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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 10


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Y-1- When the lord of the Ascendant is in the 8th house and in a dry sign, astrologers say that,

E- The person born will have great physical suffering.

Y-2- If the lord of the Ascendant’s Navamsa sign, in which is, the planet owning the Navamsa occupied by the lord of Ascendant, were a planet owning a dry sign,

E- The effect will be emaciation.

Y-3- If there is more than one malefic planet in the Ascendant and the Gulik is in a trine house or if Rahu & Gulik are in the Ascendant, if the lord of Lagna is with a malefic planet and Rahu is in the Lagna then,

E- One is prone to be cheated or to suffer at the hands of thieves & the officials of government.

Y-4- If there is also the association of Saturn there is certainty of the said cheating etc.

Y-5- If Rahu is in the Ascendant with Mars,

E- This is yoga for the native to have enlarged scrotum.

Y-6- If the lord of the Ascendant Mandi and Rahu are located in the 8th house, or if Rahu, is in the Ascendant, Gulik in a trine house, and Mars is with Gulik the,

E- Same trouble (the native to have enlarged scrotum) should be predicted.

Y-7- If the lord of the Navamsa sign occupied by the lord of the Lagna is located with Rahu, Mars, and Mandi etc and if the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 8th house is with Rahu,

E- The result is the same viz the enlargement of the scrotum.

E- A person has an enlarged scrotum.

Y-8- As the consequence; of the conjunction of Rahu and Mars or the Rahu and Saturn.

Y-9- When Mars occupies the Ascendant,

E- An astrologer may predict swelling in the navel, ankle and in the testicles.

Y-10- If Saturn is in the Ascendant and is with Rahu,

E- The trouble is from a Pischaach i.e. a bad dead soul.

Y-11- If Ketu is in the Ascendant and is aspected by many malefic planets then surely.

E- The native suffers from the Pishaachaas and thieves.

Y-12- If the Sun located in the Ascendant is aspected by Mars,

E- The native suffers from breathing trouble, consumption, spleen trouble.

Y-13- If Mars in the Ascendant is aspected by Sun and Saturn,

E- The native is prone to suffer from hurt by sword etc.



Y-1- The presence of a malefic in Ascendant, even with lord of Ascendant, indicates that the native will become weak.

Y-2- Lord of Ascendant and a malefic together posted in quadrant/trine indicates not only weakness, but also sufferings from diseases.

Y-3- If the dispositor of lord of Ascendant is posted in 6/8/12th house, the native will be short-tempered and suffer occasional sickness.


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