Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 87


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Y-1- The native becomes fortunate in many ways, if Venus is in her highest exaltation and is in conjunction with the 9th Lord and Saturn occupies the 3rd House.

Y-2- Should Jupiter be in the 9th House and the 9th Lord in an angle the native acquires abundant wealth.

Y-3- If Mercury is in his highest exaltation and the 9th Lord is situated in the 9th House itself, the native acquires abundant wealth after the 36th year.

Y-4- The placement of the 9th Lord in the 2nd House and of the 2nd Lord in the 9th House make it possible that the native will get fortunes, conveyances and fame in his 32nd year.

Wealth and conveyances-

Y- The situation of the Ascendant Lord in the 9th House and that of the 9th Lord in the Ascendant House and that of Jupiter in the 7th House will confer on the native gains of wealth and conveyances.

Devoid of fortunes-

Y-1- If 9th from 9th (5th from the Ascendant) is placed Rahu and its Lord (the 5th Lord) occupies the 8th House from the ascendant and the 9th Lord is in his sign of debilitation the native will be devoid of fortunes.

Food by begging-

Y-1- The native acquires food by begging should Saturn be in the 9th House along with the Moon and the Ascendant Lord be in his debilitation sign.

Y-2- In case both the 10th Lord and the 3rd Lord are bereft of strength and the 9th Lord is in his debilitation sign or is combust the combination will make the native to beg.


Y-1- If Moon is located in the 9th house with a malefic planet and if Venus is there in afflicted condition, the native cohabits with the wife of his Guru or a respected lady.

1-b- The same result follows if the lord of the 9th house is with Venus or Moon and is afflicted by a malefic planet.

Y-2a- If the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 9th house is with Moon or Venus and is afflicted by malefic, the native cohabits with the wife of his Guru or a respected lady, or

Y2b- If the lord of the 9th house is in its sign of debilitation, or debilitated Navamsa which belongs to Venus and is located with Venus, the same result follows.

Y-3- If Moon is weak in Pakshabala i.e. within 72 degrees from the Sun and is located in the Navamsa of Venus, the man cohabits with the wife of his Guru, or

3b- If the lord of the 9th house is in its sign of debilitation and Venus occupies the Navamsa sign of the lord of the 9th the same result follows.


Y-1- If the lord of the 9th house is combining with a benefic planet through its Navamsa, or if its significator-Jupiter is located in the beneficial navamsa and does not occupy a malefic Sastiamsa (1/60th division), the native is strongly entrenched in religion and morality.

Y-2- If Jupiter or Venus occupies its own sign or a friendly Navamsa and placed in the 9th house and the lord of 9th is in strength, the native becomes the head of a religious institution.

Y-3- If the lord of the 9th house occupies the Navamsa sign of Jupiter, Venus or Mercury and is aspected by benefic and is located in between benefic, the native becomes religious person.

Y-4- If a benefic planet occupied the 9th house, but is located there in the Navamsa belonging to a malefic planet and is occupying a malefic Sastiamsa (1/60th division), the native resorts to religion through hypocrisy.

Y-5- If the lord of 9th, house, is placed in its significator Jupiter’s house i.e. Sagittarius or Pisces, and is with a benefic planet and in the navamsa of benefic planets and aspected by a benefic, the man is sincerely devoted to religion- and morality.


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