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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part – 103


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Professional success

Y-1- Mercury in own house or exaltation ensures success professionally, irrespective of whether lord of 10th, is exalted or not.

Y-2- An exalted lord of 10th even if placed in 6 or 8 or 12th; or Mercury and Rahu in 10th indicate professional success, in general, for the native.

Self-earned wealth

Y-1- Lord of Ascendant and 10th conjointly placed in Ascendant or 10th indicates that the native will have a single mindedness and possess self-earned wealth.

Profession – public related

Y-1a- If Mercury happens to be the lord of 10th and is exalted the native will be engaged in undertakings for the benefit of the public.

Y-1b- Rahu alone in 10th will cause impediments and failures in profession.


Y-1- Whilst Sun, Moon, Mercury are placed in 10th or 2nd, if there is union of lord of 10th and Jupiter, the native will have wealth comparable to that of a King or government.

Source of wealth

Y-1- If Venus and lord of 7th together stand in 10th, wealth will accrue through women.

Y-2- Saturn-in 10th indicates wealth through lower-castes.

Y-3- Rahu-in 10th indicates wealth through low classes people following mean professions.

Profession-Religious type

Y-1- A benefic with lordship over 10th in conjunction of a benefic, particularly Jupiter, indicates that the native will be performing religious sacrifices.

P- Both the benefic and malefic aspects on the lord of 10th have to be taken into account in deciding on the type and character of profession for a native.

Y-2- Jupiter in 10th indicates, a native with knowledge and devotion.

Y-3a- Jupiter and Venus in 10th indicate a native who will be engaged in public undertakings, charities & the like.

Y-3b- If lord of 12th also joins the said planets (Jupiter and Venus) in 10th house, such a native would give away a large part of his wealth on charities.

Pilgrimage or charities

Y-1a- Rahu and or Moon in 10th indicate, depending upon their strength and benefic Vargas on which they stand, that the native would be frequently enjoying bath in Ganges or holy rivers.

Y-1b- If lord of 10th is weak and or associated with malefic, the beneficial effects conferrable are pro-rata reduced.

Y-2- If lords of 10, 2 and Mercury are powerful in a horoscope the native will be performing highly charitable deeds for the benefit of public or religious sacrifices.

Y-3- Mercury in 12th or dispositor of lord of 12th is exalted, indicates that the native will be doing charities.

Y-4a- Moon in Pisces or Cancer indicates incentive for pilgrimage.

Y-4b- If such Moon were in 3rd, the native will definitely go on pilgrimage.

Y-5- Strong benefic in 10th incline a native to perform religious sacrifices.

Impediments in profession

Y-1- If the three benefic Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus are in 6 or 8 or 12th (individually or severally) conjunct or aspected by malefic, impediments in profession and failures are very likely.


Y-1- Full Moon and or Jupiter in 10th which happens to be a watery sign, indicates especially pious or charitable deeds on the part of the native.


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