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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 37


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Planets for Capricorn Ascendant – Karaka and Maraka

The defect of ownership of 8th house does not apply to Sun. Hence If Sun is strong it will give good results i.e. will indicate good longevity, favour from Government and financial gains.

Moon- As lord of the 7th angle Moon a natural benefic ceases to be a benefic. Hence for financial purposes weakness of Moon is a desirable feature. But we think that a strong Moon away from Sun is good for finances.

Mars- Mars owns 4th and 11th houses. It therefore, gives effects of the 11th houses i.e., bad for health but good for wealth. If weak Mars brings about losses and less Income.

Mercury- It owns 6th and 9th houses. Its Mooltrikona sign falls in the 9th house. Hence if strong gives quick rise and promotion, favour from Government officials. Income from trade and the like. If week it indicates losses through enemy action or through even ones own uncle.

Jupiter- It gives results of a bad house i.e., third, hence not good financially. If weak it may give results in this direction.

Venus- As lord of a angle and a trine Venus is best planet for this Ascendant provided of course it is strong. If weak it denotes dishonor through son, loss of wealth, loss of progeny etc.

Saturn- As lord of second and first house Saturn is a nice planet. If strong it gives wealth, honour, high longevity. If weak it cuts life short, gives losses, bad name etc.

Yogas for Capricorn Ascendant

Y-1- Ruler ship over large areas is indicated for natives born in this Ascendant having Mercury and Venus in Ascendant. Moon in 5th whilst Jupiter aspects both 5th and Ascendant.

Y-2- Gain of conveyance from or through brothers will occur in Major period of Jupiter for natives having Jupiter in this Ascendant whilst Mars and Venus are in 11th.

Y-3- Prosperity and luck through brothers will be enjoyed by the native if Sun, Mercury and Moon are in this Ascendant whilst Mars and Venus stand in 12th.

Y-4- Mercury and Venus together in 5th for this Ascendant confers Raja Yoga. Even a non-Malefic Venus in 5th for this Ascendant produces equally good results.

Raja Yogas

Powerful and strong Raja Yogas arise for the Moveable signs when they become ascendants coupled with the following Yogas:

Capricorn Ascendant

Jupiter in Ascendant whilst Moon is in Cancer.

Mars in Ascendant whilst Moon is in Cancer.

Mars in Ascendant whilst Saturn is in Libra.

Mars in Ascendant whilst Sun is in Aries.

Mars in Ascendant whilst Jupiter is in Cancer.

Capricorn: Yogas from Bhavartha Ratnakar etc.

1. If Mercury is in Leo with Jupiter in Ascendant and aspected by Venus, long life is conferred, but with poverty.

2. Venus in Taurus is good; if in Libra, own house though, he may not prove so fortunate.

3. If Venus and Mercury are in Ascendant with Moon in Taurus aspected by Jupiter, the native is certain to become an emperor. This is called a maharaja yoga.

4. If Jupiter is in Ascendant with Venus and Mars in Scorpio, brothers will give the native riches during the Jupiter dasa.

5. When Sun, Moon and Mercury are in Ascendant, with Mars and Venus in Sagittarius, the native will be relete with wealth.

6. A Saturn-Mercury combination in Virgo confers fortune. Rahu becomes a yogakaraka if he’s with Jupiter in Sagittarius.

7. The presence of Moon in Cancer and Mars in Ascendant causes a rajayoga.


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