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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 38


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Aquarius described: The sign Aquarius is represented by a male holding a pot. It has brown complexion and medium sized body and is biped. It is strong in day, resides in deep water and its element is air. It rises with its head and is Tamoguna. Its Varna (race or Caste) is Shudra (Low born). It is the Lord of the western direction. It is lorded or ruled by Saturn.

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Saturn, now a days Uranus also, and its symbol is the Water-bearer. Aquarius is an Air sign, independent and unorthodox.

Aquarius native are the born eccentrics of the zodiac. Born under the influence of the planet of change, Aquarius native live in the future. They are intellectually independent and tend to have little patience with those who either wish to make them conform, or simply don’t understand their radical ideas. Aquarius native frequently argue for the sake of intellectual exercise, though if they have an opinion, they will defend it staunchly to the point where they will simply ignore the opposing arguments.

This is not to say Aquarius native are anti-social. Quite the opposite. Aquarius native hold brotherhood and fraternity nearly as important as intellectual ideas, and constantly crave the stimulation of people. They are humanitarians and their thoughts constantly delve into the welfare of mankind. They are dreamers and idealists and often come up with schemes to save the world. All of this dreaming takes its toll, though, and many an Aquarian has known the sting of disillusionment with the real world.

Aquarius native tend to spend so much time in the clouds that often they are perceived as aloof and detached. They would rather dream up grand solutions to the problems of mankind that to involve themselves in the boring details. Their great weakness is their tendency to find faults in others, while taking for granted their own shortcomings. Their calmness is also deceptive, concealing great bouts of mental anxiety.

When down to earth, however, Aquarius native are amongst the kindest people in the zodiac. They are easygoing, reasonable, and never boring. So long as they are given the freedom to be themselves, they can be the most entertaining and loyal companions.

Aquarius Sign in the Ascendant

If Aquarius is in the ascendant, the native is the leader of his family who commits many low deeds and the tip of whose nose is splayed; a tall and black man who is independent of his friends and relatives; a lazy and irritable pennon who is fond of quarrels;

A thirsty man who enjoys women, gambling, and harshness; one who is a stranger to purity, auspiciousness, and restraint; a man whose wealth declines and increases and who has a phlegmatic and windy temperament; one with a bad reputation whose people are numerous and clever;

A man whose kinsmen and elders are dead, and who is thought ill of by others; a slanderous and envious person; one whose prosperity is ruined and who has no money from his family; but a roan who is honoured by his cruel brothers;

One whose lazy and jealous sons enjoy the ways of rogues and are enemies of the weak; who are quarrelsome and harsh and do the work of women; who take no pleasure in righteousness (dharma) in their actions and who are despised;

A traveler with many extravagances who possesses a hoard; one who is afflicted by phlegmdiseases in the heart; a man who dies because of women, anger, lightning, fire, water, or heat, or because of sicknesses in his belly.


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