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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 86


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Effects of the Ninth House

The significations and significators of the 9th house are: (1) Giving alms (2) Virtue and religion (3) pilgrimage (4) penance (5) reverence to elders (6) medicinal drugs (7) conduct (8) purity of mind (9) divine worship (10) hard work to acquire learning (11) splendor (12) conveyance (13) affluence (14) destiny (15) dignity (16) fable (17) travel (18) holy baths (19) nourishments (20) good company (21) happiness (22) paternal wealth (23) son (24) daughter (25) all sorts of wealth (26) horses (27) elephants (28) buffaloes (29) coronation hall (30) establishing the Vedic faith or one’s own religion (31) a Vedic sacrifice (32) circulation of wealth.

Now we will discuss the effects of the 9th House.

P- From the 9th house of the horoscope the following should be considered, Guru, prospects in life, father, grandsons, compassion, religious austerity, income, hips, mind, family members, charity, yoga, boss, uncles.

P- If the 9th house is associated with benefic planets, the relations etc mentioned get benefited otherwise these suffer.

Fortunate- Y-1- If the strong 9th Lord occupies the 9th House, the native is fortunate.

Y-2- Jupiter being placed in the 9th House and the 9th Lord in an angle and the Ascendant Lord being endowed with strength, in this combination he will be extremely fortunate.

Notes: The 9th House is examined to consider fortune, devotion to God, pilgrimage, obedience to teacher, alms, yajna penance, and fame etc. The significator of this House is Jupiter. Therefore, obtaining of pronounced effects relating to the 9th House is possible when Jupiter is strong and is situated in angle or trine etc.


Y-1- Fortunate- The native’s father will be fortunate when the 9th Lord in the native’s horoscope is endowed with strength and Venus is placed in the 9th House while Jupiter is in angle from the Ascendant.

Y-2- Indigent- In case Mars occupies the 2nd or 4th House from the 9th and the 9th Lord is in his sign of debilitation, the native’s father will be indigent.

Notes: The second from the 9th House means the 10th House from the Ascendant and the 4th from the 9th House means the 12th House from the Ascendant. Therefore it means that if there is Mars in the 10th or the 12th House from the Ascendant and at the same time the 9th Lord is in his sign of debilitation, the father will be indigent. The combination also signifies that the native will not get much wealth from his father.

Y-3- Long life- The father of that native will be long-lived in whose birth chart the 9th Lord is very highly exalted and the Navamsa of the 9th House is occupied by Jupiter and in an angle from the Ascendant is placed Venus.

Y-4- Status- When the 9th Lord is in an angle and is aspected by Jupiter, the native’s father will be a king endowed with conveyances or will be equal to king.

Y-5- Wealthy and famous- If the 9th Lord is situated in the 10th House and the 10th Lord in the 9th House and is aspected by a benefic planet, the native’s father will be wealthy and famous.

Y-6- Native Devoted to- If the Sun is in his highest exaltation and the 9th Lord is in the 11th House, the native will be religious minded, favourite of a king and devoted to his father.

Y-7- Should the Sun be in a trine from the Ascendant, the 9th Lord be in the 7th House in conjunction with or aspected by Jupiter, the native will have great devotion to his father.

Y-8- Enmity with- Should the Ascendant Lord along with the 6th Lord occupy the 9th House the father and the sons will have enmity with each other and the father will be a person of contemptible nature.

Combinations of death of Father

Death of-

Y-1- The death of the natives father will occur before his birth if the Sun is placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th House, the 8th Lord in the 9th House, 12th Lord in the Ascendant House and the 6th Lord in the 5th House.

Y-2- If the Sun is situated in the 8th House and the 8th Lord in the 9th House the death of the native’s father should be told in the first year of his nativity.

Y-3- The native’s father dies in the 3rd or the 16th year of his life in case the 12th Lord is in the 9th House, and the 9th Lord is in his degrees of fall.

Y-4- The father’s death is to be predicted in the 2nd or the 12th year, if the Ascendant Lord occupies the 8th House in conjunction with the Sun.

Y-5- It (father’s death) will occur in the 16th or 18th year in case Rahu is placed 8th from the 9th House (or 4th from the Ascendant), and 9th from 9th or (5th from the Ascendant) is situated the Sun.

Y-6- If Rahu is in conjunction with the Sun, and Saturn is situated in the 9th House from the Moon, the native’s father will certainly go to his heavenly abode in his 7th or 19th year.

Y-7- The father’s death is to be predicted in the 44th year in the event of the 9th Lord falling in the 12th House and the 12th Lord in the 9th House.

Y-8- The native’s father dies in his 35th or 41st year if there is the Moon in the Navamsa of the Sun and the Ascendant Lord is situated in the 8th House.

Y-9- If the Sun as the Lord of the 9th House has conjunction with Saturn and Mars the father will die in the 50th year.

Y-10- If the Sun is there 7th from the 9th (Third from the Ascendant) and Rahu 7th from the 3rd (9th from the Ascendant) the death of the father is to be told in the 6th or 25th year.

Y-11- If 7th from the 8th House (2nd from the Ascendant) has fallen Saturn and the Sun 7th from Saturn, the father’s death occurs in the 30th, 21st or 26th year.

Y-12- In case the 9th Lord is in his sign of debilitation and its Lord (the Lord of that sign of debilitation) occupies the 9th House, the father’s death is to be predicted in the 26th or 33rd year.


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