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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 70


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Classics view:

The following combinations which can neutralize the evil of Mars in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th houses.

1. If Saturn is situated in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses from Lagna the evil of Mars Dosha gets cancelled.

2. If Moon and Venus are in the 2nd house, there is no Mangalik Dosha.

3. If Jupiter aspects or conjoins Mars, Mangalik Dosha gets cancelled.

4. Na Mangali Rahu joge. When Mars and Rahu are together, therer is no Mangalik Dosha.

5. When Mars is situated in the 1st, 4th or 7th house and if such house happens to be its own or exaltation sign, there will be no Mangalik Dosha. Mars in such positions forms Ruchaka yoga and will bestow auspicious results only.

Planets in 7th House

Y- The effects produced by planets posited in the 7th House:

Sun- In exaltation: Frequently moves about: suffers deafness; dark red complexion; light yellow coloured hair; suffers from loss of wife; learning.

Moon- Broad round face; fulfils desire of young Women; very fair complexion.

If malefic or aspected by malefic: lean body; bereft of happiness; sickly wife.

Mars- In debilitation or enemy house: loss of wife.

In Exaltation or otherwise strong: separation from wife.

Mercury- Handsome looking; lucky; slightly oversexed; the native will be weak sexually or undersexed; defeated by Women; loves his wife.

Jupiter- Wife, wealth and respect; religious minded; enjoyments; full happiness as a householder.

Venus- Son; very wealthy; large family; his wife will be a hit oversexed; good looking face; his company is desired by beautiful women.

Saturn- He will lose his wife due to sickness; he will re-marry, over and again, only to lose his wives. There will be death of as many wives as he marries.

Rahu- The native will lose his wife due to sickness and thereafter, he will be running after women of questionable character, adulterous girls, dirty women, barren women and young widows.

Ketu- Engaged in professions considered “low class” or below dignity by many; looks charming; desired by young women; causes sorrow to himself and his wife.

Seventh house lord in various houses

In case the 7th Lord happens to fall in the Ascendant, the native will traverse other people’s wives, be wicked, skilful, be devoid of fortitude and will be afflicted by windy diseases.

If the 7th Lord is placed in the 2nd House the native will have many wives, will gain wealth through his wife and will be of procrastinating nature.

If the 7th Lord is situated in the 3rd House, the issue of the native are subjected to (early) death. Sometimes a daughter is born and a son may also remain living with great difficulty.

In case the 7th Lord is situated in the 4th House, the wife of the native will not remain under his control. He will himself be truthful, intelligent and religious and he will suffer from dental diseases.

Should the 7th Lord occupy the 5th House, the native will be a man of honour, gifted with all the virtues, always delighted and endowed with all kinds of wealth.

If the 7th Lord is placed in the 6th House, the native’s wife will be sickly or the nature is inimical towards her, he is himself given to anger and remains devoid of happiness.

Should the 7th Lord occupy the 7th House, the native, will be endowed with happiness through wife, be courageous, skilful and intelligent but only afflicted by windy diseases.

In case the 7th Lord happens to fall in the 8th House, the native will be bereft of marital happiness. His wife also will be afflicted by diseases, bad-natured and will not remain obedient to the native.

It the 7th Lord is situated in the 9th House, the native will have union with many women, be well disposed to his own wife, and will initiate a number of deeds.

In the event of the 7th Lord being placed in the 10th House, the native’s wife will not remain under his control. The native himself will be religious and be gifted with Wealth, sons etc.

If the 7th Lord occupies the 11th House, the native will gain wealth through his wife, will get less happiness from his sons and will have more daughters (than sons).

If the 7th Lord is gone in the 12th House, the native will be penury miserly and his wife will be spendthrift. He will earn his livelihood by trading in clothes (textiles/garments etc).


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