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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 71


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Marriage – Western View

The promise or denial of marriage depends largely on the condition and aspects or the Moon and Venus in, a male horoscope, of the Sun and Mars in a female horoscope. With men the signs of marriage are: Mars in aspect to Venus, and the latter strong in the figure; the Moon strong in a fruitful sign; Venus similarly placed; Jupiter or Venus in the seventh house; the fruitful signs, Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, on the seventh, or intercepted therein; the Moon in a fruitful sign in the first, fifth, tenth, or eleventh; Venus similarly placed; the Moon and Venus unaspected by Saturn, and stronger than Saturn in the horoscope; the lords of the first and seventh house in conjunction or good aspect.

Pluto or Neptune being in the seventh house although emphasizing the idealistic conception of marriage again brings a liability towards unfaithfulness on the side of the marriage partner with a possibility of experiencing personal temptations towards adultery when, if given way to, will break the marriage.

All these are indications of an inclination to marriage and of opportunities thereto.

The indications of marriage being denied are

When Pluto or Neptune square the Moon in a male horoscope or the Sun in a female horoscope there is a danger of the engagement being broken and of marriage not being consummated. Pluto can cause the prospective, partner to disappear before the Wedding day whilst Neptune gives an indication of the possibility of bigamy.

Saturn in evil aspect to the Moon and Venus, or the Moon alone aspected by Saturn, if Saturn be strong and they weak in the figure, The Moon or Venus in either Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, or Aries, and angle, and afflicted by Saturn, the marriage is difficult to achieve.

The Moon in Scorpio in evil aspect to Saturn, or in the signs of Saturn, conjoined to the Sun and afflicted by Saturn.

The Moon in the occidental quarters of figure in conjunction, square, or opposition to the Sun, and also afflicted by Saturn.

All these are indications of the marriage being wholly denied, or accomplished with great difficulty.

In general, consult the condition of the seventh house, its ruler, the Moon and Venus. If you find them cadent or in barren signs, and afflicted by Uranus or Saturn, then judge that marriage will not take place. Otherwise, it goes without saying that the native will marry at some time in life.

Delay is shown when the Moon or Venus is afflicted by Uranus or Saturn, the Moon being in an occidental quarter of the figure; or when the Moon and Venus are in evil aspect to one another. For these aspects show disappointment in early love affairs, crosses, and delays.

The Time of Marriage

The Moon in a male horoscope, being in any of the fruitful signs in aspect to Saturn, disposes to a late marriage.

The Moon oriental and unaffiliated, Mars in aspect to Venus, Venus or Jupiter in the seventh or the lord of the first going to an aspect with the ruler of the seventh, these dispose to an early marriage.

The position of the Moon must chiefly be considered in this respect. The Moon and Venus well placed in congenial or fruitful signs, and not in aspect to Saturn or Uranus, the native is left free to marry. If the Moon is found oriental of the Sun, i.e., increasing in light, and in an oriental quarter of the figure, i.e., between the fourth and seventh, or the first and tenth cusps, the native will marry early. But if the Moon be in an occidental quarter, and decreasing in light, marriage takes place later in life.

When the Moon and Venus are in good positions, and not in aspect to Saturn, or Uranus, but the Moon occidental and decreasing in light, marriage takes place at a moderate age, neither early nor too late.

The testimonies must be weighed carefully, and judgment made accordingly.


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