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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Factors Influencing Yogas, Chapter II, Part – 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

9. Guidelines for Evaluation of a Chart/ Yoga
1. The first step for evaluation is to analyze lagna and Lagnesh. Planets occupying and aspecting lagna, and the strength/positioning of Lagnesh should be studied carefully. Same should be seen for Chandra lagna as well. Lagna should be strong being occupied/aspected by a benefic, preferably its own lord or lagna lord be strong being in a Kendra, Trikone or 11th house.

2. When a planet is in an inimical sign or is in Paapkartari or is combust, it normally gives inauspicious results. The planets in 2/12 or 6/8 from each other become harmful. But even a malefic planet if placed in his own/ exaltation sign or is related with a Yogkaraka planet, gives good results.

3. Planets aspecting a house (Brava) influence it more than the planets occupying it.

4. A malefic planet placed in or aspecting a house (Brava), destroys its significations and give inauspicious results. However positioning or aspect of a malefic in a Trika house gives good results.

5. Natural malefic-Sun, Mars, Saturn & Rahu, when placed in 10th house or (even better) placed in 10th house as 10th lords, gives Rajyoga.

6. A Yoga should occur in auspicious houses and should not be tenanted by a malefic nor related to a malefic. The Brava lord should not be debilitated nor combust nor occupy an evil/inimical house.

7. The yoga causing planets should occupy more benefic Varga position and be strong in Shadbala. They should also be strong in residential & directional strength. They should not be in debilitation, combustion, retrogression, and Brava-sandhi. They should have no relation with nodes. Their planetary dasha period should operate in their active life.

8. For evaluating any aspect of life, please analyze concerned house, its lord and its Karaka (significator). As per Phaldeepika, if the concerned house (Brava), its lord and Karaka, all three, are weak/afflicted, the significance of that house is destroyed. This again should be seen from lagna and Mon separately. The Moon, representing Mana (mind), is a great facilitator for any event. When Moon conjunct malefic, the malefic should be behind Moon longitudinally. For example:

In the above chart, 7th house is occupied by Mars and is afflicted by 3-6th lord Jupiter. Karaka Venus is combust and in Paapkartari. From Moon, 7th house is in Rahu-Ketu axis and 7th lord Jupiter & Karaka Venus are in Paapkartari. Hence the native could not get married.

9. Karakas
i) The Karaka are of two types- Sthir (fixed) & Char. The fixed Karaka for each house are Sun for 1st, 9th & 10th; Moon for 4th; Mars for 3rd & 6th; Mercury for 4th & 10th; Jupiter for 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th, & 11th; Venus for 7th; and Saturn for 6th, 8th, & 12th houses. Again Sun represents father; Moon, mother; Mars, younger siblings; Mercury, step-son, maternal uncles & cousins; Jupiter, teacher, elder brother, husband & friends; Venus, wife; Saturn, servants, old & infirm people; and Rahu, grand-father.

ii) However Char Karaka as defined by sage Jaimini, are variable for each chart. In this system, the longitudes of planets (excluding nodes) in a house (minus sign) are noted and designated as under;

(a) highest- Atmakaraka (self)

(b) Next lower- Amatyakaraka- Companion cum minister

(c) Next lower- Bhratri-Karaka- (Brother and father)

(d) Next lower- Matri- Karaka- (Mother)

(e) Next lower- Putra Karaka- (Son)

(f) Next Lower-Gnati- Karaka- (lord of obstacles, Hindrances & disease)

(g) Next Lower- Dara- Karaka- (spouse

In chart No 1 above, Moon is Atma-karaka, Mercury is Amatya-karaka, Venus is Bhatru-karaka, Jupiter is Matru-karaka, Mars is Putra Karaka, Sun is Gnati-karaka, and Saturn is Dara-karaka.

iii) In addition, following should additionally be considered as Karaka:

1st house & its lord- Atma-karaka

2nd & 7th house & its lord- Dara Karaka

3rd house & its lord- Bhratri Karak (Younger siblings)

4th house & its lord- Matri Karaka

5th house & its lord- Putra Karaka

6th house & its lord- Gnati Karaka

9th house & its lord- Amatya Karaka

11th house & its lord- Bhratri Karaka (Elder siblings)

10. The house (Brava) which is aspected by its lord and/or benefics, becomes stronger and gives auspicious results. On the contrary if a house is associated and/or aspected by malefic, becomes weak and produce adverse results. See example:

In the above chart, 10th house is aspected by its lord, Yogkaraka Mars and benefics 9th lord Jupiter, Panch-Mahapurush (Malavya) yoga karaka Venus & Mercury. Hence 10th house gave fully auspicious results.

11. When the two planets are in mutual Kendra, they influence each other. In western astrology, it is always adverse square aspect. However in Vedic astrology it depends upon their individual basic nature. If both are benefic, it produces benefic yogas like Gajkesari yoga by Jupiter & Moon. This effect becomes more pronounced if they are in 4-10 position. A planet invariably influences the house & planet placed in 10th from it, whether it has any Parashari aspect or not. For example Saturn in 10th house will impart its malevolence to lagna. Similarly Saturn from 11th house will afflict 2nd house and say Jupiter in it.

12. The good or evil results of a house depend on the sign where its lord is placed. However, it also depends on if the strength of the lord of the sign (depositor) where the house lord is placed. If this depositor is placed in a malefic house, it spoils both the house under consideration. For example if in a chart of Cancer lagna, the 2nd lord Sun, debilitated in 4th house, will give adverse results during its dasha/ antar-dasha. But if 4th lord Venus is well placed and well aspected in an auspicious house, then the 2nd house & its lord Sun is not considered weak. But if 4th lord Venus is placed in say a Trika house, then both 2nd as well as 4th house will get spoiled. Again if 2nd lord Sun is placed in 3rd house in a friendly sign, but its lord is placed in a Trika house (say 6th or 8th) and has no benefic aspect, the 2nd house & its lord Sun will not give good results.

13. When two planets or houses, signifying same event, are inter-related then that event get glorified. For example Lagna & 8th house, both signify longevity; If lords of 1st & 8th house are together having benefic influence, the native has high longevity and if they are ill-placed & ill-aspected, native will have short life. Similarly if 2nd lord is strongly placed in 5th house, native will be a good orator, as both these houses signify speech. See Example.

In the above chart, Mars and Mercury, both Karaka of mathematics, exchange house in 4th & 6th house, making the native a great mathematician.

14. Sun, Saturn, Rahu and 12th lord are Seperative planets. If two or more of these planets are conjoined in or aspect a Brava, the native gets separated from the significations of that Brava. If two or more planets out of Seperative planets are related with 2nd house, one gets detached from wealth & family to become a Sanyasi. If these planets are related with 7th house, one may get separated with spouse and even may get divorce.

15. If a Trikone lord is in 8th house as 8th lord as well, it gives auspicious results. For example, in a chart of Virgo lagna, Mercury as lord of 5th & 8th lord in 8th house, makes the native intelligent, clever and father of wise progeny. Similarly, in case of Gemini lagna, Saturn as lord of 8th & 9th lord in 8th house, makes the native lucky & religious minded. However a Trikone lord if conjunct with 8th lord loses its benevolence.

16. The 6th being a Trishadya & Trika house is malefic but malefic planet placed here, gives good results here. However Mars in case of Scorpio lagna and Saturn in case of Virgo lagna as an exception are evil.

17. Conjunction of very benefic planet with a malefic, enable the malefic to confer benefic results whereas very benefic planet confer malefic results.

18. Bhavet-Bhavam: A house (Brava) as far removed from the house as later is from lagna, acts like the later house. While examining strength of a house, simultaneously assess the strength of the house that is equidistant from the relevant house as the relevant house is from the lagna. So while examining progeny from 5th house also examine 5th from 5th i.e. 9th house; while examining property from 4th house also examine 4th from 4th i.e. 7th house; while examining disease/enemy from 6th house also examine 6th from 6th i.e. 11th house. However examining wealth from 2nd or expenditure from 12th are exceptions to this rule.

19. The Self of the native is represented by lagna, his Karma by 10th and limbs to do any act by 3rd & 11th house/lord. When these lords influence any Brava, its lord & Karaka, the native deliberately acts good or evil for that Brava. For example in a case of Aquarius lagna, if Saturn & Mars influence Jupiter (11th lord & Karaka for elder brother), the native will have severe enmity with his elder brother to the extent of killing him. See another case of deliberately denying marriage to self.

In the above chart, 7th house, 7th lord Mar & Karaka Venus, all three in 7th house, are influenced by lagnesh Venus, 3rd lord Jupiter closely conjunct with 10th lord Moon, and by 11th lord Sun. Although the native had a girl friend with whom she had even relations (indicated by close conjunction of Venus & Mars in 7th house), yet the native deliberately denied marriage to self.

20. If a planet is debilitated in a sign and his depositor is also debilitated, then there will be severe loss of signification of the Brava, where first debilitated planet is placed. For example in case of a Pisces lagna, if Saturn is debilitated in 2nd house and its depositor Mars is debilitated in 5th house, the native will have severe problem of speech or may be dumb since both 2nd & 5th house denote speech. See another example of longevity.

The native was son of great astrologer Dr BV Raman. He had Sun debilitated in Lagna and depositor Venus was debilitated in 12th house. Therefore the native had a short life and died on 29-01-1963.

21. Venus is a planet denoting sex, luxury & comfort. The 12th house also denote similar things among others. The closer the relation of Venus with 12th house/lord, the more comforts the native may enjoy. If Venus is conjunct with 12th lord in 12th house, it will give great wealth to the native. The best results are seen in case of Aries & Scorpio lagna, because then Venus is in her exaltation/Mooltrikone sign. However this rule does not apply if Capricorn/Aquarius is the sign in 12th house.

22. Normally any planet placed in 6th or 8th from Brava or planet is harmful. But if from any house or planet, there are benefics in both 6th & 8th (not in one), it boost the benevolence of the house or planet. Since the benefics in 6th & 8th will directly aspect 12th & 2nd of the house / planet, it acts like a situation of Subhkartari Yoga.

23. The lord of each sign imbibes the specific qualities of the sign he owns and gives results accordingly. But if a different planet occupies the sign, the results of the lord will exhibit the qualities of the planet occupying the sign. For example Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius sign, and he gives results accordingly. But if Sagittarius is occupied by say Mars, Then Jupiter will give results incorporating qualities of Mars.

24. Yogas of the natal chart will fully fructify only when they retain their potential in Navamsha as well i.e. Yoga causing planets should not become weak in Navamsha.

25. Saturn alone in 4th house is harmful as it aspects lagna. However if Saturn is in his own/exaltation sign causing Sasa Yoga, it increases the happiness due to mother, property, & vehicles.

26. A malefic 7th lord in 7th or 11th house gives multiple spouse and creates misunderstanding between husband & wife.

28. Yoga formed in a particular house, raises the level of that house for good. For example combination of 9th & 10th lord in 12th house- the yoga may not be fully effective, but the 12th house significations gets a boost for the better.

28. Effect of a Yoga gets diluted by the weakness of the concerned Planets in natal chart or in Navamsha, or their Nakshtra lord or depositor.

29. Yoga giving planets if inimical to each other, lowers the effects of the yoga, but if friendly, full effects are experienced.

30. In benevolence, lords of Kendra, Trishadya & Trikone are strong in ascending order. It is widely accepted that 3rd, 4th, 11th, lagna, 5th, 9th and 10th house are strong in ascending order. Only 6th, 8th, and 12th houses are malefic.

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