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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part – 110


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Effects of the Eleventh House

The significations and significators of the 11th house are: (1) Gain from all sources (2) wicked desires (3) all kinds of receipts (4) dependency (5) eldest brother/ sister (6) paternal uncle (7) worshipping deities (8) worshipping the good (9) learning (10) acquisition of gold and wealth (11) extremely clever (12) paternal property (13) the knee (14) a pre-eminent place (15) love of ornaments and pearls (16) master’s wealth (17) loss of interest on capital (18) gold ornaments for one’s lady love (19) wisdom (20) minister ship (21) brother-in-law (22) gain (23) dawn of fortune (24) wish fulfillment (25) easy gain (26) cooking (27) desire (28) mother (29) longevity (30) ear (31) the shank (32) beautiful paintings and (33) the skill in practical arts.

Now let us explain the effects related to the 11th House, the auspiciousness of this house will make the native happy at all times.

P- From the 11th house should be considered, income, feet, left ear, hair, becoming bent in shoulders & elder co-born.

P- If the lord of the 11th house is in a angle or trine house or and a benefic planet is placed there, then the native acquires wealth through honest and fair means, or if the 11th house is occupied by a malefic planet, the native gets much income, but resorts to unfair and unscrupulous methods of earning.

Y-1- When the 11th Lord is situated in the 11th House itself or in an angle or in a trine or the 11th Lord is exalted though in combustion, the combination will bring many gains to the native.

Notes: “Even if the 11th Lord has gone into the Navamsa of the Sun” the 11th Lord procures for the native many and special gains.

Y-2- The situation of the 11th Lord in the sign of Wealth (the 2nd House), that of the 2nd Lord in an angle (from the Ascendant and, the occupation of the 11th House by Jupiter, indicates that gains will be immense.

Y-3- Should the 11th Lord be in the 3rd House and the 11th House be situated with benefic planets, the native will have a gain of 2000 Nishkas in his 36th year.

Notes: `Nishka’ was the name of an Ancient royal coin, in India. AS per `Leelavati Granatha’ one “Nishka’ was of 16 Drammas. It used to be a gold coin.

In this combination the native earns wealth through his own efforts. He may have any number of enterprise in order to earn wealth.

Y-4- The native will have in his 40th year a gain to 500 Nishkas should the 11th Lord together with a benefic planet has occupied an angle or a trine.

Y-5 The native will be a possessor of 6000 Nishkas in case the 11th House is occupied Jupiter, the 2nd by the Moon and the 9th by Venus.

Y-6- If in 11th from the 11th (that is 9th from the Ascendant is placed Jupiter together with Mercury and the Moon, the native will be gifted with wealth, grains, fortunes, diamonds, ornaments etc.

Y-7- When the 11th Lord is situated in the Ascendant House and the Ascendant Lord in the 11th House the native will gain 1000 Nishkas in his 33rd year.

Y-8- It should be predicted that native will have a great rise in fortunes after marriage, should the 2nd Lord be situated in the 11th House and the 11th Lord in the 2nd House (or should there be the exchange between the 11th and the 2nd Lord).

Y-10- Should the 3rd Lord occupy the 11th House and, the 11th Lord the 3rd House, the native will have gains through brothers and will be endowed with divine ornaments.

Y-11- In the event of the 11th lord being placed in this sign of debilitation, being in combustion or occupying the 6th, 8th or 12th House with a malefic, the native does not have any gain in spite of excessive efforts.


Y-1- There will be much gain of wealth, if the lord of the 2nd house is in the 11th house & the lord of the 11th is in 2nd house or both of them are together in a angle.

Y-2- One gets good income if the 11th house is located in between two benefic planets, or if the lord of the 11th house is similarly situated, between benefic planets, or if it is located in a division “Paravat” etc.

Y-3- If the lord of the sign occupied by the lord of the 11th house is aspected by a benefic planet or is in between two benefic planets, the man gets more income.

Y-4- If the lord of the Navamsa sign occupied by the lord of the 11th house is a benefic planet & is aspected by the lord of the 2nd house, the man has much income.

Y-5- If the drekkana of the lord of the 11th house is a natural benefic planet and is aspected by the lord of the 10th house the native gets much income.

Y-6- The influence of malefic planets on the lord of the 11th house gives loss of income. The income comes from the direction denoted by the lord of the 11th house.

Y-7- The direction should be taken from the sign in the 11th house or from the strongest planet influencing the 11th house.

Y-8- If there is a malefic planet in the 11th house, or if there is the sign of a malefic planet in the 11th house, the yoga indicates loss of income. If the lord of the 11th house is influenced by malefic, loss of income should be declared.


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