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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part – 102


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Y-1- If the lord of the 10th house is located in the Navamsa of a movable sign & also occupies a movable sign the native, goes for hunting.

b- If the Navamsa is of a fixed sign or a common sign there is no aptitude for hunting.


Y-1- If the lord of the 6th occupies the 10th house and the lord of the 10th is with Saturn in angle or a trine house the native has male or maid servants.

Y-2- If the lord of the Navamsa sign occupied by the lord of the 10th house is Saturn in Sambandha (i.e. in link by association, aspect etc) with the lord of the 6th house the yoga indicates that the native has many servants.


Y-1- If a benefic planet occupies the 10th house and in Horary astrology the question relates to “eating”, the answer should be given that he or she will have his or her desire fulfilled.

b- In cases where the 10th house is occupied by malefic, the yoga indicates the weakness of knees.

Sanyasa Yoga

Y-1- If four planets are together in any place other than an angle, and if the lord of thet sign occupied by these four planets is located in a angle or a time house, Sanyasa yoga is constituted.

Sanyasa yoga is also constituted if four planets are to9gether in an angle.

Y-2- If Saturn alone aspects the lord of the Ascendant & the lord of the Ascendant aspects Saturn & the lord of the Ascendant is weak Sanyasa yoga is constituted.

Y-3a- If Sun occupies the drekkana (Decanate)) of Saturn and is aspected by Saturn, this yoga is constituted.

Y-3b- Similarly Sanyasa yoga is formed if Moon is located in the Navamsa of Saturn or if she is located in the Navamsha of Mars & is aspected by Saturn.

Y-4- If the lord of the house in which the Sanyasa yoga is formed is with Rahu in a malefic Navamsa, or is with Gulika the Sanyasa yoga is cancelled, if the planets afflicted are other than benefic.

Note: The rationale behind the Sanyasa yoga constituted by the location together of 4 planets in a angle is not quite clear. From a perusal of the texts it is thought that according to the texts the location of planets in an angle or trine house influences the Ascendant. Based on this principle the location of 4 planets in any angle would have the influence of the four planets on the Ascendant.

Since the association of four planets is generally of a “Separative” character in view of the inclusion of one or more of the Separative planets. Sun, Saturn, Rahu, Mandi, etc the influence of, the four planets gathered together in a angle will be one of separation on the Ascendant which will have the effect of separating, one from the traits of the 1st house, Viz wealth and the place of birth, there is some justification in the yoga in question.

We however, think that it would be better if we have a definition of the term “Sanyasa” & consider the question from the astrological factors involved. Sanyasa in or opinion is formed when the mind is in Vairagya and the native leaves his family, home and wealth & enjoyments of the bed. This will be there if Moon, the 4th house and its lord, representing the mind are under the influence of the significator of Sanyasa-Saturn & Rahu who always acts as Saturn. This will suffice to give the requisite Vairagya. Then the influence of the Separative planets, Sun, Saturn and Rahu or their dispositor, should be on the 2nd house and its lord (family), on the 4th house and its lord (Residence), & on the 12th house and its lord (pleasures of the bed).

Other view-Sanyasa Yoga

Y-1a- Any four planets standing in or aspecting the 10th, the house governing profession, indicates that the native will take up the order of Sanyasa or renounce the world.

Y-1b- Conjunction of lords of Ascendant and 10th with three other planets, also indicates the same result.

Y-1c- Sun, Venus, Mars and Jupiter in 10th house denotes, that the native will not only enter the order of Sanyasa, but also take up the order of Brahmacharya (forsaking marriage and remaining a bachelor throughout) and will go about in loin cloth or “Langoti”.


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