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Astrological reading Of Arvind Kejriwal

I with my limited knowledge by Bhrigu Technique - 16/08/1968 at Hissar - A person with a sharp brain (exalted moon etc) - 2012 - 14 are ruled by Mars, Venus and Mercury as per my method/research - There will be a change in his whole strategy and method. Since Sun has Mercury, Venus and Jupiter ahead he will not be a POWER by HIMSELF and would be a SOCIAL ACTIVIST - bring forth issues - Sept., 2012 to June, 2014 - he will get some recognition but after that will not be able to hold or consolidate. Has the ability to play with three balls and think quickly with a logic behind BUT do not see him as the HEAD and as i said there is a brief period of some recognition but no consolidation. He will be best at ACTIVISM of various kinds. A NEGATIVE MARS shows that he will be able to adjust fast and will change to circumstances. Saturn - Mars and other combinations point that he may not be successful in the MASS - PUBLIC PLAY IS MY READ. He will be a person bringing forth issues against the crown/govt/king- whatever and working in partnership with people/society. Do not see as the HEAD of a political party - play with masses.
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