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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 26


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Death/loss of Brother-

Y-1- If both lord of 3rd and lord of 11th are standing in 6/8/12th from Ascendant, death of brother/sister is indicated.

Y-2- If lord of 3rd is in company of a malefic, whilst Mars is in 12th, death of brother will occur.

Y-3- The aspect of a feminine planet in the above yoga indicates death of a sister.

Y-4- If one or both planets involved in the above placed in masculine signs, brother’s death is indicated.

Y-5- If both lord of 3 and Mars are in 12th, there will be loss of brothers.

Y-6- If both lords of 3rd and Mars are in 6, 8, 12th house, the various significations flowing from the 3rd house will be lost.

Y-7- If either of them is exalted and the other debilitated (whilst staying in 6/8/12th house), death of a brother due to poison is indicated.

Y-8- If both lord of 3 and Mars are standing in signs owned by Malefic or conjunct Malefic, there will be birth and death of brothers.

Y-9- If lord of 3rd house and Mars, are posited in signs other than 6/8/12 aspected by a malefic the first born will thrive, while the rest may perish depending upon the severity of yoga.

Y-10- If lord of 3 is in 6th or debilitation whilst a malefic occupies the third without benefic aspect loss of brothers will occur.

Y-11- A malefic in third even if aspected by Jupiter or benefic will still cause some loss of brother/sister.

Y-12- If Venus is in 3rd, dispositor there of is conjunct with Moon, whilst the significator for 3rd (Mars) is conjunct with Saturn, the native will have one sister, then a brother & the third one born thereafter will die.

Y-13- If both the lord of 3rd and the significator of 3rd are in 12th, or debilitation destruction of brothers will occur.

Y-14- Lord of 3rd placed in 11th or a malefic in 3rd also denotes loss of brothers.

Y-15- If (i) the 3rd house (ii) lord of 3rd (iii) Mars (iv) Dispositor of Mars is all simultaneously afflicted by malefic, the native will have no brothers.

N-1- If these two (Mars and the Lord of the Third House) are in conjunction with malefic planets or are placed in an evil sign, in a sign owned by a malefic, the destruction of brothers will soon occur, there is no doubt about it.

N-2- Bhrathru Nasha Yoga (loss of brothers) will arise if lord of 3rd is placed in 2, 6, 8 or 12th house, enemy house or debilitation.

Younger brother and sister

Y-1- When the lord of the third house is a female planet (the Moon, Venus) and female planets are placed in this house, the native will have sister (younger) and

Y-2- Similarly, when the Lord of this house is a male planet and male planets are situated in it, he will be blessed with brother (younger) and,

Y-3- If the house is occupied by both male and female planets, then he will have the blessing of both brother and sister.

N-1- But these effects should be predicted on the basis of their strengths and weakness. If the strength of the two is insignificant then there will be absence of both brothers and sisters.

Y-4- When Mars and the Lord of the Third House occupy the 8th house, they are destroyer of the younger brother of the native; and

Y-5- Mars, the significator and the Lord of the Third House being in a Kendra (or angle) or Trikona (or trine) or in their sign of exaltation or in their own or friendly division, the happiness of younger brother is to be predicted.

N-2- (The names of the 8th House are: Randhra, Aayu, Ashta, Rana, Mrityu and Vinaasha (Randhra, Age or longevity, Eighth, War, Death and Destruction). The Eighth House is synonym of Destruction. Therefore if Mars, the significator of the 3rd House and the Lord of the 3rd House both are in the 8th House they will certainly destroy the good effects of the third House or of brother).

Y-6- If the significator Mars is in conjunction with Rahu and the Lord of the third house is in his sign of debilitation, there will be loss of younger brother, while there will be 3 brothers elder to the native.

Y-7- When the Lord of the House of brothers (the 3rd House) is in a Kendra (angle) and the significator Mars is placed in trikona (trine) from him, in his exaltation together with Jupiter, 12 brothers of the native should be known; of these, the two elder brothers of the native and third, seventh, ninth and twelfth younger to him will be short-lived, the remaining six brothers will have long life.

N-3- (The horoscope of kalapursha when prepared by taking Aries, as the Lagna or the Ascendant, then the Lord of the Third House will be Mercury and the Lord of the 11th House will be Saturn and therefore these planets will also be the significator of the younger brother. These significations will be applicable in every horoscope. Here Mercury and Saturn are the natural significator of brother and sister. The brothers and sisters born after the native are considered from the Natural Horoscope, so we have to take into consideration the order of the spheres of the planets and not of the houses. From the Sun, the sphere of Mercury is nearer than that of Saturn. Therefore, in the order of spheres Mercury comes first and Saturn afterwards, and so naturally Mercury will be the significator of elder brother or sister and Saturn of those brothers who will be born after the native. It is because of this that the Sage could say that if the Third House is occupied by Mercury and the Lord of the Third House is together with the Moon; there will be an elder sister before the native. If the significator Mars is together with Saturn, then there will be brother after the native because Saturn will have the signification of younger brother. Besides the Second brother after the native, the third will also be the brother, because Mars is a male planet and is more powerful and glorious than Saturn, but the younger brother will not remain alive because Saturn has in him some where (Yamatava) or “the principle of death” and the reverse of life is there in him; therefore it is quite possible that the third brother from the native will be subjected to death. On the contrary Mars has got in him the strong force of life the vital force and is Mrityunjayi or conquerer of death. It is due to this that he (Mars) gives long life to the brother born just after the native on whom he thinks his own undisputed right; and the “Maranadharma shani” (Saturn whose nature is bringing death) does not, permit to remain alive the issue of his own order).


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