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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 9


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Foreign country or not-

Y-1- When a moveable sign is the Ascendant and its lord is in a moveable Signs and aspected by planets occupying moveable signs.

E- The person born will have his fortune in a foreign country.

Y-2- When an immoveable sign is the Ascendant and its lord is also in an immoveable sign, and aspected by planets occupying immoveable sign.

E- The person will remain in his own country, and will be lucky, prosperous and possessed of abundant wealth.

Y-3- When the lord of the 12th house from that occupied by the lord of the Ascendant is the latter’s enemy or is in depression or weak.

E- The person born goes to a foreign country.

Y-4- (If the (Vyayash) referred to above be aspected by Venus in the capacity of a friend.

E- He will abide permanently there.

Y-5- His residence will be in a small township, if the same (Vyayash) be eclipsed by the Sun.

Y-6- If the (Vyayash) be possessed of strength, the house will be in a wealthy municipality.

Y-7- If the sign in the Ascendant is a moveable one or if the lord of the Ascendant is located in a moveable sign.

E- The native is mostly on the move.

Y-8- In case the Ascendant contains a moveable sign or if the Navamsa in the Ascendant belongs to a moveable sign.

E- The man is on the move mostly in life.

Y-9- If the Ascendant belongs to movable sign, its lord is a planet of fast movement and is aspected by a fast moving planet.

E- The native moves in foreign lands.

Y-10a- If the Lagna is a fixed sign and is associated with planets of slow motion (e.g. Jupiter).

E- The native remains in his own country in a wealthy and lucky condition.

Y-10b- In case the Lagna is under the influence of both movable and slow planets.

E- The native gets luck and fame through bad means by moving to different territories.

Aspects of Planets- When the Ascendant is aspected by the Sun and other planets, the effect in the several cases on the person born is given as below:

1. If the Sun b e the aspecting planet, - the person born will serve the government and inherit wealth from his father;

2. If the Moon, he will engage in sea-borne trade and be opulent;

3. If Mars, he will be virtuous and have a big penis with foreskin;

4. If Mercury, he will have learning, artistic skill and fame;

5. If Jupiter, he will be honoured by his sovereign and devoutly observant of religious vows;

6. If Venus, he will be addicted to women of ill fame, opulent and voluptuous.

7. If Saturn aspects the Ascendant – he will have aged wives, will be unclean and be wicked/mischievous.

8. If no planet aspect the Ascendant, the astrologer should make his prediction in accordance with the planet connected with the Ascendant Sign.

Long life- The lord of the rising sign when possessed of great strength and un-aspected by malefic planets, but aspected by benefic ones and occupying a Angle position wards off death and secures to the child long life graced with the strong virtues of a Vigorous sovereignty.

Longevity- Y-1- If the sign in which lord of Ascendant is posited happens to be a quadrant/trine whilst a benefic is conjunct with such lord of Ascendant or lord of Ascendant is in own house or exaltation, the native will enjoy full span of life.

Y-2- If the lord of Ascendant is strong and is posited in quadrant or trine, in spite of the presence of other malefic yoga indicating poor longevity, the native will enjoy long life.

Full span of life- The native will have enjoyments in various directions, follow his religion and attain full span of life if a benefic is in quadrant/trine whilst lord of Ascendant occupies a quadrant of Jupiter.

Undersexed- If Saturn, Mercury and Ketu stand in or aspect 2, 5 and 7, the native will be lacking in sex or be undersexed (depending on the severity of Yoga).

Note: The three planets mentioned should be connected with 1, 2 or all the 3 houses mentioned.


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