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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part – 104


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Y- In conjunction with Venus, if lord of 10th is in quadrant or exaltation, the native will be respected by all.


Y- If lord of 4th is in quadrants in a watery sign conjunct with Mars and lord of 10th or Mercury the native will attain discrimination for thinking of unity of Jivatma and Paramatma.

Professional Authority-

Y-1- If Mercury and lord of 10th are conjunct or aspected by benefic, the native will be exercising authority.

Y-2- Sun in 10th in conjunction of Mars, whilst their dispositor is posited in quadrants, indicates that the native will be harsh in exercising his authority (comparable to magisterial power).

Proficiency in evil trades

Y-1- Whilst the lord of 10th is debilitated, if a native has Saturn and Rahu in 10th or Rahu or Ketu in 12th, he will be an adept in evil trades (counterfeiting &c).


Y-1- A native having Moon in 10th in Parvat amsa, aspected by Jupiter or Venus will enjoy fame.

Y-2a- Fame for a native is assured if one or more benefic are posited in 10th or the lord of 10th is conjunct with an benefic or the lord of 10th is hemmed in between benefic.

Y-2b- Bad Name- Opposite results are indicated if lord of 10th, is conjunct malefic or the lord of 10th is placed on malefic Sastiamsa.


Y-1a- The native will enjoy honour, if a benefic is posited in 10th or the 10th house falls in a sign owned by benefic or 10th lord is conjunct benefic.

Y-1b- Malefic being associated with 10th or its lord, indicate opposite results, including loss of reputation.


P-a- The profession of a native has to be decided from the 10th house from Ascendant, or Moon whichever is stronger.

b- Jupiter or Venus in the 10th denotes an honourable profession; it also indicates that he will have a charitable disposition.

c- Tamsik planets (Saturn and Rahu) give opposite results; particularly Saturn and Mars in 10th house, incline a native to be proud, adamant and resort to trade tricks.

d- If lord of 10th is in 9th connected with Saturn & Mercury, the native may prefer the life of an ascetic; if they are in malefic Vargas, the native may not take up or make much headway in this line; Saturn only being connected with lord of 10th in 9th, indicates failure and return to normal life. If these planets occupy moveable classifications, there will be, almost always, travels and shifting from place to place as an ascetic; in fixed Vargas, stationary life: in debilitation, he will be inclined to take up mean professions; generally, malefic classifications indicate that the public will Not like his actions.


Y-1- If lords of 10th and 9th are strongly connected with each other, the native will be wielding administrative authority. If there is exchange of signs between the two, or they both stand in 9th or 10th, the native will enjoy the confidence of the Ruler and will be wielding greater administrative authority comparable to that of a minister.

Exalted classifications for lords of 9th and 10th under above yoga, the native will enjoy respect from a number of kings.

If other planets in the horoscope also have exaltation whilst lord of 9th and 10th are placed as described here, there will be gain of an Empire.

Y-2- From the planet(s) posited in 10th, lord of 10th, their significations Guna (nature such as Satwik or Rajasic or Tamasik) and the signs involved, decide the profession by which the native will pull through during the life time.

Weakness of planets involved in this connection indicates breaks and failures professionally.

Y-3- If Sun and Mars are strongly connected with the 10th (by conjunction within the 10th or aspect etc.) the native will be wielding powers as the Commander of the Armed Forces.

Y-4- If Saturn & Mars are so placed in the 10th house, then his profession will be something in the midst of Armed forces in war Areas.

Y-5- If Pisces or Cancer happens to be the 10th with Venus and Jupiter in there, the native will attain salvation.

Y-6- If Rahu or Ketu is in such 10th, the native will perform pilgrimages of the highest order.


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