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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part – 112


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Y-1- Lord of 11th in quadrant or trine conjunct with or aspected by a benefic indicates very good gains.

Y-2- If lord of 11th in company of lord of 2nd and with benefic aspect is placed in 3rd or exaltation, gain of wealth and wife are indicated.

Y-3- Lord of 11th in 11th house in conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and Full Moon indicates financial and agricultural wealth and possession of precious Metals & precious stones.


Y-1- A malefic in 11th house indicates self earned property.

Y-2- A benefic in 11th indicates wealth acquired through right means, particularly if there is a benefic aaspect to 11th.

Y-3- Lord of 11th placed in 2nd house with lord of Ascendant indicates that the native’s wealth will be earned through righteous means and that his expenses will also be in right and charitable directions.

Y-4- Lords of 2nd and 11th conjointly placed in Ascendant, whilst Saturn is in 12th house indicates earnings in right direction and parting away with a large part of it in charities.


Y- If lords of 2nd & 1th are in their own house or there is exchange of signs between them, the native will be having gains in various directions and will be literally handling much cash invariably.

Heavy gains

Y-1- Jupiter in 11th denotes heavy gains.

Y-2- If lord of 11th is a fast moving planet (at the time of birth) and is posited in a fixed sign, the native will be secretly earning sometimes & possess satisfactory bank-balances. His financial status will be stable throughout.


Y- Moon in 2nd, Venus in 9th, whilst Jupiter is in 11th house indicates good wealth.

Heavy gains

Y- Benefices in association with Moon and Mercury placed in the 11th, from lord of 11th house indicates gains in various directions and ample enjoyments.

P- If the Ascendant, 2nd and 11th houses, and their lords, are strong (or more of them are strong) according to the nature of the planets placed in these signs or the nature of the signs wherein their lords are placed, income of the native will be accruing.

P- The wealth & financial placed of a native will be fluctuating it 11th is a moveable sign whilst lord of 2nd is a fixed planet and Moon is in 2nd house.

P- The strongest from amongst: the planets in 11th of Ascendant or Moon or Sun or and Jupiter, lord of 11th or the planets posted in 11th house, cause gains in the directions and by the method indicated by the planets.

Planets and Income

Y- The channels through which income arises due to planets posted in 11th house are as fellows:

Sun- Grass, gold, drugs or medicines etc.

Moon- Agricultural pursuits, professions involving water and through ladies.

Mars- Professions involving fire, daring professions war and connected affairs.

Mercury- Writing, Mathematics, poetry, work done by hands.

Jupiter- Religious pursuits, teaching, charities, educational or academic pursuits.

Venus- Professions involving silver, pearls, cows, cattle, Women.

Saturn- Service, gratitude, professions considered below dignity, involving manual labour or work done by hands.

Rahu- Snake charmer, begging, work connected with low castes or classes of society.

Ketu- Begging as a Sanyasi does.

Gulika- Killing animals or living beings and trades in dead animals or beasts etc.

Y- A planet in 11th house occupying choramsa will confer gains through robbery, stealing etc. Likewise, a planet in 11th occupying akaramsa confers gains through buried treasures being discovered and lump sum gains of that sort.

P- Method’s of earning- There were Five Methods of earning earlier: by which a native earns his living to sustain through his life span, viz (i) business (ii) Agricultural pursuits (iii) professions connected with Govt, or semi govt. (iv) art work etc, done by hands (v) by servitude like clerks, labourers etc. as indicated by planets.

If the planet governing gains is involved in eclipse, the native will earn his living as a beggar.

Y- Earnings after Marriage- Lord of 7th placed in 11th indicates that the native will start earning professionally after marriage.

Y- Earnings- Earnings of a native should be determined especially with reference to the 11th house, lord of 11th and Jupiter. Gains are of a thousand kinds, these have to be determined in accordance with the country in which the native is residing, time and community to which he belongs.

Y- Quantum of gains- The quantum of gain will be directly proportionate to the strength of the lords of Ascendant and 10th.

P- Malefic in 11th, lord thereof conjunct or aspected by a malefic, whilst a malefic is placed in the Ascendant, indicates only minor gains; failing that obstacles to gains; even if gains occur, they will be lost too soon.


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