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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 39


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Aquarius Ascendant – Sign in Houses

Aquarius Ascendant. Such people are spend thrift, rather mean and selfish, unless Saturn has good influence on it, in which case they are very wise, long lived, wealthy, and have much property. The planet Jupiter in the birth chart of such people is of special significance, because it has the lordship of two houses of finance viz the 2nd and the 11th house, and is himself the significator of finance. If, therefore, Jupiter aspects any house and its lord that house is bound to get it’s prospects enhanced. If, for example, it aspects the 4th house and its lord, it is instrumental in making the person rich in landed property, conveyance etc. From the angle of the lordship of Jupiter, the people born in this ascendant can be said to be lucky. People born in this Ascendant have Saturn as the lord of the house that stands for the self viz of the 1st house, and Mars becomes the lord of the 3rd house which again represents the deliberate “Self” of man. Thus these planets represent the deliberate self of the native- himself that is prone to act inimically towards the party, which may be exposed to their combined influence in a representative manner. For example, if they afflict the 11th house and Jupiter, the native is deadly opposed to his elder brothers. If they aspect the 7th house and Venus the native is very cruel to his wife. Such influences should always be taken into account during the house matching of the horoscopes of the boys and girls for the purpose of marriage. If Mars and Saturn afflict the 5th house and its lord, such people deliberately take steps to avoid having progeny. They are, in other words, “Votaries” of family planning. Similarly if the two planets are influencing the 8th house and its lord, they are out to kill themselves, i.e., they are prone to commit suicide.

Pisces in the Second House. If the sign Pisces falls in the second house, and Jupiter is strong, the native becomes very rich. Jupiter represents “Value” in such a case and boosts the life and financial prospects of the house etc. whom it aspects, and also makes it valuable. Jupiter in such a case indicates the existence of the elder brothers, of the mother of the native. Because of the simultaneous lordship of the 11th house, the native earns through, rent, interest, shares etc. He is also benefited financially from his elder brother. On the other hand if Jupiter is weak, and afflicted by malefic, by association or aspect, he loses much wealth in life, and he is at daggers drawn with his elder brothers. His mother loses her elder brothers. While dealing with the Aquarius ascendant, the author of “Deva Keralam” has said that:

If in a nativity with Aquarius as the ascendant, Jupiter is in the second house and Venus in the 11th, then the man becomes rich in spite of any other bad yoga present in the horoscope, and will earn respect from the government. The reason is clear. Jupiter as a significator of wealth and as the lord of the house of wealth will be in dignity in the second house and will be still further strengthened by the square aspect from the 11th house of Venus, who it must be noted is “Yoga karaka” for the Aquarius ascendant.

Aries in the Third House. If Aries falls in the 3rd house, Mars who is the natural significator of the younger brother, himself becomes the lord of the 3rd house. If Mars is strong and well aspected along with the 3rd house, the native has many younger brothers. If, on the other hand, these factors are weak and afflicted the native is denied younger brothers. Mars also has the lordship of the 10th house. If Mars is strong the native takes active part in the affairs of the state. Since the sign Aries i.e. the first sign falls in the 3rd house, the planets become the lord of the same number as the sign counted from the 3rd house. In other words the planets represent fully the various limbs of the younger brother. In case any planet is heavily afflicted, the limb denoted by it will suffer, much particularly when the sign of which it is the lord is also afflicted by malefic influence. For example if the 4th house from the 3rd and Moon are weak and afflicted the younger brother of the native will suffer from troubles relating to the 4th house i.e. from diseases of the chest and the lungs. Similarly the Sun will become the lord of not only the 5th sign but also of the same number of house viz the 5th and would represent the belly and heart of the younger brother. In the event of severe affliction of the 5th house and the Sun, the younger brother of the native will suffer from troubles in the belly and the heart. The principle may he extended to the other houses of the younger brother of the native and the results declared as adverse for the younger brother in so far as the limb represented by the house of the brother is concerned. If weak, Mars will denote short life to the younger brother of the native.

Taurus in the Fourth House. Venus becomes the lord of the 4th and the 9th houses and as such under the rules laid down by Maharshi Parashar becomes “Raja yoga Karaka” i.e. conferrer of affluence and power, in its sub-period. Venus, however, must be strong, otherwise there will be very little of gain. If Venus is strong the native acquires fine conveyances as also good amount of property. Such a person takes part in politics. His luck shines through his public activities. If Venus is weak and under malefic influence, his father is short lived i.e. his father dies when the native is quite young. The reason for the short life of the father lies in the fact that Venus becomes the lord of the 3rd and the 8th houses from that of the father, and as such represents his longevity in full manner. Such a person suffers in life through adverse fate i.e., through circumstances beyond his control.

Gemini in the Fifth House. If Mercury is normal and not very strong it does not give much benefit as it has the simultaneous lordship of the worst house in the horoscope namely the 8th house. If, however, Mercury is extra strong, there are chances for the native to get a prize or lottery amount. The native is well educated and wise. If Saturn etc. are aspecting the 5th house, its lord Mercury and its significator Jupiter; the native is likely to be denied a male issue, provided the 9th house and its lord are also weak. In that event the native is subject to trouble of wind in the belly. The 5th house is 8th from the 10th, and the 10th house, being 4th from the 7th house represents the mother of the relation, represented by the 7th house i.e., mother of the wife or the husband according as the horoscope belongs to a male or a female person. When the 5th house and its lord is afflicted by cruel planets like Mars, the mother of the wife or the husband is likely be short lived.

Cancer and the Sixth House. A strong Moon is conducive to the good number of sisters to the mother. If weak the number is very small indeed. A weak Moon indicates trouble in the chest of the younger brother of the native’s mother, as the sign Cancer represents chest. If Moon is strong and well aspected the native is fair and kind even to his enemies. If Moon is in the 8th house, the native is contaminated with vice and engages himself in dubious acts.

Leo in the Seventh House. Sun being the lord of the 7th house, wife becomes bold, influential, and aristocratic in nature. If Sun is weak, wife is short lived, but in such a matter weakness of Venus is also a necessary condition. If Sun is aspected by Moon and a strong Jupiter, the wife or husband as the case may be, belongs to a high family say of Raja or Nawab. If the Sun is strong the native wins favours from the govt: as Sun himself is a governmental planet and becomes the lord of the house 10th to 10th (i.e. Govt).

Virgo in the Eighth House. Mercury becomes the lord of the house no: 5 and 8. As an independent planet Mercury is not very auspicious as even though one of its signs falls in trine, in the 5th house, its Mooltrikona sign falls in the 8th house (worst house). If Mercury is weak and afflicted one is liable to suffer from loss of consciousness during its Dasa or sub-period. The native also suffers losses through his progeny. One also suffers physically in the boyhood. This is yoga for early overseas travel also.

Libra in the Ninth House. Venus becomes the lord of the best trine (9th house) and an angle the 4th house. Hence it gives in its Dasa and sub-period good results of Raja yoga i.e., power and affluence. If Venus is weak and afflicted the native suffers emotional set backs due to sudden loss of fortune. If Venus is strong and the 4th house is aspected by Jupiter, the native gets all sorts of comforts of property, conveyances etc. He is also popular with the masses. A strong Venus denotes that the wife of the native has quite a number of younger sisters.

Scorpio in the Tenth House. Mars ceases to be malefic in nature by virtue of the fact that it owns a angle but since it assumes at the same time the lordship of the 3rd house, it again becomes malefic for the native and gives bad results in it’s Dasa and sub-period, If Mars is strong the native earns honour through the instrumentality of his younger brothers and friends. Saturn in Scorpio in the 10th house should be considered as quite beneficial in spite of it’s location in an inimical sign, The reason is two fold. Firstly Saturn would remain strong by virtue of being in a angle and secondly Saturn as the lord of the Ascendant would be aspecting Capricorn one of its signs with the result that the benefit will accrue to the Ascendant as well, thereby bringing into fructification the good traits of Ascendant such as honour, longevity, wealth etc. That is probably the reason why the author of “Deva Keralam” has said that:

If the ascendant be Aquarius, the amsha is “Gada”, and Saturn is located in the 10th house, the native is rich from the very birth and does not see poverty at any time during his life.

Sagittarius in the Eleventh House. Jupiter here is already in himself a significator of “Wealth”. It is in the second place the lord of the house of gains or value. And again Jupiter becomes the lord of the second house i.e., the house of wealth and as such represents “Value” and wealth par-excellence. It is now not difficult to see that the house etc., which such a total representative of value and wealth aspects would become highly rich and valuable in whatever it represents.

For example if the above type of Jupiter aspects Sun and Mars it would confer ruling powers on the native, as Sun is the significator of Ruling powers and Mars is the lord of the 10th house which stands for ruling powers. Similarly if the above type of Jupiter aspects both the 4th house and Venus, the native will have all sorts of comforts in life, conveyances, property land etc. It would thus be seen that people born in the Aquarius ascendant are comparatively more fortunate than others in so far as the finance conferring qualities of Jupiter are concerned. Some people unnecessarily decry birth in the Aquarius ascendant.

Capricorn and the Twelfth House. The person will have Aquarius as his ascendant. Some authors are of the opinion that since Saturn owns the 12th house, as well Aquarius is an unfortunate Ascendant. We do not subscribe to this view. Our submission is that according to the basic principles enunciated by Maharshi Parashara- father of Indian Astrology, the lord of the 12th house gives the effects of the house, in which its other sign falls. In the case under consideration the other sign of the lord of the 12th house falls in Ascendant, and as such Saturn will give the effects of Ascendant, which cannot be bad, but would be positively good, and the experience also holds the same.


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