10. If the yoga causing planets are in retrogression.

11. Conjunction of Rahu/ Ketu with Yoga causing planets in a Trika house, not only cause Yoga-Bhang but may also cause loss of power/ unnatural death. See Example;

In the above chart, there are four planets (Mars, Venus, Saturn & Ketu) in 6th house aspected by Swakshetri Jupiter from 10th and exalted Moon from 12th house, generating various Rajyoga indicating rich and aristocratic background. 8th lord Saturn and 12th lord Venus in 6th cause Vipreet Rajyoga. However Rahu and Ketu are closely conjunct with Mars, Saturn & Moon causing Yoga Bhang. Rahu the karaka for imprisonment in 12th house is aspected by 6th lord Mars & 8th lord Saturn from 6th house. Hence during dasha of Saturn-Mars, the native was hanged while in captivity.

12. Saturn either debilitated or Ashtangatha is a potent factor to mar any yoga by conjunction/ aspect. The planets in the 2nd house to radical Saturn also come under his influence.

11. Grouping of Yogas
There are hundreds of yogas with various types of combinations and results mentioned in various classics. It is not possible to list them all. However an effort is being made to study them by placing them under suitable groupings as under in subsequent chapters:

1. Nabhas Yogas

2. Conjunction of Planets.

3. Rajyogas

4. Special Raj Yogas

5. Dhan Yogas

6. Yoga with the Sun & Moon

7. Yoga with Trikone & their lords

8. Yogas of Intellect and creative brilliance

9. Parivartan (exchange) Yoga

10. Ayur (longevity) Yoga

11. Yogas for Marriage and Progeny

12. Arishta Yoga

13. Yoga for Penury

14. Miscellaneous Yoga

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