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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 40


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Pure Aquarius Native

He is freedom-loving and perverse and original and independent, as compared with the so-called normal individual, but he is limited in that he often stresses his ideas to the neglect of all else, and fixed in that he finds it difficult to adapt himself to other ways, or even to see that there are other points of view besides his own. It is then obvious that the Aquarius native will have something of the Saturn’s gravity but, as with all the latter six signs, he will not apply it mainly in a self-seeking way, but will have objectives for his fellow men, and will seek to circulate his ideas through groups and in widespread ways. Since the Saturn principle is now expressed through Air and not Earth, it will take a less severely practical form.

The demand for personal freedom is insistent, but the allegiance to those who will accept a friendly association with the limits of such a condition, is faithful and sincere. The objectives will be out of the ordinary, studies will be of the unusual, frequently of the very old or the very new.

Membership of clubs, lodges and societies will be more congenial than personal bonds. Human contacts are thus made in an impersonal, detached manner, rather than with the ardour of the Fire signs or the emotion of the water triplicity.

Others must learn to be tactful and self-effacing, if they are to live in harmony with the typical Aquarian, fixed in his ways and ideas, even if they are a complete volte-face from those he held a few years before.

In love he is as paradoxical as ever, having all the faithfulness of Fixity (to the loved one of the moment), but the detachment and lack of emotionality of Air. A happy partnership can be maintained if “the other” realizes that the Aquarian does want to be free to pursue his mental interests and must circulate amongst his club or society friends.

Overstress or misuse of these traits will produce a rebel from everything, a person whose fixed idea is that the customary is wrong and that his ideas for drastic alteration are what the entire world should accept. He is the fanatical reformer or the agitator type. Outspokenness will become rude tactlessness. Originality will be mere crankiness. The Saturn side will then manifest as depression and isolation since there will be disappointment that the objectives cannot be reached.

Inhibition of his natural instincts will be caused by being subjected to an over-conventional, dull, hidebound life. He will become a malcontent.

As a child the Aquarian is healthy and happy, since he has something of the Sunniness of his opposite sign. His good circulation keeps him warm and fit. He is usually good-looking, so his elders are proud of him. He will have original and inventive ideas which should be encouraged in every way possible, training being given which will be a foundation on which to build his edifice of thought. Without training, his tendency to originality is apt to become a rebellious insistence that he knows best and that all customary ways and ideas are old-fashioned, and he will become perverse and eccentric.

It is no use making an emotional appeal to an unemotional, aloof child, but once his heart is gained, which is different from mere emotion, he will be a sincere friend. He is likely to be a brilliant, galvanic type, quick at lessons and it may be necessary as with the Leo, to teach him not to show off.

Physical Characteristics

The bodily system being the circulatory, the complexion is usually fresh and well coloured. Next to Libra, this is probably the best looking of the signs. The Saturn ruler-ship gives a good bony framework but shows as a difference from the Leo opposite by the longer shape of the face. Often like a Leo, but with less polish and often with a deliberate and intentional oddness in the clothes or way of doing the hair. Ankles noticeable.


Those of the circulatory system, varicose veins, hardening of the arteries. Injuries are likely to be to the shin and ankle and it is confirmatory of the traditional connection, that these bones and the joint they form are those most frequently broken or sprained. For Saturn/Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is also the significator of fractures.

Way of living

The Aquarian is at his best in any sphere where his natural urges can be reasonably expressed. He is therefore better away from mental, scholastic or personal restrictions of a too hide-bound or conventional nature. Being naturally a rebel, his temperament will be ruined by too conventional a life but he is one of the most trainable of people, having brain to train and the swift flash of genius to bring ideas for the trained brain to use. He is, then, the inventor of the new, whereas his opposite number, the Leo person, was the creator, the source of the new in life. Since the time of the discovery of his planet, Uranus, he can express himself best through science in its many inventions, new ideas, and readiness to change its decisions if new light is thrown on any question.

The understanding of the wave theory, and of everything to do with light, makes him ready to engage in any study which uses these. Photography, electrical work, radio, radiography, radiology, science in all its branches, study of unusual subjects such as archaeology and astrology are his best occupations. As one of the most revolutionary inventions since the discovery of Uranus is that of the aeroplane, the Aquarian naturally tends to its use, and to the study of everything necessary for its manufacture and improvement. Communication has thus been given an entirely new meaning as a correlative of Air.


These are usually connected with his work or in some other expression of Aquarius native. He is Fixed and he likes to go on in his chosen ways. Politically, he is likely to have advanced ideas, different from whatever is the usual manner of his day.

Aquarius Ascendant – Benefic & Malefic

Benefic- Venus alone is a benefic for this Ascendant

Malefic- Moon, Mars and Jupiter

Mars and Venus, if conjunct, become Yoga Karakas.

Jupiter, by himself, does not become a Maraka.

Mars, Jupiter or Moon, if Maraka, cause death.


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