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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 28


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Scorpio Ascendant – Sign in Houses

The natives of the ascendant are generally of aggressive nature, self willed, black marketers and friend of people in the military and police. If such people have their Mars strong, they are victorious over their enemies. If Mars and Saturn throw their combined influence on the representative factors in the horoscope, such people are very much adversely disposed to and even act cruelly towards the party represented by these factors. For example, if both Mars and Saturn, influence the 7th house and Venus, they treat their wife with cruelty.

Sagittarius in the Second House. When Sagittarius falls in the second house, Jupiter assumes the lordship of the second and the 5th house. If Jupiter is strong one is benefited financially through his sons, and his sons get much honour and respect in life. He is also a good orator. His speech is also sweet and wise. He gets high education. He generally earns through the use of his intellect. If on the other hand, Jupiter is weak and afflicted by malefic, the native suffers much financially. In this financial loss of his, his son has also a hand. He has defective speech.

Capricorn in the Third House. If Saturn is located in the 3rd house, and is well influenced, the native is favourably disposed towards the lower strata of society, The native loves the weaker section of society in general, and in turn is loved by the public. His younger brother is of somewhat harsh speech, unless Saturn has on it, benefic influence of Jupiter etc. The native has good landed property. If Saturn is strong he has a good number of younger sisters, for Saturn is a female planet by itself though of course, it acts as a eunuch, when influencing the 7th house and its lord and karaka exclusively or in company with Mercury. If Saturn is weak and afflicted, the native has dearth of younger sisters, and he suffers at the hands of friends.

Aquarius in the Fourth House. If Saturn is strong the native comes to possess considerable property. The native takes active part in public affairs, and benefits from his friends. His mother lives long. If Saturn is weak and afflicted, the native suffers at the hands of friends; he is opposed to the interest of the general public and harms the interest of the people.

Pisces in the Fifth House. Jupiter becomes the lord of two benefic houses viz. the 2nd and the fifth. A strong Jupiter is conducive to the acquisition of wealth, power of speech, sons, high education and family etc. A strong Jupiter also represents “Value” and makes everything by its influences “Valuable” and of high importance. For example if Saturn and the fourth house are aspected by Jupiter, the native will have considerable landed property.

Aries in the Sixth House. Mars becomes the lord of the 1st and the 6th houses, being Scorpio ascendant. If Saturn is located in the 6th house, then Mars as the lord of the 6th house (the house of theft), as the karaka of theft and as lord of the sign occupied by Saturn becomes a strong indicator of the habit of theft. Mars for Aries people should be studied in connection with the mode of death of the younger brother, of the mother of the native, as the 6th house represents that relation, and Mars becomes the lord of the 1st and 8th houses of that relation i.e. of the houses of his longevity. Since the sign Aries falls in the house of the younger brother, of the mother of the native, it is easy to see that the lord of a particular sign considered from that house will also be the lord of the house of the same number and as such would represent, par excellence, the number of the limb in the body of the uncle, with the result that in the event of there being heavy affliction of any house and its lord, the trouble in the limb concerned is most likely and serious.

Taurus in the Seventh House. If Taurus falls in the 7th house and Venus is strong, it ensures long life to the wife of the native. If Venus occupies the 7th 5th or the 12th house, native is ridden with sex as all these three houses denote sex in some measure or other, and their mutual association brings about the undesirable results in regard to sex. The person has to incur much expenditure on his wife, as Venus the significator of wife himself owns the house of expenditure and links it to the 7th house, the house of wife. If Rahu is located in Capricorn in the 3rd house and Saturn lord of that house aspects Venus located in his own sign in the 7th house, the native develops marital or sexual contacts with other women, in spite of his being a married man. The reason is that Rahu is a foreign planet. Saturn as lord of the 4th house and as lord of the sign occupied by Rahu represents “Other Women” its link by aspect with all factors of wife would naturally lead the marital and sexual aberration referred to above.

Gemini in the Eighth House. If Mercury happens to be weak and afflicted the native may die in his boyhood, or even earlier as Mercury is known to give quick results. If the 8th house and Mercury are afflicted by natural malefic, the native travels overseas early in life. If Mercury occupies the sign Aries in the 6th house, it causes disease or trouble in its sub-period as it occupies the house of disease, as lord of the house of death.

Cancer in the Ninth House. Moon the royal planet, when becomes the lord of the house connected with favour from the govt., and as such, if strong confers ruling powers. If Moon is in the Ascendant but is away from the Sun and is not influenced by malefic planets, it still bestows wealth and morality on the native even though it occupies its sign of debilitation. Moon represents the religious mind in such a case and its link with the self (1st house) would naturally make the native religious etc. If Moon is strong in paksha Bala and is well aspected the native has quite a number of younger sisters to his wife or if the horoscope belongs to a female, she has quite a number of younger sisters to her husband.

Leo in the Tenth House. If Sun the lord of the 10th house is strong, the father of the native becomes rich. The native tackles big business. He is renowned and is generally successful in his undertakings.

Virgo in the Eleventh House. Mercury becomes the lord of the 11th and the 8th houses. It gives some money as its Mooltrikona sign falls in the 11th house, which is better than the 8th house. If Mercury is strong the existence of elder sisters to the native is indicated. If Mercury is weak and afflicted there is financial loss to the native in his early life, as well as in the sub-periods of Mercury. Mercury acting in collaboration with Mars acts as a planet of injury.

Libra in the Twelfth House. Venus becomes the lord of the 12th and the 7th houses. Both of these houses have “sex” in common. Hence if Venus is located in the 7th or the 12th house, and is influenced by Saturn, lord of the sign occupied by Rahu, the native even though married establishes physical relations with other women. If Venus is not strong he has to incur much expenditure on his wife, and suffers at the hands of the govt., of the day.

Note:- Libra and the Twelfth House. If the Ascendant, the Moon Ascendant and the Sun Ascendant or their lords are intimately linked by association or aspect with the 9th house there from, or their lords and the 12th house and its lord is under the influence of Satvic planets, and the 4th house and Moon are influenced by Saturn the native attains to Moksha or liberation.


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