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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 27


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Scorpio described: The sign Scorpio has slender physique and is multi-footed (Centipede). It is Brahmin by Varna (race) and resides in holes. Its direction is north and it is strong in day. Its hue is reddish brown and it resides in both water and land. It has hairy body, very sharp forepart (very sharp sting) and its ruler or Lord is Mars.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars, now a dayo Pluto also, and its symbol is the Scorpion. Scorpio is a Water sign, passionate and intense.

Many astrologers consider the sign of Scorpio as the most powerful of all the signs of the zodiac. Pluto, the ancient god of the nether-world (hell), death, and regeneration, exerts its influence very strongly on those born under this sign.

Scorpio native are know for their intensity and passion. Their drive in life is to improve the status quo through their actions and to change the world for the better, provided that they can temper their own desires. Scorpio native are staunch defenders of justice and will fight to the end for causes they believe to be just. They are idealistic and are guided by the highest principles. Scorpio native never get into anything “half-way”.

Scorpio native live their life in extremes. They can be at the same time powerful and weak, independent and clingy, passionate and cold. Beneath a confident exterior often lie turbulent and temperamental urges. They are prone to being possessive and jealous, and their relationships are often stormy. Their unpredictable nature and their intensity of feeling often leads others to keep their distance, but if a Scorpio is given a chance, they can prove to be loving, generous, and fiercely loyal.

Despite the negative aspects emphasized by some astrologers, Scorpio native can prove that strong emotions can be channeled positively. Scorpio native are passionate about everything that they become involved in, including romance.

Scorpio Sign in the Ascendant

If Scorpio is in the ascendant, the native is a man with a broad, tall, and fat body, deep-set, reddish, blazing eyes, massive eyebrows, a low-hanging belly, and a nose that is slender in the middle;

A sharp, firm, aggressive, and fierce man who is impatient of injury and whose character is rough within; a jealous person who does what his mother wishes; a hero who kills, takes, and sets up obstacles;

One who delights in injuring his friends and elders and eats (the food) of others; a fellow who tries to seduce other men’s wives; one who possesses a family and flourishing wealth; a man whose brothers are hateful and relatives low;

A man rich in sons who destroys confidence and has a bile-disease; are strained and generous man whose face is full of holes; a man who serves the king and has various groups of enemies; a person with many wives who has attained righteousness (dharma);

One who is righteous (dharma) even in everlasting activities and gets wealth and honour by resorting to service; a man who dies because of such things as his enemie’s killing him, his drinking of intoxicating liquors, faults, his passion for women, or imprisonment.


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