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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 72


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Happiness or Sorrow

Jupiter or Venus in the seventh house, well placed and aspected, is the best sign of felicity in marriage. Even if well placed in the seventh, and afflicted, Jupiter or Venus will give happiness, but will denote some affliction to the partner. Again, Mercury, Moon, or Sun in the seventh, well aspected, shows happiness in wedlock.

The Sun and Moon in good aspect to one another is a sign of happiness. The reverse of this, if the aspect be evil.

The malefic in the seventh denote unhappiness, unless very well aspected, or in good aspect to the Moon, in which case the wife dies early.

Uranus in the seventh, badly aspected, estrangement or divorce follows. If Mars adds the weight of his influence by evil aspect, then violence occurs.

Venus or Jupiter in good aspect to the Moon, happiness is almost certain.

The Moon afflicted by Saturn, Mars, or Uranus, a man is not fortunate in the choice of a wife, more especially if the afflicting planet be in the seventh house.

Good planets in the eighth house, or the Moon there, well aspected, denotes gain by marriage.

Venus afflicted by Uranus or Saturn, domestic troubles ensue. But if in good aspect to these planets, sincere attachment and well-ordered affections are shown.

The Moon in opposition to Jupiter or Venus shows troubles after marriage, or grief through bereavement.

If Mars be in the seventh or eighth, in bad aspect to Jupiter, the native is ruined by an extravagant wife.

The Moon afflicted by Mars shows a wife who is difficult to control, if not altogether loose in her conduct. If Mars be thus placed, and in Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio, the wife may be addicted to drink.

Mercury in the seventh, afflicted by Mars or Uranus, shows a wife of unsound mind, or suffering from a severe nervous disorder.

Neptune there (in the seventh), badly placed or afflicted, or in evil aspect to the Moon, denotes a negligent and self-indulgent wife.

Uranus afflicting Venus in any part of the horoscope shows intrigues with unmarried girls; but when afflicting the Moon the attraction is to married women. If either Uranus or Moon or Venus be in the first, fifth, or seventh house, it will lead to complications.

If Mars is adding his influence, it will be much talked of, and may form the subject of a public scandal. This certain to be the case when the planets thus in aspect are in the tenth house. But when Saturn gives his influence by aspect or conjunction, the matter is a secret one. Jupiter assisting brings the native safely through his troubles. Mercury is a great talker, and his influence is to be feared in this matter.

Neptune afflicting Moon or Venus disposes to illicit and unnatural appetites, chaotic relations, and lascivious habits. The conjunction and opposition are most feared; especially if no benefic aspects intervene to ward off the evil.

Pluto afflicting the Moon or Sun shows that the marriage can turn sour as it were, as a result of frustrating or disappointing conditions occurring, with the possibility that one or other of the partners (the marriage partner, if Pluto is in the seventh) walking out and disappearing.

The good aspects of Jupiter or Saturn to the Moon and Venus, do much to steady and regulate the expression of the sex feeling. The evil aspect of Saturn however tends to produce morbid feeling and unnatural restraint. Mars being in evil aspect or conjunction with Venus or Venus in the signs of Mars, stimulates the sex feeling, and disposes to freedom of expression. Uranus, on the other hand, makes the native erratic in this respect; while Neptune conduces to chaotic and highly sensuous appetites.

Plato in good aspect to the Moon or the Sun will bring about happy conditions in the marriage, the native in many respects being able to “lift” the prospective partner from out of unhappy or deplorable conditions as a result of marriage.

The planet with which the Moon forms the first aspect after birth must be taken into account chiefly. If this be a benefic, or the aspect be a benefic one, then the evils signified by evil planets in the seventh house will be overruled, but the wife will die before the native. In such cases if Uranus be there, a sudden death is shown, and if Mars, a violent death. Saturn, under such conditions, produces death by disease.

If, with the malefic, or one of them, in the seventh house, the Moon, applying to Jupiter or Venus, is found to be in a fruitful sign-Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio or in aspect to many planets from Gemini, Sagittarius, or Pisces, or the Moon therein herself, then the native marries again, and, making a bad choice, fulfils the destiny noted by the malefic in the seventh house.

If the Moon be applying to Jupiter or Venus, the marriage will be happy; but if, at the same time, the malefic, or one of them shall afflict the Moon or the wife’s significator, then the wife dies before the native.

When, in the horoscopes of the native and his partner, Saturn, Uranus, or Mars in the one is found on the ascendant of the other, then hurt will fall to that person whose ascendant it is. If Saturn in one shall be on the place of the Sun or Moon in the other, the person whose Sun or Moon is thus afflicted will suffer by the marriage. The same if Uranus be the afflicting planet. Mars thus situated in regard to the Moon in the partner’s horoscope, shows trouble to the latter and continual disagreement. The Sun and Mars are in more affinity by nature, and their interchanges in the horoscopes of man and wife are rather fortunate than otherwise. But Mars in one in opposition to the Sun in the other horoscope is evil.

On the contrary, if Jupiter or Venus be thus situated in respect to ascendant, meridian, Sun, or Moon, in the partner’s horoscope, good results will follow from the marriage.

The agreement or disagreement of the two contracting parties can be infallibly judged by the mutual interchange of positions and aspects in their horoscopes.


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