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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 27


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Brother’s & sisters

Y-1- If lord of 3rd or the significator for 3rd, viz. Mars, is standing in 9th, growth of brothers/sisters and prosperity in regard to brothers is assured.

Y-2- If lord of 3 or Mars or the 3rd house is conjunct with a benefic, prosperous growth of brothers/sisters is assured.

Y-3- If lord of 3 or Mars is standing in quadrant/trine aspected by benefic, brothers will live long.

Y-4- Lord of 3 or Mars, if conjunct and aspected by a benefic whilst the 3rd is strong, increase and prosperity of brothers/sisters is assured.

Y-5- If lord of 3 and 6 are in own house, exaltation or friendly house, aspected by benefic, a large number of brothers/sisters is indicated.

Y-6- If there is exchange of signs (involving a common sign) between lords of 1st and 3rd, some of the brothers would be twins.

E- Birth and growth of brothers/sisters is assured when:

Y-1- If lord of 3rd is in quadrant/trine, coupled with exaltation or own house or

Y-2- The lord of 3rd is in many friendly Vargas whilst Mars is conjunct with a benefic.

The following five yogas also indicate that the native will have brothers/sisters:

Y-1- Whilst a benefic is posted in 3rd, if lord of 3rd is in quadrant/trine conjunct or aspected by a benefic.

Y-2- If lord of 3rd has vargotham amsa and/or stay in quadrant/trine or the lord of 3rd is conjunct with a yoga karaka or has navamsa in a sign owned by a benefic/stays in a benefic sign.

Y-3- Lord of 3rd in exaltation, whilst significator for brothers (Mars) is in quadrant/trine or aspected by a benefic.

Y-4- Moon with lordship over the third house has the aspect of Sun, whilst significator for the third is in a quadrant.

Y-5- Lord of 3rd stand in 3rd or exaltation/Moolatrikona and is strong.

E- The native will be blessed with brothers and sisters:-

Y-1- Lord of 3rd with malefic posited in a house owned by a feminine planet or aspected by a feminine planet indicates birth of less number of brothers and more of sisters.

Y-2- Lord of 3rd posted in a masculine sign indicates brothers.

Y-3- Lord of 3rd posted in a feminine sign sisters.

Y-4- If significator for brothers (Mars) is posted in a masculine sign aspected by Jupiter/Sun or whilst a masculine planet is posted in 3rd, the native will have brothers only.

Y-5- Similarly feminine planets in and aspect of feminine planets to 3rd house should be interpreted in regard to sisters.

Y-6- Saturn & Mercury or their classifications denote eunuchs.


N-1- If Moon sign happens to be stronger than Ascendant, consideration should be given to 3rd from Moon, instead of from Ascendant.

N-2- Conjunction or aspect of masculine planets to 3rd indicates brothers; feminine planets-sisters.


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