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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 25


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Effects of the Third House

The Third House: The third house basically stands for valour, servants or attendants, brothers and sisters, initiatory instructions, journeys and parents death. The learned astrologer should consider these from this house.

The following are the detailed significations and significators, to be determined from the third Bhava: (1) Courage (2) brothers (3) battle (4) ears (5) legs (6) roadside place (7) confusion of the mind (8) fitness (9) heaven or paradise (10) causing sorrow (11) dream (12) soldier (13) heroic valour (14) relatives (15) friend (16) wandering (17) throat (18) taking unspoiled or pure food (19) partition of property (20) ornaments (21) nobility (22) learning (23) pastime (24) physical strength (25) gain (26) Physical growth (27) noble descent (28) attendant (29) the part of the hand between the forefinger and the thumb (sacred to the Manes) (30) mad servant 31) short journey by a good vehicle (32) a large undertaking (33) one’s own religious duty.

General – Let us now explain the effects of the third House. When the third House has the conjunction or aspect of benefic planets, the native will be brave and courageous and will be endowed with younger brother.

(The third house has several names as Vikrarna, Sahaja, Bhratra (brother), Sahodara, Dushchikya, Virya, Dhairya, Karna etc).

Y-1- If the Lord of the `Bhratra Bhava’ or the third house is together with Mars, aspects the third house, or is situated in the third House, then the native will be blessed with a younger brother.

N-1- (In order to study the effects of a given house three things have to be considered. (1) The House (2) The Lord of the House and (3) The significator of the said house. When the entire above three properties combine in one single planet for a particular house, it becomes a very sensitive area. For example, the significator of the third House is Mars. If he happens to be its lord and also occupies it, the situation may be harmful to the effects indicated by the Third House. If the Lord of the Third House and Mars both are also placed in 3rd house, then they will create an excellent situation, but only in case, when they are free from any evil influence. When there is any evil influence on them, all the three factors will be afflicted simultaneously).

Y-2- The learned astrologer should estimate the strength and weakness of such yogas or combinations and then only he should proclaim or predict of the native’s effects related to brothers and sisters.

Y-3- The 3rd from Ascendant should also be considered for matters concerning younger brother; elder brothers from the 11th (3rd from Ascendant in Apasavya/reverse order).

Y-4- All that is signified by 3rd house will materialize fully, if lord of 3rd house is exalted or in own or friendly house or posited in quadrant/trine conjunct or has aspect of benefic.

Brothers from step mother

Y-1- If lord of Ascendant or 3rd, is fairly strong, but conjunct with Malefic, the native will have brothers through step Mother.

Y-2- If strong lord of Ascendant or 3rd, is conjunct with both Moon and Mars, the same results are indicated i.e. the native will have brothers through step Mother.

Brothers/sisters prosperity

Y-1- According to Kerala Shastra, there will prosperous brothers/sisters, if both lords of 9th and 10th are in any way connected with lord of 3rd house.

Y-2- If lord of 3rd house is in exaltation, conjunct or has aspect of benefic, there will be prosperous brothers.


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