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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 73


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Description of Wife

Take the planet to which the Moon first forms an aspect after birth, either by conjunction, sextile, square, trine, or opposition, and this planet, together with the sign it is in, will describe the wife. If, however, that planet is retrograde, reject it; it denotes an attachment which will be broken off. But if it be the ruler of the seventh house, it must be taken as the significator of the wife, who will die before the native. The successive aspects formed by the Moon after birth will show the several attachments of the native, until the ruler of the seventh house is reached by the lunar aspect or conjunction. Then, the sign occupied by the ruler of the seventh, together with the sign on the seventh cusp, descries the first wife in legal bonds with the native. Any other planet in the seventh house will describe the second wife, if more than one marriage is shown.

Therefore, unless the Moon comes first to the aspect of the lord of the seventh, or a planet in the seventh, the various applications of the Moon must be regarded with caution, lest a lover be mistaken for a wife. The character of the wife must be judged from the condition and aspects of the significator.

The circumstances under which the native meets his wife are judged from the house occupied by her significator; as, if in the eleventh, among friends; in the fourth, at his own home, or in his native town; in the third, among relatives, or on a short journey; in the ninth, abroad, or on a voyage, or the partner may be a foreigner; and so of the rest.

Second Marriages

The Moon in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Gemini, or Sagittarius, and in aspect to many planets, shows a possibility of a second marriage, especially if a planet, not in aspect to the Moon, be found in the seventh.

The Moon in aspect to two or three planets in double signs-Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius-especially if she be in one of these signs herself, shows plurality of wives.

If the Moon be in aspect to no planet at all, but two or more planets are in the seventh house, and the ruler of the seventh is in a double sign, or such a sign on the cusp of the seventh, these are indications of more than one marriage.

The ruler of the ascendant in a double sign in the seventh, associated with other planets similarly placed, denotes plurality.

The ruler of the ascendant in conjunction with ruler of seventh, in a double Sign, denotes plurality.

Female Horoscopes – Western View

Are judged in all particulars like those of the male sex in regard to marriage, taking the Sun instead of the Moon, and Mars instead of Venus. The following observations apply particularly to female horoscopes:

Mars, being weak in the figure, and in no aspect to the Sun, has a tendency to prevent marriage: The same if Mars be in no aspect to the Sun, and afflicted by Saturn or Uranus.

Mars in the fifth house delays marriages; and if, at the same time, Saturn afflicts the Sun, the native does not marry, unless Jupiter be in the seventh house, or two of the foregoing planets (Mars, Sun, Saturn) be in fruitful signs.

Mars afflicting the Sun by parallel, conjunction, or otherwise, renders the married life unhappy, or the husband dies suddenly. If Mars be in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, and afflicting the Sun, the husband will drink, and be of a profligate nature.

Uranus afflicting the Sun delays a woman’s marriage, and also tends to produce an elopement or seduction. This latter calamity is almost certain to follow if Uranus afflicts the Sun, and Mars afflicts the Moon or Venus at the same time. In all cases the evil aspect of Uranus to the Sun produces trouble in the married life.

Neptune afflicting the Sun increases the liability to deception before marriage and unfaithfulness after marriage. It shows that the husband can develop traits of drunkenness, drug taking and immorality. Pluto afflicting the Sun shows that the marriage partner’s business or private activities can take him far away from the marital home causing absences of long duration that can disturb the marital life, or alternatively can compel the wife to go with him and thus have no settled home life. Sometimes circumstances or the deliberate design of the husband can cause him to disappear so that his whereabouts are unknown. In certain instances he can reappear without warning and expect to resume marital life as if nothing had happened.

When the Sun first applies to the evil aspect of Saturn, the native marries a poor or worthless husband, without enterprise or nobility of character; and if Saturn be in a watery sign he will be given to drink, in a sign of Venus, he is unfaithful; in a sign of Jupiter, unfortunate; in his own signs, miserly and selfish.

Note- The Sun is said to apply to that planet to which it forms the first complete aspect by its motion after birth; and generally the sextile, square, trine, and opposition are the only aspects which need be considered in this connection. We are disposed, however to think: that the Sun first aspect in the ephemeris after birth should be taken chief notice of, and not its aspect by direction, as others state.

When the Sun is found in a barren sign-Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn-and afflicted by Saturn, the native does not marry. If Saturn be in the seventh house, and the Sun in trine or sextile to it, the native marries a widower; and if, at the same time, Mars be in aspect to Saturn, she will marry a widower with a family. The same happens if Saturn be in the seventh in aspect to Mars, and the Sun applying to some other planet in the figure.

If the Sun applies to Saturn in the seventh, and Saturn be in its own dignities, Libra or Capricorn, or in good aspect to Jupiter, then the native marries a widower who is wealthy, and by whom she will gain.

The position of Mars in a female horoscope is of great importance.

For if it be found afflicted by Uranus or Saturn, and in barren sign, it delays marriage or wholly prevents it. Thus, in a lady’s horoscope, we find the Sun oriental, and in a fruitful sign, Cancer, in trine to Jupiter in Scorpio, Jupiter being ruler of Pisces on the cusp of the seventh house-all excellent signs of marriage. But Mars is in the tenth house in Gemini, and in conjunction with the Moon, afflicted by Uranus from the seventh house, and in opposition to Saturn, Mars at the same time being in no aspect to the Sun. At fifty-seven years of age she remains unmarried.

Length of Marriage

The years of married life are measured by the distance of the significator of the wife-or husband from the evil aspect of the malefic to which it is directed, Thus, if Jupiter were the significator in Aries one degree, and the planet Saturn were in Cancer eleven degrees, then ten years of married life would be experienced, as the distance of Jupiter from square of Saturn is ten degrees. Again, if Venus be significator in Libra ten degrees, and Saturn in Libra eighteen degrees, then Venus to conjunction Saturn gives eight years of married life. Or, if Uranus were the significator, and the Sun were eight degrees distant from it, then Uranus to conjunction Sun would indicate the marriage years as extending over eight years. Thus the significator to the conjunction or evil aspect of the malefic will show the period of married life.


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