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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part – 111


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Y-1- If the lord of the 11th house is a benefic planet & is aspected by a benefic & the lord of the 11th house is strong, the native wears ornaments in the ear.

Y-2- If there is the influence of malefic planets on the 11th house there will be trouble to the era. The trouble to the ear should be considered from the 3rd and the 11th house.

Y-3- If the lord of the 11th house is under the influence of benefic, good health to the ears should be predicted. If however, there is malefic influence trouble to the ear should be predicted.

Elder brother

Y-1- The longevity of the elder co-born, should also be determined on the basis of the influence of benefic and malefic planets on the 11th house. If benefic influence the 11th house, the elder brother or sisters, live long.

Y-2- Malefic in the 11th or aspecting the 11th deny elder co-born, and income comes from the direction denoted by the sign in the 11th house.

P-The income also comes from the direction denoted by the lord of the 11th house & from the sign in the 11th house.

Planets and 11th House

Y- The following are the effects produced by planets posited in the 11th House.

Sun A number of sons; financial gains; service under King or Govt; prosperous; praiseworthy habits; limited number of friends and relatives; loved by women; ample enjoyments; engages himself in public undertakings.

Full Moon- Administrative powers; enjoys wealth; a number of children.

Weak Moon- Sickly; dull-headed; bereft of enjoyments.

Mars- Helpful to outsiders, acquisition of wealth of others; learning; renouncing nature.

Powerful Mars- Wealthy and Kingdly status; very energetic; charitable inclinations; passionate; worldly enjoyments.

Mercury- Business gains and wealth thereby; proficiency in work done by hands; engages himself in various professions simultaneously; long life; financial status; freedom from diseases.

Jupiter- Fair amount of wealth; conveyances; long life; prosperity; prosperous bothers; reputation; education.

Venus- More than average wealth; very good looking; pleasant to converse with; humorous; does not care much for enjoyments; determination.

Saturn- Religious; devotion; interest in profession; happy throughout; enjoys costly dishes; average body weight and build.

Rahu- Charitable and broad-minded; good looking but of Sun-bunt complexion; good features; besides mostly away from birth place; tall; proficiency in use of weapons.

Ketu- Lean body; leaned; peculiar features; clever in netting in profits.


Y-1a- If lord of 11th is in exaltation or Moolatrikona or own house or otherwise strong, auspicious effects and gains will accrue.

Y-1b- If lord of 11th is conjunct or aspected by benefic, similar results will occur.

Y-2- The planet posited in 11th, lord of 11th, dispositor of lord of 11th, lords of 2nd and 10th, and planet aspecting 11th will all confer gains.

P- The question of gains will have to be considered from both the Ascendant and Moon sign and the nature of gains will depend more upon the nature and strength of the planets here in mentioned earlier.

Y- If the lord of 11th and the significator for gains (Jupiter) are benefic, well placed and, or strong the native will gain happiness and financial income; if malefic and, or not well placed, misery and sorrow are indicated.

In 11th,



Income from King or Govt.

In 11th,



Mother and through agriculture

In 11th,



Land, brother, courageous acts

In 11th,



Business trade

In 11th,



Writing, teaching, good deeds etc.

In 11th, Venus



Honourable professions, ladies

In 11th,



Service under others

In 11th,



Dealings or professions connected with horses

In 11th,



Begging, occult sciences

P- When more than one planet is placed in the 11th house, determine the predictions with reference to the strongest of the lot.

Y-1- If lord of Ascendant and Rahu are connected with the 11th (placed in 11th or associated with lord of 11th): gains through theft or robbery etc.

Y-2- If lord of 10th and Saturn are connected with the 11th (placed in 11th or associated with lord of 11th): gains due to which the native loses self-respect.

Y-3- If Mercury conjunct malefic is connected with the 11th (placed in 11th or associated with lord of 11th): gains through unrighteous means.

Y-4- If lord of 10th and Rahu are connected with the 11th (placed in 11th or associated with lord of 11th): bondage and gains thereby.

Y-5- If lord of Ascendant has benefic association or benefic Yogas and connected with the 11th (placed in 11th or associated with lord of 11th): the native will be earning by his own effort and the gain will be proportionate to the strength of lord of Ascendant.

P- The lord of 11th, the 11th house and the significator (Jupiter) are all to be considered for delineation of effects concerning the 11th house.

Y-1- Lord of 2nd (from Ascendant or Moon sign, whichever is stronger) placed in own house or 8th or 9th indicates increased wealth.

Y-2- Similarly lord of 4th in 9th indicates gain of conveyances, depending on the strength or the planet, status of the horoscope, the type of conveyance depending on the signs involved.

Y-3- Similarly, a strong lord of 5th in 9th indicates not only gain of children, but also happiness and gains through them.

Y-4- Similarly, a strong lord of 10th in 9th indicates gain of kingdom.

Y-5- Strong lord of 9th in 9th indicates gain of worldly enjoyments and prosperity.

Y-6- Strong Mercury in 9th indicates gains through business or trade.

Y-7- Venus in 9th denotes gain of high class Jewels.

Y-8- Moon and Mars together in 9th denote gain of land.

Y-9- Lord of Ascendant and Mercury in 11th indicate advance studies.

Y-10- Lord of 10th placed in 11th on vargottam amsa or on pushkara or aspected by both Moon and Mars indicate gains without much effort (like a broker or on the race course).

Y-11- If either the Lord of Ascendant, and, or strong Moon is hemmed in between lords of 9th and 10th, gains without much effort is indicated.

Note: We are all aware of Subha Madhya Stithi or Papa Madhya Stithi (hemmed in between benefic or malefic). In the book entitled Jataha Yogavali, the learned author, advocated that the stay of a planet in between a lord of quadrant and lord of a trine is good. The author says that the stay of lord of Ascendant in between lords of 9 and 10 confers effortless gains.


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